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Sub-Categories of Teaching and Education

The Benefits of Starting School Later
A Proposal To Start School Later In a society where more is expected from teenage students and schoolwork is harder than that from generations before, it is necessary for the school day to start and end at later times. Early start times have created negative psychological effects in teenage students. Not only that but ot...
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The Issue of Dress Code Violations in Schools in the United States
Dress Code Equality What runs through your mind when you think of equality? Maybe you thought of racial desegregation, unisex bathrooms, voting rights, or maybe even equal pay but there are other things that could fit into this category. One of the biggest issues that concern many is the dress code violations that take pla...
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The Extracurricular Activities Used to Avoid Retention in Schools
An Analysis of Retention How can one excel in a university setting if they were unable to understand years of previous education? A tutor from our university writing center expressed their disbelief of a session in which a student was unable to read at an adequate reading level. This begs the question, how can students get...
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A Comprehension in English Versus Spanish as an English Tutor
Article Usage: Comprehension in English Versus Spanish I work as an English tutor, and I often run into non-native English speakers, otherwise known as students who grew up using a language other than English. In a session last week, a student came in with a concern for his grammar usage in an English paper because his fir...
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The Pursuit for Motivation and Aspiration in Students in Education
Missing Links to Motivation-Student Motivation in Education What is the driving factor for students in their pursuit of an education? How can students be better motivated to succeed in school? These are questions on the minds of many in society, as today’s students are perceived as lazy, entitled and unmotivated. But is so...
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Disadvantages of Online Courses
As time goes on online courses are becoming more and more prevalent in education. In 2014, it was estimated that 46% of college students were taking at least one online class in the 2014-2015 year. Also in 2014 it was projected that in 2019 about half of the students enrolled in college would be taking e-Learning based clas...
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College Tuition and Fee Push Students to the Edge - What Can Improve the Situation?
College Tuition and Fee Push Students to the edge. Throughout past decades, people began to realize the importance of education. The value of education has taken precedence by an increasingly large amount of people around the world. At the same time, as the population of college students is increasing, tuition and fees a...
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My Motivation to Study at the Bates College
What draws you to Bates? Consider the Bates Mission Statement (below) in your response (1-2 paragraphs). Since 1855, Bates College has been dedicated to the emancipating potential of the liberal arts. Bates educates the whole person through creative and rigorous scholarship in a collaborative residential community. With a...
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A Personal Experience of the Pros and Cons of Dorm Life During the College Years
At many other universities, it is required for first years to stay in on-campus housing. Here at COLLEGE, we don’t have such a rule as this which is rather lucky since we are given an option; however, dorm life has had such a positive impact on me that I encourage all first years to live in a dorm for their first year here...
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The Effects of Standard Language Ideology on the Education System
What does Standard Language Ideology effect in the education system? "It is a tribute to our educational system that the overwhelming majority of Americans have been instilled with a rocklike conviction that certain linguistic forms are correct, while others are wrong. Even those Americans who are uncertain about precise...
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A Critique of Mark Kingwell's Argument on the Value of College Education
In North America, many young men and women have the opportunity to attend a form of higher education, like a university. However, some students may find it difficult to decide what to study. The social norm appears to push students towards degrees that are considered “useful” or lead to financial gains after university, lik...
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The Flaws of the Current Educational System
Attending college has long been hailed as the next great step towards adulthood, paving the way to finding a job and becoming truly independent. Even so, the assumption that getting a college degree will guarantee employment is a common, albeit overplayed, misconception regarding this stage of liberal education, which alien...
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The Inequality of Cultural Literacy in Society Today
Literary Equality Cultural literacy is essential to function throughout one’s life. It allows for workers to be fluent in a cultural atmosphere and connect with individuals throughout the world. Cultural literacy is taught throughout one’s education in the classes that students take and the experiences that the students ha...
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The Necessity and Benefits of Studying Abroad
Student Engagement Study Abroad Application Essay Prompt B From a very young age, I have maintained a passion for travelling as well as foreign foods, cultures, and languages. I believe this has been heavily influenced by my (Canadian-born) father who nourished a great sense of adventure and independence in his younger ye...
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Censorship on Student Speech in American Campuses
The First Amendment protects the religious preferences, free exercise of religion, infringing on freedom of speech and press, and tampering the right of peaceful assembly. Student speech is the student's rights to exercise speech on school campuses or at a school sponsored event or organization. However, Students speech is...
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The Importance of Student Leadership
The Importance of Student Leadership There are no restrictions on becoming a leader. Leadership has no prejudice; it is not sexist or racist. The leadership is based on a person’s ability. Leadership is a skill that is learned and then embodied. A student leader is not even based on merit. Despite popular belief, a leader...
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The Correlation Between the Quality of Education and the Demographics of the Neighbourhood
A Race to Admission: Equality and Education Equality is an ideological foundation of the United States’ Declaration of Independence, as evidenced by the decree that “all men are created equal.”  Yet issues of equality persist, even 240 years subsequent to this statement, despite the efforts to progress towards a more equi...
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The Importance of Music Education: Arguments Against Taking Music Away from School Systems
Music vs. Tax Cuts: Music Wins! There are many components that make up the world. There is business, agriculture, land, population, culture, technology, money, media, and much more. While many countries share in dealing with these things, there is one thing that has been around since the beginning of time that every single...
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A Research on Integrating Technology into the Classrooms
Research Paper The evolution of technology is a remarkable topic. Just over the past few years, the amount of technology used has grown tremendously. And now, it has reached Early Childhood Education classrooms. Teachers are faced with the task of appropriately integrating technology into their classrooms. Computers, I...
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The Importance of Teachers in the Development of Children
I believe that being a teacher is every special because being a teacher means that you have the ability to assist in shaping children’s lives. This opportunity to create an excitement about going to school and learning is something that some people shy away from and say they cannot imagine working with kids all day long. To...
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An Examination of the Results of the Involvement of Parents in the Academics of Children
The purpose of this paper is to examine the results of parental involvement in a child’s academics. Celebrated Doctor and Director, Dr. Joyce L. Epstein made massive contributions to the early childhood education field with her research on the six types of involvement. The six types of involvement that she supports and ar...
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The Serious Problem of Student Loans in the United States
Liberals everywhere are raging over the currently $1 trillion dollars in debt now flooding the students of the United States ( This issue is so pressing that even presidential candidates, such as Senator Bernie Sanders, of the upcoming 2016 election have been catching the support of millennials across the nation...
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A Review of the Walker Junior High Live Performance
Walker Junior High Live Performance Review On May 20, 2015, my friends and I visited Walker Junior High School, presenting a choir show entitled “Through the Decades.” We decided to visit as a memory of being part of Walker’s choir. In addition, my boyfriend went along with us as well. Although we came to revisit the fond...
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The Importance of Free Speech as Explained in the Article Hate Speech on Campus
No More “Zip Your Mouth” Pupil! The freedom of speech law was made to exhort pluralism and acceptability in general public in order to bring them together. The law is also there to liberate people from the fear of speaking their hearts out about controversies and their perspective on sects, cults, and authoritative organiz...
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The Attraction Theory and the Role of Similarity
The Attraction Theory and the Role of Similarity Pay a visit to your closest High School or University and try to look out for groups of people spending time with each other. You might realize that these certain groups have some sort of similarity amongst them. Whether it be race, age, indulgences or any other common thing...
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