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Sub-Categories of Communications

The Battle of the Alienists Cartoon as an Evidence in the Leopold and Loeb Murder Case in Chicago
For the Thrill of It: Leopold, Loeb, and the Murder That Shocked Chicago by Simon Baatz was published in 2008. Simon Baatz is a professor of history at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and at the City University of New York. Simon Baatz’s background as a professor makes this source credible. The intended audience is int...
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The Use of Rhetorical Strategies and Evidences by Victor Villanueva and Jonathan Kozol to Persuade the Readers
Inequality among writers Articles and pieces of writing can be used to not only analyze but also to persuade the reader. The authors may use different claims and use supporting evidence in order to persuade the reader to support the claim that they are writing about. While the author may be doing this the reader is not onl...
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My Conflict Styles According to the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
According to the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, it reports that I have a style of conflict that mostly revolves around competing (forcing.) I personally believe that this is somewhat how I react to conflict, but then again, I think the context of the conflict chooses how I handle said conflict. For the most part,...
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The Reserved Way of Conveying Message by the Press
According to the First Amendment, the press does have almost absolute freedom of informing the people with what’s going on. Although this is the law of the land, whatever that is “going on” and is being broadcasted has some boundaries and limits -- boundaries that shouldn’t be transgressed and limits that shouldn’t be surpa...
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The Rise of Obesity in America Due to the Power of Media Advertising
The extreme power which media holds over the decisions of the American population is indisputable. Mediums of broadcasting such as television and the internet have forced their way into the lives of the public, causing major shifts in lifestyles. Large food corporations, which have no regard for the health of consumers, all...
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The Issue of Hooking Up and the Distractions of the Hero Kid
The Hero Kids As may be evident by its title, the essay Hookups Starve the Soul by Laura Vanderkam describes a phenomenon that is still pervasive in our culture today: the hookup. Often accompanied in conversation by nonchalant tones and a suggestive shrug, the term “hooking up” is used to equate a “one night stand”; sex w...
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A Rhetorical Analysis of NO MORE: Speechless, a Commercial
NO MORE: Speechless In 2013, a campaign called “NO MORE” aired their first commercials. The commercials started with well known celebrities saying phrases such as, “no more she seems fine” or “no more she should’ve said something,” as they were speaking about rape and domestic violence. Now, they have progressed to intense...
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An Examination and Understanding of the Commercialization of Sexuality
The focus of this paper will examine the commercialization of sexuality. Sexuality as a commodity permeates the culture we live in; sex appears in all forms of media—advertisements, music videos, etc. I chose this topic because I think understanding how sex as a product is sold to consumers through various mediums is import...
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The Control of the Internet on Journalism and Its Effects on the Decline of Newspaper News
This chapter in the Digital Disconnect talks about how the Internet has taken over journalism, resulting in the decline of newspaper news.  The Internet has not only hit the newspaper market, but all forms of commercial news media.  The chapter states, “The Internet that has slain the news media will provide ample journalis...
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An Analysis of Michelle Obama’s Speech on Food Marketing and Advertising towards Children
For this assignment, I chose to analyze a speech that Michelle Obama gave shortly following the unfortunate Washington Navy Yard shooting on October 6,2013. Although this speech was unrelated to the tragedy, that coincidentally took place on the same day, it does deal with an issue that she describes as “complex and challen...
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Fixing the Flaws of My Communication Skills
During the course of the semester I believe that I have improved in several areas regarding communication with an audience as a presenter/speaker. I also still realize that one semester isn’t enough to fix a lot of my flaws, but will work to address them in the future. During the informative briefing I especially struggled...
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The Issue of Free Speech in the Literary Works of Anne Applebaum and Juan Williams
September 25, 1789 “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” (US Const., amend. I). America i...
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The Problems Caused by Facebook
FACEBOOK IS EVIL Facebook is the leading social media platform and it is rapidly expanding. Just recently it announced that it had achieved over 4 billion video views daily. This may be the truth, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Facebook has been doing some shady work in order to get those extremely high numbers....
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Free Speech and the Use of Rhetoric in the Text Why Free Speech Matters on Campus by Michael Bloomberg and Charles Koch
Free Speech and the Use of Rhetoric The text “Why Free Speech Matters on Campus,” published by the Wall Street Journal on May 12, 2016, is written by Michael Bloomberg and Charles Koch. The article details that college campuses across America are putting more restrictions on freedom of speech, and lays the claim that...
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The Importance of Listening and the Effective Listening Techniques
Listening Paper Listening is one of the most important aspects of communication process. It is just as important as talking and helps us understand and read the other person's message. Throughout the years, I have learned how to become a more effective listener. I adopted different techniques like maintaining eye contact,...
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A Comparison of the Similarities and Differences in Interpersonal Communication of Italians and Americans
Italian Interpersonal Communication Italy is a very high context culture; they learn more from nonverbal and environmental cues than spoken words. They have a very relaxed concept of time, use many hand gestures and haptics, live by Bella Figura, and share a listening style similar to that of the United States. The chrone...
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An Analysis of the Essay Facebook is Using You by Lori Andrews
Analysis of “Facebook Is Using You” The 21st century has added a new weapon to the arsenal of persecutors. Credit card companies can lower a customer's credit limit based solely on where they shop. An employer can make his or her decision on hiring an employee through what is posted on social media. Lori Andrews presents f...
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Understanding the Concept of Comparison Between Ourselves and Those Around Us Through the Third-Person Effect Hypothesis (TPE)
It is common for people to be of the belief that they are more invulnerable than they are. An example of this is the third-person effect hypothesis (TPE), which initially maintained that people believe others to be impacted in a greater way by persuasive messages than themselves. However, over time, many researchers have co...
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A Study on the Ways the Media Manipulates the Public
The media manipulates the public through a variety of mediums and can completely change the story the public receives through these mediums, as can be clearly seen from the photograph shown above. The media can show the people what they want them to “know” and exclude what they do not, requiring more research for people to...
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An Advertising Strategy Proposal for Hillary Clinton
Dear Hillary Clinton, my advertising plan can win you the election! My plan is to use strategies like Stacking the Deck which means i’ll include positive facts and leave out the negative ones. Endorsements which will tell a person his/her support for a candidate. The other strategy I would like to use Glittering Generalitie...
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The Stains behind the Colorful World of Disney
Disney is an iconic brand that every child can recognize, the most popular being Mickey Mouse with his large ears and infectious smile. Disney, however, may have a dark, powerful influence over children, causing them to believe anything this company shows them as fact. Part of the big six broadcasting companies, Disney hold...
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The Advantages of Social Media as a Portal for Communication
Social media works as a portal for all sorts of communication, which can include beneficial conversation and information that is sent and/or received. This can include infomercials, debates, discussion panels, articles, messages, audio, etc, although the main purpose of social media is to have the opportunity to stay connec...
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Joe Nocera's Argument on Sheldon Silver Being Indiced for Criminal Actions
Article Review In “New York’s Real Scandal,” Joe Nocera contradicts common claims again. This time, he presents the story of Sheldon Silver--who was, as Nocera writes, “the All-Powerful speaker of the New York Assembly.” Silver was indicted for using his position and influence in a number of ways to gain money. While Silve...
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The Use and Invasion of Drones
Drones have been in the news recently and are becoming more and more common throughout our country and our world. At first, drones were used in the military as a safer way to fly in war zones. However, now they are being used in different ways, such as for delivering shipments to people's homes and for shooting videos amo...
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A Comparison and Contrast of Websites by Frito-Lay and Herr
A friend is having a party and requests to bring a snack to contribute to it. Many people are indecisive on what to bring, so the first thing that pop into everyone’s head is chips. It makes a lot of sense; they are cheap, accessible, and absolutely delicious to munch on. How does one make the decision on what kind of chips...
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