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More About Sarah

Ensuring accuracy in grammar and punctuation is what I do. Beyond the logistical structure of words, I’m adept in reworking sentence structure for natural flow and readability. The author’s voice remains essential in all cases.

What types of documents do you enjoy editing the most?

I enjoy editing college admission essays and personal statements, website content, and academic papers, specifically in the humanities, arts, and social sciences.

In what subject areas are you an expert?

I have spent the last three years working with a college admissions consulting service providing edits for admission essays to Ivy League universities. I have also worked as a social worker for more than a decade and have ample experience editing essays and professional papers in this area. I have studied Buddhism extensively and have a strong interest in Eastern philosophies. I have a real love for music and all creative arts, particular those inspired by countercultural ideologies.

What do you do when you’re not editing on Kibin?

I like making music, going for walks, and camping in our VW van.

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