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Sierra M.
White Heath, IL
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More About Sierra

I have always been a voracious reader with an eye for detail. I graduated from a challenging and competitive public laboratory high school as well as a liberal arts college that placed a lot of emphasis on writing and required me to articulate my goals and accomplishments in writing on a regular basis. I’ve always been a good student with a knack for impressing teachers, and I love teaching student writers to do the same.

I discovered my talent for editing as a Plain China: National Anthology of the Best Undergraduate Writing editor at Bennington College. I really loved the three years I spent editing short stories for other undergrads all over the country and corresponding with them about their writing.

My editorial strengths include clarity, concision, communication, word choice, structure, and exceptionally close reading.

What types of documents do you enjoy editing the most?

I really enjoy ESL edits and editing for clarity because I can exercise my talent for guessing what writers mean to say when their phrasing or word choice doesn’t quite work, and I love helping writers find just the right way to phrase their thoughts. Stylistic edits are also totally my jam, because I think style is one of the most interesting aspects of writing, as well as being one of my areas of expertise.

Content-wise, I especially love editing personal statements, fiction, literary analyses, and anything about art, language, history, or culture. I interned for both a literary agent and the Vintage/Anchor publicity department in college, so I’m well prepared to edit query letters, too!

In what subject areas are you an expert?

I’m an expert literary analyst, so if you need help with an assignment for an English or literature class, request me! I’ve taken literature courses on writing style, literature in translation, American short stories, Shakespeare, Chaucer, nineteenth-century novels, seventeenth-century French writing, poetry, memoir, and feminism. I have substantial experience with social science writing and citations, and I’ve edited a wide variety of books as well as a lot of short stories. My internships and work experience have familiarized me with the publishing industry and allowed me to see it from a lot of different angles.

My education was very much a liberal arts one, so I also have some random and variously sized pockets of knowledge and interest in the following areas: history, acting, playwriting, dramaturgy, philosophy, anthropology, social psychology, computer programming, web design, sewing (couture techniques, draping, pattern drafting, corsetry), linguistics, French, and German.

What do you do when you’re not editing on Kibin?

My other job involves editing (and sometimes typesetting or designing) a wide variety of books. I also read for fun (and look up a lot of etymologies), sew clothes for myself, watch TV and movies, play board games, make playlists (including study mixes that help me focus while I edit), and use Duolingo to satisfy my language cravings.

  • BA in Literature from Bennington College
  • 3.5+ years of professional editing experience
  • Tutored undergraduate, graduate, and PhD social science students in writing everything from short reflections to dissertations
  • Experienced with Chicago and APA styles

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