We’ve Finally Made it, Kibin is Open to the Public!

After what seems like eternity and another near sleepless night, I can excitedly say that Kibin is officially open to the public.  That’s right, no more AdWords driven signups leading to dead ends or confusing closed beta processes for the select few.  We have finally made it to the point where we can offer a truly useful, intuitive and efficient product.  For those who had participated in the closed beta, you will notice many improvements including:

  • A much higher functioning editing application
  • The ability to begin editing a document and come back to it a bit later
  • A cleaner document management system

If I were to go into the details of those over-arching improvements, I would be here all day.

For those of you new to Kibin, your feedback will be invaluable.  There are a lot of aspects we need to streamline and many improvements already in queue.  But the more suggestions, feedback and bug notifications you pass on to us will help tremendously.

Thank you for your initial interest.  Stay tuned as we’ll have a lot of exciting things to come!

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