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More About Nikki

I'm a detail-oriented editor with a knack for cleaning up language and slashing word counts. I also have a keen eye for finding places that can use more specific information and suggesting ways to elaborate, so whether you need to cut content or find places to add it, your document is in good hands. I love sharing my passion for English through editing, and most of my comments explain why I make certain edits to help the writer learn and grow. In college, I read and studied many craft books on writing, grammar, and editing, making me well-versed in the nuances of the English language.

What types of documents do you enjoy editing the most?

I love editing all types of documents, but I’m fond of personal statements, narrative essays, and creative work. For me, editing is all about figuring out the best way to clearly convey the author’s message while strengthening the prose and helping the author’s voice shine through. That’s my goal with any document I edit, regardless of subject matter, style guide, or type of document.

In what subject areas are you an expert?

Since my degree is in the humanities, I know a lot about MLA and APA style guides and formatting. My studies emphasized in creative writing, so I've edited a lot of creative work over the last six years, which makes me great at finding and improving the narrative of a document. I'm very familiar with philosophical writing and editing because of my minor in philosophy. I’m also an expert in clarity. I can find the places and ideas in a document that need to be fleshed out in more detail or spots that need to be more concise and understandable. I do my best to make sure the document goes back clearer than it came in, and I’m very detailed with comments and suggestions to help guide a writer toward a clear and consistent final draft.

What do you do when you’re not editing on Kibin?

When I'm not editing on Kibin, I can be found upside down doing yoga, hanging out with my dogs, cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles, or reading pop culture fan theories of all flavors on Reddit. Music is my biggest passion (outside of editing of course!), and I loooove going to concerts. Nothing beats experiencing live music with hundreds of other people! Traveling to explore new cities and places is my very favorite--and most expensive--hobby.
  • BS in English from Utah State University
  • MLA, APA, Chicago Style Guides
  • Native English Speaker

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