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Overview of Southwest Airlines
About the Company Southwest Airlines has been a competitive leader in the industry since the company’s beginning. The Company was initially incorporated as Air Southwest Co. on March 15, 1967 by businessmen Herb Kelleher and Rollin King. In March 1971, Air Southwest President Lamar Muse sold promissory notes to cover airc...
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Models to Treat Addiction
The most significant information that I learned in the addiction class was the different models to treat addiction. Over the years the knowledge on addictions increased and more models became available to treat it effectively. Many theories were controversial because it blamed the individual for their addiction. Other theor...
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Summary of Catcher in the Rye
In the novel, The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger is about a teenage boy who goes through many experiences. Holden Caulfield is his name. A sixteen year old boy, who is the protagonist and storyteller of this novel. One of the many experiences he encounters is with Mr. Antolini, his favorite teacher from a previous scho...
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Summary World War I Events
Mankind has been fighting on water for over 3000 years. But in World War 1 is when it really started to emerge. Battles were being held in the sea and many new ship designs, such as the dreadnought, were being built as well as new strategies by the army. In World War 1 was when a country started to be able to rely on just t...
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Overview of Cellular Respiration
9.1 Cellular Respiration: An Overview Food molecules contain chemical energy that provides living things with the “chemical building blocks” they need to reproduce and grow. The chemical energy in food is released when their chemical bonds are broken. The food provides organisms with the energy they need. The amount of ene...
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Summary Control Objectives for Information Related Technology
COBIT, which is shortened from Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology, is referred to as a framework. Organizations named Information System Audit and Control Association and IT governance established and developed COBIT, which is used in administration of IT. Besides, it is an important approach to relat...
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Summary of Recent Economy of New York City
Coming back from a cash shortage in the 1970’s, New York City makes ’s way to being a popular and well-known city all around the United States and even in the world. Visitors from all over come in to see what the city has to show for itself. New York is now announced to be the most populated city in the United States with h...
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Explaining What a Software Engineer Does
“Have you ever wondered when the first computer was invented? How about how the computer operates in the inside? In today’s society, everyone uses a computer, whether if the computer is a laptop or a desktop for working purposes or for both social networking and to do other personal stuff. This is beneficial information to...
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The Effects of Unhealthy Eating on Children
The issue of whether or not Parents should not Allow Their Children to Eat Junk Food has been widely debated in our community recently. It is an important issue because it has being blamed for causing many undesirable problems to children. Junk food is a wide range of meals which prepared easily in a short time, and have ga...
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The Cost and Benefits of Same Sex Marriage in America
From a young age, many children are told by their parent that someday when they grow up, they will marry to someone they will ultimately love. So, often as parents predicted so it happens. However, what will happen if this person as an adult felt in love with someone of the same sex as his. In recent discussions of same se...
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Summary of Learning Styles
Learning techniques have evolved over time, which eventually lead to the emergence of studies that theorized the existence of learning styles. The core concept of learning styles is that individuals differ in how they acquire and process information. Many theories include auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning. The ques...
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Working with GlaxoSmithKline
For my placement year, I worked in the Computational Chemistry department of GSK. My main responsibility was to support a project called Open PHACTS (The Open Pharmacological Concepts Triple Store), a collaboration between different pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions to develop an integrative platform of pha...
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The Expedition of Lewis and Clark
During the expedition to meet the Shoshones, Lewis observed new birds, animals, mountains and valleys. He noticed a mountain rising above the plain and called it Fort Mountain. Lewis also came across two rivers and named them after Robert Smith and Henry Dearborn. Typical days of travel were almost devastating. There were t...
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Why Military Dogs Should Be Considered Soldiers
Based on CNN National Security Producer Jennifer Rizzo’s article “When a dog isn’t a dog”, Dogs that serve in the military should be categorized as soldiers rather than equipment. These dogs truly are life savers. These dogs do way too much to be considered equipment. They deserve the same respect. These dogs would have th...
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Summarizing a News Event
For this reflection paper I went to trying to find an interesting article. Being an accounting major I went to the business section. The first article I saw immediately caught my eye. “B-school remorse: When the degree is just not worth it”. I have been planning on going to graduate school next year, so I was intere...
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Description of Surgical Technology
Now a day, everyday we use technology either for communication, education or health purposes. We cannot deny, applied science has improved our lives and it is going to preserve to be used more in the time. In the featured article “surgeons could use hand-gesture system to control robots”, author, Susan Karlin talks about a...
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Play Review
This is my second time to watch performance but the play: “Blood Wedding” was not interesting me like the play: “You Can’t Take It With You” which was the first one. The play open with some music but not English, it was in Spanish. They turn off the light to get the audience’s attending, on the stage was a few of lighting...
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Charles C. Mann's What if We Run Out of Oil?
In Charles C. Mann’s article “What If We Never Run Out of Oil?” he discusses some thoughts on the oil industry’s past, present and future. Thoughts such as the world’s access to oil, the environmental effects of obtaining oil, and the possibly never ending supply of petroleum. Technology is constantly improving, allowing...
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Summary of Abraham Maslow and his work
The most renowned psychologists such as Freud, Adler, etc., create their theories based on the environment that they grew up in. Similar to these psychologists, Abraham Maslow based his theories off of his childhood, except he used his past to create positive theories rather than apathetic theories like other psychologists....
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Summary of the Door that Opens from the Inside
“A Door That Opens From the Inside” is a short story about a high school teacher, Randall. Randall to me seems like the kind of guy who is not very uptight. He seems like the kind of person to just go with the flow and I think that makes the story what it is. Randall’s attitude created the relationship he had with Sarah and...
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Gambling and the Florida Seminole Tribe
Seminole tribal gaming has gained popularity in recent years due to its dramatic success in casinos around the world. In High Stakes, Jessica Cattelino describes important changes in Seminole culture brought about by casino money, how casino money is used in many different ways, and double binds that are presented in Semino...
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Summary of the Life Events of Moses
The characters of the Hebrew Bible are each intended to play a specific
purpose for the reader: whether they are present to teach a lesson, set
a positive example, or be a warning as a bad example they each resonate
with different people and different emotions. Because of this, different
readers will have different emotiona...
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Summary of The Giver by Lois Lowry
The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, is about a twelve year old boy named Jonas. Jonas is a normal boy who lives in a hueless community. Life there was serene and peaceful and nothing ever changed until the day of the ceremony of twelve’s. It is when people were assigned a job until a certain age. Jonas was chosen as the new R...
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Summarizing Guest Speakers
October 25th, 2013, Jud Damon and Ryan Erlache spoke to our sport
management class. Jud Damon is the Athletic Director of Flagler College
and Ryan Erlache is his associate director of compliance. Mr. Damon
began by discussing his past experiences that led him to where he is
now. He grew up always playing baseball and saw hi...
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Sports Fans
For many years, sports have become an important essential for fans all around the world. For example; football, baseball, soccer, tennis, and basketball are just some of the general sports watched worldwide. When the word “sports” comes to mind, automatically a person thinks of the players, the coaches, and staff members bu...
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