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More About Nathan

Hi there! I’m a professional editor with a background in law, philosophy, and literature. I run a business focused on legal editing, and when I’m not editing for law and order (the concept, not the TV show), I work as an academic editor.

What types of documents do you enjoy editing the most?

Have you ever found yourself enthralled by a 50-page Terms and Conditions agreement? Waiting with bated breath in anticipation of the next clause? (Be honest.) If you’re like most people, then the answer is probably no. Most people opt for the much quicker (and saner) option of auto-scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking that little checkbox that reads “Please, save me from this legalese.”

Well, as a legal editor, I’m the guy who actually reads those lovely types of documents. So, what’s my point? My point is that I’ve come to enjoy editing all types of documents (yes, even the law-related ones). My background in legal editing has helped me develop an appreciation for, and genuine interest in, all topics of writing. So, you can rest assured that I’ll be invested in and interested in your topic and everything you have to say.

In what subject areas are you an expert?

I’m most knowledgeable in the areas of law, political science, literature, and philosophy. Whether you’re writing about mergers and acquisitions or the existential undertones in Dante’s Inferno, I’ve got your back!

What do you do when you’re not editing on Kibin?

When I’m not editing, I’m most likely daydreaming about the next place I want to travel or scrolling through Wikipedia in search of random bits of trivia.

Best times to request this editor:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

09:00am to 07:00pm
(GMT-06:00) Central Time

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  • BA in English (Philosophy minor)
  • JD Degree
  • Familiar with Chicago, APA, MLA, Bluebook, and Redbook

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