Happy Students: A Guide to Summer School Survival

That golden time of year has arrived, the coveted season of rest and relaxation. If you hadn’t guessed yet I’m referring to Summer, those precious months at the end of every school year that find you shedding your layers and breathing a little easier. While we may be more relaxed, not everyone is clearing their schedule.  At Kibin, we expected a lull in usage with the end of the school year but this wasn’t exactly the case… that’s when we realized our job as editors is never really done. Thanks to year-round curriculum at many high schools and increasing enrollment in summer school, paper writing continues well into the Summer. So I’ve devised a few tips and tricks to help you take the heat of summer school without getting burned:

First and Foremost, Don’t Bum Out
It’s easy to throw yourself a pity party dwelling on your beach bound buds whilst you toil away in a classroom, but it’s not as bad as you think! Try to maintain a positive outlook and keep everything in perspective. Whatever the reasons for your summer schooling, you know it is improving your overall academic standing and that’s something those lounge lizard friends of yours can’t boast. Not only will you end the summer with more know-how you’ll have an extra course out of the way, making your Fall semester more of a breeze and giving you peace of mind.

Consider Off-Season Advantages
The up-sides of Summer School are plenty and the one that is the most obvious, reduced enrollment, ushers in a wealth of fabulous benefits and opportunities not available during the regular school year. Most college students are accustomed to the mad-dash for classes during registration and any number of us have experienced the disappointment of not getting the ones you want/need.  This is a rare animal in the summer school world where reduced enrollment means more spaces for you to take the classes you want. Other ‘deals and steals’ flow freely from this set-up: smaller class size, more personal student-teacher relationships, and a more focused experience are a few more perks found only during the summer session.

Take Advantage!
Now that you know it’s not the nightmare you imagined you can make the best of your educational overtime. A few strategies to keep in mind are attendance, notes, and studying.If you get a case of classroom blues and think a day at the beach might cure you, save it for the weekend. These condensed classes easily pack a week’s worth of curriculum into one day and attendance is key! Now that you have yourself firmly planted at your desk make use of your time, take notes, read over old notes, and swap notes with your partners in crime (a.k.a. fellow summer schoolers and Kibin community).  When the time comes to study, get creative.  Try taking your studies outside, it’s amazing what a little sunlight will do for your attitude.

In all honesty you’re getting the best of both worlds, chances are you’re only taking a couple classes and, while it is more intense, the duration is shorter and the curriculum is usually clipped.  You may be working your butt off half the day but the other half will be even more relaxing once you know you’ve gotten something done! So take a cue from the sunny season and shine in all you do this Summer!   Added Bonus: Now that you’re a Kibin user you don’t have to stress about finding someone to edit your paper during the ‘off season’, you have a community of writers at your fingertips!!

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