Getting Accelerated with 500 Startups!

500 Startups

We’re excited (to say the least) that Kibin has been accepted into the new class at 500 Startups.  The program consists of an intense three to four month process of constant iteration, analysis, and validation.  If you aren’t familiar with the 500 Startups accelerator program, the best way to describe it is a Navy SEALs training for startups.

We’re constantly being pushed to our creative limits by Dave McClure and his fearless immediate leaders Christine Tsai, Enrique Allen, and Paul Singh.  The amazing support group from the rest of the 500 Startups mentors is also incredibly valuable.

So what’s this mean for our users?  Well, for starters we’ll be releasing a much more user friendly and robust product.  During the last few weeks we’ve already made huge strides with our editing application and other nifty features.  We’re also in the process of completely redesigning our entire site from the ground up!  You can expect a more interactive and community focused product in the coming months.

In mid-August we’ll graduate from the 500 Startups program and present to a number of highly regarded investors.  We plan to find some permanent office space in San Francisco, hire a few more employees, and continuing to build an awesome, much needed product.

It’s an exciting time for us.  We’re surrounded every day by extremely intelligent people and amazing companies.  We’re doing what we love and appreciate the continued support from our users, especially those of you who let us use you as new feature beta testers on a regular basis 🙂  It’s hard to imagine spending our summer anywhere else.

Keep checking back, things are going to explode!

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