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Sub-Categories of Sports and Recreation

The Importance of Injury and Illness Surveillance in Sports Management
Sports Management Research Summary Often times, professionals ask athletes to undergo what is known as injury and illness surveillance. Such a process is critical to regulating and protecting the health of the athletes. Surveillance allows athletes to know the number of issues they have, the symptoms and potential symptoms...
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My Purchases at Denali Sports and Outdoors
San Diego Write Up At Denali Sports and Outdoors I made the best decision in my life by purchasing one of their outdoor T-shirts. For the wonderful price of $8.25, I was able to purchase a relatively cheap shirt made out of good quality cotton. On their website, the experience was sub-par. It is only starting up which expl...
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The Perks of Being a Cross Country Runner
This Is What A Runner Looks Like The perks to being a Cross Country runner are great. Being a runner, I can eat almost as much as I want without worrying about my weight. I can brag to my friends that I ran 4 or 5 miles today. But to most people, Cross Country is not considered a hefty sport. Us runners are stereotyped...
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A Study on the Probability That a Pitch is Accurate and Effective
The Probability of a Successful Pitch As a fast-pitch softball pitcher, I often struggle with the decision of what pitches to throw in certain situations. It has crossed my mind many times whether or not there is any strategy to determine the ideal pitch to throw in any given situation to a certain type of batter. Diffe...
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The Importance of the Sport of Baseball to America
The article Baseball and American Cultural Values by Ronald Briley is an expression of how important the sport of baseball is to America. Briley calls on teachers across the nation to use the sport to enhance the teachings of what curriculum is already taught in history classes. Briley further supports his claims by citing...
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College Athletes Should Be Compensated for the Profit They Bring to Colleges
The debate of whether college athletes should be monetarily compensated for their play has been an increasingly hot topic of debate over the past few years. With the consistently increasing revenues brought to the schools by the players, many question as to why these kids cannot get paid for their services. Others feel that...
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A Prediction That Brazil Will the FIFA World Cup 2014
We predict Brazil to win the FIFA world cup 2014. Our prediction come with several advantages that Brazil have to win the world cup, among the reason is Brazil is the best team on current performance, Home of greatest player, the Winner of FIFA Confederations Cup 2013, Grouping and Schedule Advantages, the past result show...
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The Importance of Motivation in Doing Physical Activities
Final Exam for Nordic Walking The difference between moderate activity and vigorous physical activity is that moderate activity causes a slight increase in breathing and heart rate while vigorous physical activity causes a brisk increase in breathing and heart rate. Moderate activity is done in a slow, long, and easy pace,...
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The Significance of Jackie Robinson in the Field of Baseball and Equality
Jackie Robinson is one of the greatest cultural icons in the history of the United States of America. By leading the charge of integrating blacks and whites in America’s past-time of baseball in 1947, he was able to help ignite the civil rights movement to instill equality among all Americans. Robinson faced many extremely...
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The Different Devices That Makes Swimming Safe
Water Safety: Swimming Unit When it comes to swimming, it is extremely vital to be aware of the dangers that can lurk in the waters. Over the years, there have been many innovations to aid in safe swimming, such as life jackets, inflatable pool floats, and many regulations/methods to staying alive in the water. Life jacket...
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Roger Federer: The Epitome of an Ethical Leader
Roger Federer is a professional tennis player from Switzerland who was born on 1981. He is known as the greatest tennis player in the world and in history. Federer has won 88 career titles, including 17 grand slam titles, but that is not the only reason he is an example of an ethical leader. He teaches respect, valuing ethn...
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The Life and Basketball Career of the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant: The Black Mamba Sports influence many people all over the world, whether they play sports, watch sports, or even both. People can be influenced by professional athletes as well. These same athletes may have done bad things in their professional career and/or personal life, but the fans still look up to them....
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The Use of Technology to Accurately Predict the Winners in the Equine World
Big Data in the Equine World In the takeover of the digital age, the world in which we live has changed drastically. By using social media, family members that are continents apart can share events with each other in such clarity and speed that they may as well be in the same place. Anything from health insurance to living...
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The Reality of the Apartheid and Other Forms of Discrimination Against the African American in the Sport of Basketball
The Apartheid In sports, discrimination against those of color, race, and body type will always be an everlasting presence. Life is like a basketball, it bounces up and down. Basketball is all about the height, though people can’t grow by playing basketball, but people with good heights can surely play. The fight against r...
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An Overview of the Sport, Volleyball, Its History, Rules and Regulations, and Famous Volleyball Players
Volleyball is a fast-paced game in which two teams are separated by a net and compete to volley the ball over the net in an attempt to make the opposing team drop the ball on their side. Volleyball was originally called mintonette and was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan. The game was designed to be a combination of t...
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An Overview and History of the Game, Floor Hockey
Floor Hockey Floor hockey is a variation of indoor hockey that is played on flat floor surfaces. The goal of the game, like other hockey games, is to attempt to shoot the puck or ball into the opposing team’s goal. Floor hockey was created by Tom Harter, who was the director of Civic Recreation in Battle Creek, Michigan...
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The Future of College Athletes and the Issue of Implementing a Salary
Should College Athletes Be Paid Collegiate student-athletes spend countless hours a week training and competing in athletic competition while attending classes and studying. As you know, President Emmert, the push to implement a salary in addition to scholarships for student-athletes has sky rocketed in recent years due t...
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The Reasons Why Student-Athletes Should Not Be Paid
Student-athletes at NCAA student-athletes work exceptionally hard on the field and in the classroom. Countless hours are spent training, practicing, travelling, attending class, and studying. In return for their service, colleges provide student-athletes scholarships, books, and many more perks and benefits. However, some p...
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The Ethical Issues Surrounding Olympic Sports in Schools
Ethical Concerns of Olympic Sports Schools With the 31st Olympic games coming up this year, the world will be watching the superhumans of their own and other societies push their bodies to the limit and compete to bring honor to both the nation they represent and themselves. When it comes to honor, very few treasure it as...
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The Fundamentals of Energy Transfer in an Athlete's Body
Fundamentals of Energy Transfer No matter what we are doing, from pouring a bowl of cereal in the morning, to sitting in class, to hitting the gym, track, or field, to sleeping at night, our bodies are converting the chemical energy from the macronutrients we consume into other forms of chemical energy that can be used for...
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Something Needs to Be Done about Domestic Violence in Professional Sports
What Wipes the Smile Off All Faces Domestic violence is one of the common ways that professional athletes today get into a lot of trouble with the law and with their own job, and it seems like penalties should be harsher, but in reality, it never works out that way. And it really makes us wonder, is domestic violence in pr...
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Tenacity in Seabiscuit: An American Legend, a Book by Laura Hillenbrand
The word “tenacity” or “tenacious” can be defined as strength and persistence. It takes a lot of dedication, passion and hard work to achieve a level of tenacity. In Seabiscuit: An American Legend by Laura Hillenbrand every one of the characters shows their tenacious sides in order to bring Seabiscuit to victory. Though all...
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Reasons Why College Athletes Should Not Be Getting Paid
As we begin 2014, the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) football program faces major changes. Some of the possible changes are not necessary overhauls, not the modernizing of an outdated system, but merely based off of the greedy desires of a group of otherwise talented young men. One of these changes, the d...
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The Risk, Prevention and Treatment of ACL Injuries Common Among Athletes
The ACL is a very important ligament in the knee that provides the knee with stability. It connects the thigh and shin bones and helps keep them in place and provides support for the knee in moments of stress. Having said that, that ACL is one of the most common injuries when it comes to sports. It is so severe, that a typi...
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A Study on the Strength of the Links Between Sports Participation and Leadership Skill Development
Abstract Five research studies were analyzed in order to find out how strong the links were between sports participation and how that effects leadership skill development as well as the significance of leadership in the realm of sports. It was founded that there are strong links to whether or not someone was involved in sp...
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