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Lela R.
Logan, UT
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More About Lela

As your editor, I strive to make sure that you learn from the changes that are made and will be able to make those changes yourself in the future by giving thorough explanations and examples whenever possible. I have gained 5+ years of experience in editing and been able to participate in many roles including sole editor on a financial book and part of a University team where we published undergraduate student essays. My focus while pursuing my bachelor's degree was editing, and I took every class and internship available to me in order to hone my skills in writing of all styles, professional editing, linguistics, grammar, mechanics, and even the history of our language so I could understand it better. I've taken the years to study all of these matters in depth so that I can articulate the more elusive aspects of language like why something "flows" and why sometimes it doesn't. My goal is to emphasize your strengths and improve areas that are weaknesses in order to make your paper excellent while staying true to you.
What types of documents do you enjoy editing the most?
I love to edit a document that teaches me something new, and luckily for me, that's most documents! While I have taken advanced classes in literature, history, chemistry, music, and a wide range of other fields, I'm always fascinated by the little things that interest you. If I can come away from a paper with a fun new fact about ancient Egypt or psychology or a deeper understanding of personal passion and what drives people, I will feel enthused and grateful for the chance I had to get to know something or someone new through my work.
In what subject areas are you an expert?
While I was working in my undergrad, I chose jobs which allowed me to work closely with student writing such as my internship a publication of student writing but also a few positions grading student essays for teachers and working alongside teachers of many disciplines to evaluate student writing. Because of that experience, I'm really an expert at what your teacher is looking for from your writing whether they be an engineering professor, a history professor, or probably the most common, an English professor. I also am proficient in reading Latin and Ancient Greek and received minors in both subjects. Likely, you won't be writing any papers (or even reading any) in either language, but because of my years studying, tutoring, and then teaching these languages, I do have an excessively thorough knowledge of where our language came from including how we say things, the words we use, and their historical context. And I also have a proficient knowledge in Roman and Greek history, which I love as dearly as anything I've ever studied, so if you have a paper that involves Roman or Greek culture or is on the nitty gritty details of language in any way, I would be more than thrilled to read it.
What do you do when you’re not editing on Kibin?
When I'm not editing, I'm probably reading a book or listening to a book often in order to meet a yearly reading challenge that I set for myself in order to expand my horizons by reading interesting and diverse things while also reading things that I know I'll enjoy like young adult books, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, children's lit, etc. Basically I like to set reading goals so that when I read an absurd amount of things I can feel exceptionally accomplished about them and brag to my husband and family. When I'm not reading, teaching Latin and Greek, or otherwise being exceptionally nerdy, I like to cook with my husband and nap with my dog.
  • BA in English from Utah State University
  • Native English speaker
  • Experience preparing student essays for publication
  • 5+ years experience editing student essays

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