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I Want to Join Rutgers
As a large school, Rutgers offers numerous majors and opportunities that
I want to take full advantage of. I have declared during my time At
Seton Hall University that I want to purse a medical career path. Seton
Hall University have provided me with starting tools to start this
journey, however I believe Rutgers will offer...
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Why I Want to Specialize in Family Medicine
My desire to specialize in Family Medicine developed over a lifetime of observations and experiences that taught me the significance of primary care. Growing up in Nigeria and India, I was aware of the lack of access to health care that plagued both countries. My family moved frequently throughout my childhood, during our t...
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Hennepin Tech Application Essay
Ever since I can remember my life was filled with challenges, many of which I can say I learned something powerful and got something good out of them making them my strengths instead of my problems. I can honestly say that I am the person I am today due to the way I got thru to my personal problems and it made me view the...
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Application to the IMPALLA Program
a) yourgeneral motivationfor attending the IMPALLA programme In my college, I have participated in voluntary service at one of Korean NGOs. The NGO, which is called ‘Human in Love’, especially helps vulnerable groups in Korea and supports foreign countries including Indonesia and Laos. Belonging to this organization, I oft...
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Why I Want to Obtain a College Degree
My decision to continue my education was born of my life’s experiences and from my relationships with the people around me. My education became increasingly important as I matured and interacted with the world around me. As a college educated person I want to improve my critical thinking skills, be more informed about the i...
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Why I Believe I Am Competent Enough to Undertake a Master of Management Program at London School of Business
I’m currently working in the financial consulting industry as an analyst/associate, providing financing and investment advice to clients. My Self-introduction: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I feel very honored to join this big family. I’ve finally realized my short-term career goal. I would like to share with you my...
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Why I Want to Attend Exeter Summer Session
The Exeter Philips summer session has always been one of the places I wanted to attend, all my cousins and my sister have attended here and the things I hear from them are amazing, they are always saying how much they have learnt, how their English skills have improved, and besides all the work how much fun they had. One of...
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My Leadership Abilities
IVEY Essay Requirements: Choose 3 activities that you feel demonstrate your leadership abilities
best. Note that we're looking for actual demonstrations of leadership,
thus, attending a leadership conference would not be a strong activity. When assessing your extracurricular involvement, we're looking for teamwork
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George Mason Exit Essay
Of Mason’s core values (creativity, rigor, diversity, team, integrity, and global community), which value resonates most with you and why? Having the good fortune to attend Mason as an undergraduate student, all six of these values have resonated with me deeply over the past four years. The woman I am today identifies with...
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Chapman Admissions Essay
Please explain your interest in your selected academic program(s). (200
words or fewer)
I am extremely interested in pursuing a career in the medical field and in
order to accomplish my goals, an undergraduate degree majoring in a type of
science, such as health sciences, would be extremely beneficial. I began to
explore th...
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Masters in Social Work Application Essay
Having spent the last six years working in the social care service field, I have come to determine that my passion lies in helping children and people who are less advantaged. My first experience working with the children was when I volunteered as a Sunday school teacher in the kindergarten ministry during my senior year in...
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College Admissions Essay
Question 4: please note anything you would like us to know about you. In general, people usually say that I’m a cheerful and understanding person although I think it depends on the mood as well. Personally, I feel most confident in music, English and PE class… Meanwhile, the two subjects that I’m not very good at are scien...
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Application essay for the FlexMed program
1. Describe how the FlexMed program will change your educational plan during college and how this will help you fulfill your personal educational goals. I want to spend my undergraduate years studying the interaction between individual minds and the social world; I want to spend my post-graduate life as a physician who a...
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Nursing Admission Essay
When I immigrated to the United States with my parents at the age of
fifteen, I often found myself in drained confidence and isolation due to
the lack of friends and communication skills. It was difficult for me to
mould my goals and aspiration in the beginning because of the
loneliness, stress and fear. However, I gradual...
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Why I Want to Attend Furman University
Furman University was my first college tour—I had nothing to compare it to. In way I would consider that good and bad. Not having anything to compare the university to did not allow me to know what aspects were unique, but it also ended up setting my standards for upcoming college tours during my selection process. Not hav...
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Why I Am Seeking a Transfer to Vanderbilt
As a nontraditional student, I am seeking a transfer in order to take advantage of challenging academic experience, coupled with an enriching sense of community. Vanderbilt excels where other universities only attempt to achieve; creating a well rounded collegiate experience. Vanderbilt is the ideal fit for a student like m...
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Why I Want to Pursue a Career in Nursing
Many people ask me “why nursing?”. In my mind I always answer “I could never see me in another career that will make me as happy.” However, that answer is never enough for people, they all wanna know WHAT made me chose this path, but I never get tired of explaining why I wanna become a nurse then a Nurse-Midwife. There is n...
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Why I Am Qualified to Get Admitted to Dupont Manual for College
“There is one quality that one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and the burning desire to possess it.” -Napoleon Hill Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” published in 1937. Was written following The Great Depression. It was no coincidence that Hill write this bo...
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New Experiences in America
The first twelve years of my life were spent in the most beautiful and calm place, Ecuador.  Throughout this time, I was a social butterfly and loved to learn new things.  Things started to change however when I moved to the United States. I was nervous at first, but since my mother had been here for a very long time, she k...
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My Experience as a Leader
Leadership is a crucial quality to have in order to be a successful
person. Being a successful leader requires confidence, intelligence, and
perseverance which are all qualities I possess. I have had the
opportunity to enhance my leadership throughout many experiences. In using my lacrosse experience as an example, I have...
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Why I Want to Attend the University of Michigan
I am frequently asked the question, "Why the University of Michigan?" For many reasons, I feel as if this school is the perfect match for me. Diverse, challenging, spirited, unique. These adjectives only begin to describe its greatness. The community, academics, and opportunities are only a few examples of why the Universit...
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Preparing for College
At the end of my junior year, my teachers selected me to represent my high school in the Rotary Club sponsored World Affairs Seminar. I traveled across the country on a plane all the way to Carroll University in Wisconsin. During the seminar, I listened to numerous lectures on gender and social equity, given by people from...
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College Application Essay - MIT
How have you spent your last two summers? Summer 2012 was the most involved summer I have ever had. The majority
of the summer I attended a Pre-College program at New Jersey Institute
of Technology. My course was focused on physics, so I could be prepared
for the following school year. There I also studied communications a...
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A Collection of University of Phoenix Admission Essays
ESSAY 1: Educational Goals (300 word maximum)What degree program are you interested in pursuing at University of Phoenix? Why are you interested in this field? What do you hope to do with and/or get from this education? A sudden inspiration of helping inner-city youth reach their goals sparked my desire while I was sitt...
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Growth out of Personal Struggles
Tell us about personal, social or family challenges you have faced. How
have you dealt with them and how have they shaped your thinking? (500
words or less) I think I began to grow up that summer when I got stuck in a closet
while playing hide-and-seek with my sister. I must have closed the door
really hard because when I...
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