Nearing $100,000 In Monthly Revenue, Kibin Is Poised For Growth
We’ve been reinventing Kibin over the last two years. It began in late 2014 with the launch of our essay examples database (EDB), a research tool to help students brainstorm ideas for their essay topics. This marked a major branch out from our … Read more
Kibin No Essay Scholarship Giveaway
Naomi Tepper
Let me ask you this. How many hours does it take for a typical college student to earn $1,000? Whether you’re working in a restaurant, a coffee shop, or in retail, chances are it will take you approximately 100 hours to … Read more
Kibin Expands Team and Secures Office Space
The last twelve months have been amazing for Kibin. We’ve experienced some incredible growth, hit profitability last September, and have continued adding exceptional freelance editors to our team. We are moving forward on our quest to become the best online … Read more
The Hidden Cost of Online Proofreading Rates: Why You’re Being Ripped Off
Naomi Tepper
I’m going to make a bold statement: Any online proofreading service that uses Microsoft Word’s word counter as the basis for its proofreading rates is ripping you off. (Hint, that’s nearly all of them!) To prove my point, I obtained … Read more
Kibin Proofreading & Editing Application Overhauled
Last week, I wrote about some new design and user experience changes we made to our sign up, upload, and purchase process. While those were some great improvements, they pale in comparison to the one we made this weekend. We’ve … Read more
Leveraging Conversations to Improve User Experience
User experience is a tricky thing. There are a myriad of articles, blog posts, and plenty of research on how to offer a great user experience. However, in my mind, they all boil down to one simple goal: delight your … Read more
Announcing New Kibin Loyalty Programs & Rewards
For a long time now, Jim and I have been wanting to revamp the design and configuration of the Kibin user dashboard.  Our goal for this project was to make the post-sign up process both more intuitive and efficient.  For … Read more
Kibin Heads To Education Innovation Summit
Kibin co-founder Travis Biziorek is off to Education Innovation Summit ’12, an annual gathering of education game-changers in classrooms, tech, policy, and business. This year the conference will be held at Arizona State University on April 16-18. If you would like to … Read more
Student Accepted to MIT With Kibin’s Help!
Kibin editors helped Scott Lansing polish his personal statement essays as part of his application to the prestigious MBA program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Scott, who calls himself a “fringe candidate,” credits Kibin’s help with his acceptance into the … Read more
From Concept to Reality: Kibin’s 2011
With thousands of users and a community proofreading over a thousand essays, resumes, short stories, and other written content each month, it’s almost unfathomable that it has only been a year since we dedicated ourselves to Kibin full-time. And it … Read more