Essay editing by humans, for humans.

Professional editing & personalized feedback, available 24/7. Boost your grades and save time on every writing assignment.

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Essay editing by humans, for humans.

Professional editing & personalized feedback, available 24/7. Boost your grades and save time on every writing assignment.

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Student Editing and Proofreading | What to Expect
Expert editing and proofreading services for students

Even the strongest essay or assignment can use a little extra polish. Work with a Kibin editor to get personalized feedback, assurance that your work aligns with your prompt or guidelines, and detailed corrections.

Your editor does much more than check your grammar and punctuation: we edit for word choice, sentence structure, clarity and fluency, flow, and logic. You can even share your writing prompt, grading rubric, and other supplemental documents so that your editor can let you know if you're on the right track.

Detailed feedback empowers you with the information you need to keep improving.

The result? A clear, focused, error-free assignment you can be proud of.

Student editing expertise from editors who have seen it all

Academic writing standards and language requirements are our specialty.

Got citations? We check those too! Kibin editors are well-versed in APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and other major style guides.

Unlike other student editing services, we don't charge extra to proofread your references.

What to expect from Kibin's student editing service:
  • Correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure errors
  • Word choice suggestions to improve clarity, fluency, and/or style
  • Suggestions about your paper's organization
  • Citation and reference correction
  • Personalized feedback about what you've already done well and what still needs work
Common student editing requests include:
  • High school and college essay editing
  • Term paper editing
  • Book report editing
  • Lab report editing
  • ESL editing
  • Discussion post editing
  • Other writing assignments

Not sure if your project is a good fit? View all of Kibin's editing and proofreading services to find the best fit for your work.

Affordable pricing, rapid delivery

Kibin's prices are based on your paper's word count and the delivery speed you select.

We offer a range of turnaround times so you never miss an assignment deadline. Some documents can be returned in as little as 1 hour! Get an instant quote to see the pricing options and delivery speeds available for your project.

Finish your draft at midnight? We'll edit while you rest. Our editing and proofreading services are available 24/7, even on weekends and holidays.

Experienced editors with an eye for the details

Robots and AI are here to stay, but the best editing is done by human editors. Your editor is a native English speaker who will catch language errors, fluency issues, and problems with clarity that automated grammar checkers leave behind.

Kibin essay editors are skilled, qualified professionals with diverse academic backgrounds, and we're all word nerds at heart. We've helped thousands of students overcome frustration and strengthen their writing since 2011.

A streamlined editing process that saves you time

Sending your document is simple: upload your paper, select your deadline, and share a few details about your project.

You'll be paired with an editor who can see the details of your document and ensure they're a good fit. Want more control? Browse our editing team to request a specific editor.

We'll email you when your order is ready to download. You can also check the status of your editing order via your Kibin dashboard.

All essay editing is done with track changes, so you're in control of every edit, correction, and suggestion your editor made as you revise. Track changes is simple, but if you've never used it before, fear not! Our CEO created a super-short video that explains everything you need to know.

We also have a dedicated Customer Happiness team to help with any questions you have along the way.

Respect for your privacy & personal info

Whether you're pouring your heart out in a personal essay or sharing private information, your document stays between you, your editor, and Kibin administrators.

Orders submitted to our editing service are automatically excluded from publication unless you opt-in to content sharing. Check out our full privacy policy for details.