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I Want to Join Rutgers
As a large school, Rutgers offers numerous majors and opportunities that
I want to take full advantage of. I have declared during my time At
Seton Hall University that I want to purse a medical career path. Seton
Hall University have provided me with starting tools to start this
journey, however I believe Rutgers will offer...
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Why I Want to Specialize in Family Medicine
My desire to specialize in Family Medicine developed over a lifetime of observations and experiences that taught me the significance of primary care. Growing up in Nigeria and India, I was aware of the lack of access to health care that plagued both countries. My family moved frequently throughout my childhood, during our t...
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Hennepin Tech Application Essay
Ever since I can remember my life was filled with challenges, many of which I can say I learned something powerful and got something good out of them making them my strengths instead of my problems. I can honestly say that I am the person I am today due to the way I got thru to my personal problems and it made me view the...
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Application to the IMPALLA Program
a) yourgeneral motivationfor attending the IMPALLA programme In my college, I have participated in voluntary service at one of Korean NGOs. The NGO, which is called ‘Human in Love’, especially helps vulnerable groups in Korea and supports foreign countries including Indonesia and Laos. Belonging to this organization, I oft...
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Why I Want to Obtain a College Degree
My decision to continue my education was born of my life’s experiences and from my relationships with the people around me. My education became increasingly important as I matured and interacted with the world around me. As a college educated person I want to improve my critical thinking skills, be more informed about the i...
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Why I Believe I Am Competent Enough to Undertake a Master of Management Program at London School of Business
I’m currently working in the financial consulting industry as an analyst/associate, providing financing and investment advice to clients. My Self-introduction: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I feel very honored to join this big family. I’ve finally realized my short-term career goal. I would like to share with you my...
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Why I Want to Attend Exeter Summer Session
The Exeter Philips summer session has always been one of the places I wanted to attend, all my cousins and my sister have attended here and the things I hear from them are amazing, they are always saying how much they have learnt, how their English skills have improved, and besides all the work how much fun they had. One of...
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My Leadership Abilities
IVEY Essay Requirements: Choose 3 activities that you feel demonstrate your leadership abilities
best. Note that we're looking for actual demonstrations of leadership,
thus, attending a leadership conference would not be a strong activity. When assessing your extracurricular involvement, we're looking for teamwork
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George Mason Exit Essay
Of Mason’s core values (creativity, rigor, diversity, team, integrity, and global community), which value resonates most with you and why? Having the good fortune to attend Mason as an undergraduate student, all six of these values have resonated with me deeply over the past four years. The woman I am today identifies with...
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Chapman Admissions Essay
Please explain your interest in your selected academic program(s). (200
words or fewer)
I am extremely interested in pursuing a career in the medical field and in
order to accomplish my goals, an undergraduate degree majoring in a type of
science, such as health sciences, would be extremely beneficial. I began to
explore th...
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