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Byron C.

Valencia, CA

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More About Byron

I'm a secret pedant, twitching whenever I hear a TV character use "that" to refer to a human being. If you have trouble navigating the labyrinthine rules of English grammar, it's my pleasure to assist. However, as a creative writing MFA, I also know that good writing is about more than using the proper pronouns. Ever since my childhood participating in local theater and Shakespeare-in-the-park productions, I've had a passion for the flow of language, the rhythm of syllables and of ideas. I've put this passion to use as a creative writer and as an editor; my portfolio includes books, magazines, and articles from Hay House, Civil Coping Mechanisms, Black Clock, Entropy, and Insert Blanc Press.

What types of documents do you enjoy editing the most?

English, literature, and composition papers are a good fit for my educational background. I love to help writers clarify and enforce ideas they're passionate about, so personal statements and college essays are great, too. I'm also a keen editor of fiction and other types of creative writing. All genres are welcome, but I'm partial to horror, mystery, and slipstream.

In what subject areas are you an expert?

As an English BA and a Writing MFA, I'm your guy when it comes to writing or dissecting literature. Fiction, book reports, reviews, novels, short stories and English papers are all in my wheelhouse. In addition, I'm a passionate follower of the gaming industry. If you happen to be writing about electronic or tabletop games, you can count on my expertise! Hours spent reading, writing, and editing rulebooks also make me a good fit for the exacting demands of technical writing.

What do you do when you’re not editing on Kibin?

I'm a contributing editor for Entropy (house editor for the site's gaming section), and I spend a good deal of my free time playing, dissecting and analyzing games, as well as finding ways to use them to jump-start my creative writing process. After a long day of staring at words on a screen, I like to chill with my wife and two cats in front of genre television like LOST, Buffy, American Horror Story and Supernatural.

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