Persuasive Essay Writing Made Simple (Infographic)

What if you could be more persuasive than a presidential candidate? Too easy. What if you could inspire more followers than a religious leader? Hmm, maybe. What if you could convince Taylor Swift (or Taylor Lautner, if you prefer) to go out for a coffee? Now we’re talking!

Well first things first. Before your coffee date, you need to complete that persuasive essay assignment. It’s the best way for you to polish your persuasive writing skills. In fact, persuasive writing is one of the most useful forms of writing you’ll ever learn.

With this in mind, I’ve created a fun and easy persuasive essay writing infographic to help you get going.

The infographic covers 4 critical elements of persuasion, 3 essential persuasive tools, and a brief lesson on the persuasive power of metaphor. It also reveals some of the many real life instances when you will need to persuade someone in writing.

Are you ready to hone your persuasive writing skills? Then read on.

Persuasive Essay Writing Made Simple! (Infographic)

Persuasive Essay Infographic


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