Kibin is (Mostly) Live!

After more than a year of visiting only to be road blocked by a landing page, Kibin is now live.

Unfortunately, you can’t quite sign up for an account yet.  Come Wednesday, we will be fully operational and are rolling out to just a very small, select handful of people.

We will be using their feedback and suggestions to make things even better.  There will still be some bugs and a few things not entirely complete, but everything will be functional.  If you find broken links, small bugs, etc. we probably already know about them.  Let us know what you think from a macro perspective at any time by using the Feedback function on the side of the page.  We’ll also be in touch with a quick follow-up form.

If you are part of that group, we can’t wait get started in just a couple days.  If you found us by chance and are itching to start utilizing Kibin, poke around the site and learn more about us and be sure to fill out our quick sign up form to get on the list for our next phase of beta testers (in two weeks).  We will be in touch soon.

Thank you to all my friends for their support.  The journey has already been incredible.


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