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Happy Testimony
Sean W. Thompson
Author of Origins of Evil
WOW! What a fantastic job! Great comments and feedback on my novel. Kibin editors have an excellent eye for detail. I would definitely recommend and use Kibin services again without hesitation. I have used three Kibin editors (Erin, Kathy, and Scott), and all three were great.
Happy Testimony
Bud Wichers
CEO - HumInt Media
“Thank you so much. This is why I use Kibin, because it makes a world of difference. If I could give you 6 stars, I would. Also, thanks for the pointers. Best wishes from Holland.”
Ready to see what Kibin can do for your writing?
Happy Testimony
Kelly Hannagan
Incoming student at West Virginia University
“Thank you again Naomi T. for the awesome work. I greatly appreciate all your feedback and help on my admissions essays. After having them checked by yourself and Kibin I feel more confident in submitting them.”
Happy Testimony
Camvu Pham
Student at Mission College - Santa Clara, CA
“When I received my essay back, I felt like I just found a wonderful personal English teacher for myself. I learnt from the detailed comments and corrections more than what I gathered from school. Thank you very much, Kibin. Please send my deep appreciation to my editor, Ms. Crystal W. Thank you!”
Happy Testimony
Jim Fisher
Managing Director - Performance Marketing
“I just wanted to pass on my appreciation for your edits and highly constructive comments & suggestions to both my recent intro email and attached detailed services document. Your help was terrific, such that I actually received a comment from my potential client… ‘This reads great, Jim. Now, to get it rolling’. Thanks again.”
Happy Testimony
Laura Chubb
PhD Student, University of Auckland
“Wow this has truly made this process easy and I feel as though I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. I really appreciate that when you make a change you justify it, which has really been helping to improve my writing. The process of working through a thesis is overwhelming and frustrating at times. Thank you for simplifying the process, giving me suggestions rather than sending me on a wild goose chase to find the answer.”
Access Kibin’s expert proofreaders & editors today.
Happy Testimony
Ei Ei Kyaw
Student, Teachers College, Columbia University
Thank you so much for your help, Naomi!! I got accepted to Teacher's College & Syracuse University because of your help! I also received many scholarships. All thanks to you!
Happy Testimony
Fernando Ponassi
Manager, Contracts Administration Section, Internal Services Department at Miami-Dade County, Florida
"This is the second time I used Kibin. The first time around, they took my work from a B+ to a final A in a public policy class at a very prestigious university. This time around, the experience was even better. Ellie did a phenomenal work on my final graduation paper, with very assertive comments and showing great commitment with the discussion and the different topics at hand. The edits were 100% on point, and the final product was very much improved. I would recommend Kibin any time to anyone dealing with complicated assignments that require strict adherence to APA style. Not being a native English speaker at a very tough school is a big challenge. Fees may look a bit steep, especially for long papers, but the expense is worth every penny. I'm very satisfied with Kibin (Ellie: you are awesome!!! Thanks...)"