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Write better, smarter essays for every class. Read essay examples on thousands of topics and get unstuck faster.

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Goodbye, writer's block.

Write better, smarter essays for every class. Read essay examples on thousands of topics and get unstuck faster.

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Essays about archaeology, anthropology, ethnography, and human evolution.

Architecture and Design

Essays about urban planning, landscapes, and architectural criticism, design, and structures.

Arts and Humanities

Essays about art, theater, mythology, film and television, music, and fashion.

Business Studies

Essays about business administration, management, operations, marketing, and HR.


Essays about communication skills, media, and cultural, legal, and political communication.


Essays about economic history and theory, labor, macroeconomics, and microeconomics.


English class compositions and essays about literature, authors, and writing.


Essays about climate, energy and resources, environmental sciences, and ecology.


Essays about regional geography, cartography, topography, and human geography.

Government and Political Science

Essays about global governments and politics, political theory, welfare, and military affairs.

Healthcare and Medicine

Essays about health and wellness, diseases and disorders, healthcare disciplines, and alternative medicine.

Information Science and Technology

Essays about programming and design, computer science, inventions, technology, and robotics.


Essays about living languages and classical languages.

Legal Studies and Law

Essays about case law, criminal justice, legal writing, constitutional law, and international law.


Essays about phonetics, language acquisition, linguistic theory, and sociolinguistics.


Essays about mathematical methods and theory, branches of mathematics, and mathematicians.


Essays about philosophers, moral and ethical theory, logic, and metaphysics.

Psychology and Psychiatry

Essays about the history of psychology, therapies and counseling, and psychological diseases and disorders.

Religious Studies

Essays about theology and world religions.

Restaurant and Food

Essays about food services, nutritional sciences, and culinary arts.


Essays about scientific history and theory and biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.


Essays about social problems and phenomena, social institutions, activism, and social justice.

Sports and Recreation

Essays about sports, sports media, outdoor recreation, and gaming.

Teaching and Education

Essays about teaching theories and skills, higher education, college admission, and education policy.

Travel and Tourism

Essays about travel, the hospitality and tourism industry, the economics of tourism, and travel writing.

Veterinary Medicine and Zoology

Essays about animal diseases and anatomy, zoology, and wildlife.

World History and Cultures

Essays about regional and global history and cultures, wars, and ancient civilizations.

Browse Essay Examples by Type

Admission Essay

An admissions essay is written for a college or university application.

Analytical Essay

An analytical essay examines or interprets literature or a concept using specific details.

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a list of citations on a specific topic that includes analysis of each source.

Argumentative and Persuasive Essays

Argumentative and persuasive essays are intended to persuade or convince readers.

Book / Article Summary

Book or article summaries are condensed descriptions of the main ideas of books and articles.

Book and Movie Reviews

A book or movie review analyzes the effectiveness or merit of a specific work.

Case Study

A case study is a detailed investigation focused on a specific person, situation, or organization.

Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essays examine the similarities and differences of two or more subjects.

Creative Writing

Creative writing can include short stories, poetry, plays and more.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay describes a place, event, person, or other subject using sensory details.

Expository Essay

An expository essay investigates evidence surrounding a topic and defends the writer's stance.

Hero Essay

A hero essay describes a person or character and the traits or deeds that make them admirable.

Informative Essay

An informative essay explains a subject using facts and information.


An interview essay presents and analyzes information and quotations from a real-life source.

Lab Report

A lab report describes the processes, objectives, and outcomes of a scientific experiment.


A letter is a personal correspondence written to one or more specific people or entities.

Literature Review

A literature review describes the available research on a topic as a standalone work or section of a larger study.


An outline is the basic skeleton or framework of an essay.

Personal Narrative Essay

A personal narrative essay describes an event or situation from a firsthand perspective.

Personal Statement

A personal statement details an applicant's qualifications for a college, fellowship, or grant.

Problem Solution Essay

A problem-solution essay defines a problem and proposes one or more ways to solve it.

Question / Response

A question/response paper includes one or more questions and their answer(s).

Reflective Essay

A reflective essay describes one's feelings and perspective on an experience, class, or other subject.

Research Essay

A research essay uses critical thinking and research to draw conclusions on a question or topic.

Scholarship Essay

A scholarship essay is intended to persuade a committee to select an applicant for a grant or award to pay for school.

Summary Essay

A summary essay is a concise description of the main ideas of a specific source.

TOEFL Question

A TOEFL essay responds to a specific question from the Test of English as a Foreign Language®.

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