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More About Katelyn

Hey, I'm Katey, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to help you reach your full writing and academic potential. The first thing you should know about me is that I love editing. And, when you love your job, you strive to do your best. While I'm new to Kibin, I have experience editing for over 10 proofreading companies. Further, I have received my honors degree in Psychology and Crime, Law, and Justice. I am looking forward to reading and reviewing your work.

What types of documents do you enjoy editing the most?

The social science subjects are my absolute favorite documents to edit, given that I'm genuinely interested and well versed on them. However, I also enjoy editing natural science, nutrition, and medical papers.

In what subject areas are you an expert?

Psychology, Criminology, Health Science, Geography, Geology, Medicine, Law

What do you do when you’re not editing on Kibin?

I live in Los Angeles, so the beach is a must. I enjoy going on weekend trips and camping. Books by the fireplace are warming on a cool winter day. I'm not too good at cooking, but I love baking monkey bread (yes, please!).
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