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Get feedback and improve your essay before it's due.

  • We'll read your essay, give it a grade, and leave some brief feedback. Absolutely free!
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How will you grade my paper?

A Kibin grader will evaluate your paper based on our comprehensive rubric, which we developed with teachers' top concerns in mind: focus, content, organization, formatting, and grammar/mechanics.

Our goal isn't to tell you exactly how your teacher will grade your essay, but to provide you with a snapshot of your essay's overall quality. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your writing in advance gives you the opportunity to make informed changes or get more help -- before it's due.

Is my paper eligible for grading?

Most high school or college-level essays, research papers, term papers, and similar documents are eligible for Kibin's free grading service. Your paper should:

  • have between 225 and 3000 words
  • include a single essay/piece of writing
  • have a single author (you!)

You may upload a document for grading once every 24 hours.

So what don't we accept? We do not offer free grading for creative writing, outlines, letters, business documents, multi-essay files, or documents with multiple authors. But don't worry -- we welcome you to submit these to our Essay Editing Service! You'll get detailed feedback alongside comprehensive editing and proofreading from a vetted professional editor.

How long do your paper graders take?

We take deadlines seriously, so we strive to return your feedback report within 48 hours -- often sooner.

What do I get with your free paper grading service?

After your paper is scored based on the rubric, your overall score is then translated into a letter grade. The grader will also share feedback on what the essay did well and where you can improve. We'll email your grade and feedback report to you as soon as your grader finishes.