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An Application to Become an Assistant Editor for Dance Magazine
As a dance artist and a storyteller. I’m interest in the position of assistant editor of Dance Magazine. Recall dancing in the ballet studio in Taipei when I was a teenager. I was eager to know everything about dancing. But we don’t have much resource since dancing wasn’t popular in my hometown. Fortunately, My ballet te...
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Peer Review on Gangs Paper
Dear Iman, I read your essay about gangs. It is very informative and well written. Your claims are interested and not repetitive. One of them isnew for me, as I always believe that poverty is the main reason for gangs, but your essay opens my mind and helps me to see the picture from another perspective. You have good info...
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Concerns of the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project
Dear Right Honorable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada My name is Miss Sidhu. I live in Brampton, Ontario. One of my concerns is the latest controversy around the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project. As the demand becomes more and more grand, Canada has started to become the hotspot for oil. Many companies have cre...
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Address on Japanese Aggression During WWII
Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States congress, Mr. Vice President, and my fellow Americans, earlier today, Sunday, December 7th of 1941, the Japanese attacked us. The Japanese destroyed many of the ships in the Pacific navy base of Pearl Harbor including the U.S.S. Arizona as well and many others and killed more than t...
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Inspiration of The Red Tree Portrait on a Student
There are many artworks around the world and there is one that stands
out most. One that makes many people bring a smile to their face and
makes lots of people inspired by it too. That one artwork is, The Red
Tree Portrait. This artwork is by the one and only, Shaun Tan. He has
inspired many people to draw and I, a Year 7 s...
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Alex Rodriguez's Suspension from Major League Baseball over Using Performance Enhancing Drugs
I am writing to you because I am concerned with Alex Rodriguez. Major-league baseball is trying to suspend him for 211 games most game suspended in baseball history for using performance enhancing drugs he has been caught six times for using PhD but never suspended Rodriguez was suspended August 5 for alleged violation of b...
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A Letter to Eric LeGrand
Dear Eric LeGrand, Not everyone could relate their own life story to the books they read, but the books could create inspirations and valuable lessons. Your book, Believetaught me a lifelong lesson that I assumed I already knew. “Once you commit to something, you commit to it 100 percent.” Right from the start, I thou...
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Summaries of Various Works
In “Letters to Fontainas,” Gauguin showed his reactions to Fontainas’ criticism. In opposed to Fontainas’ argument in which abstractions are not communicated through concrete images unless, in the artist’s own mind, Gauguin argued that there is no allegory in dream and his dream is intangible, hence, abstraction is actually...
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Letter of Advice to a Developing Writer
                Wait! I know that you’re thinking that someone is playing a horrible joke on you right now. Your first reaction was lifting your eyebrows and staring off into space thinking of the most horrible obscenities that you can yell aloud.  You were never patient enough to deal with things that you deemed irrelevant...
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The Cultural and Social History of the Middle East
My research agenda continues to focus on the cultural and social history of the Middle East. I have conducted research on issues of history and historical imagination in the period from the turn of the nineteenth century to the early twentieth century in Greater Syria, more specifically Palestine, in the late Ottoman period...
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A Letter to President Obama, Make Declawing Cats Illegal
Barack Hussein Obama Jr. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20500 I am a college student at Wayne College and plan on becoming an Animal Cruelty Investigator. I am writing you this letter because I have a strong feeling that declawing any cat should be illegal in the US. Declawing cats are cruel and inhumane....
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Letter to the Editor of the New York Times
Dear Pamela Paul, After reading your article “Reading, Writing and Video Games”, (March 15, 2013). The use of technology in classroom will be an excellent way to improve learning and develop new skills among children at early ages. When you wrote, “ the optimistic theory is that students wearied by the old pencil-and-pap...
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A Stride Closer to Law Enforcement
Dear Mr. Freire, Since eleventh grade of high school, I have wanted to become a police
officer. This career choice in law enforcement requires an engagement
with other police officers and citizens/victims. My dialogue with other
people will need to be strong as a police officer but I will need to
learn new methods of com...
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A Letter to My Portfolio Review Committee
Dear portfolio review committee, In this letter I am writing about my strengths and weaknesses as a writer in English 099. When I signed up for English099 It came upon me that I needed help with my writing abilities to become a better writer at the end of the semester. I also needed this class because I knew I would need i...
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My Journey to Becoming a Good Writer and a Number of Essays I Have Written
I am a student at GGC; my major is accounting and minor is business. I am currently taking English 99, a class for students who couldn’t pass the compass writing test. This class helps us as students to write a well written paper. I myself need help with writing papers. Some of my mistakes were my grammar, staying on main t...
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A Letter to Loyola Law Admission Staff
This letter is to the Loyola Law Admission Staff because I did not
properly fill out question number three in the Character and Fitness
Section. It was an error on my behalf because I failed to recall that I
was put on academic probation my freshman year 2005-2006. The reason I
was put on academic probation was because of...
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Why America Should Ban Soda
Dear Mrs. Obama, As a concerned citizen I believe that this great nation needs to utilize a concept like Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban. Bloomberg’s ban, bans movie theaters, restaurants, mobile food carts, and sports arenas from selling regular soda in cups over sixteen ounces. Bloomberg’s ban fails to impact fruit juices, m...
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The Crucible Persuasive Letter
Dear Rev. Hale, as a loving husband and father, I am concerned for the well-
being of my wife and my family. Abigail's cries for witchcraft are
beginning to torment my family. Since the beginning when Abigail blamed
Tituba, "I never called him! Tituba, Tituba..."(41), people have slowly
began to get involved, including Rebe...
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A Letter to the Senior Editor
I strongly suggest adding to the anthology, Bobbie Anne Mason's
``Shiloh'' and Tim O'Brien's ``Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong''. These
two stories explore two female characters whose lives undergo abnormal
circumstances and it is from these circumstances that, Norma Jean and
Mary Anne transform from a traditional woman int...
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Letter to a Father
I’ve been pretty depressed lately; hopefully writing to you will help my depression out. I’m in the village of Than Khe. I can’t wait to see you when I finish my tour, but as of right now, I do not know when that is. It’s been so hard for me out here, I did not know what I was getting myself into when I decided to enroll in...
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What Inspired Me to Become a Corps Member
 Education can be the great equalizer in our society, but the problem is our education system hasn’t allowed for equal attainment of education in poverty stricken places. Personally growing up in a low income community in which eighty percent of my school was on reduced or free lunch plans, allowed me to see the impact of...
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A Letter to the Hiring Manager
Dear Hiring Manager, From the Craigslist website I recently learned of your need for a full
time professional assistant in the Denver West area. I am very
interested in this position with Heronema Homes and believe that with my
education, professional experience, and adherence to a set of core
values consitent with your co...
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Letter to an International Host Family
Dear host family, My name is Ruthlyn Kelly; I am original from Jamaica but moved to America 6 years ago. I am presently a junior attending Tucson High Magnet School, I am the junior class treasurer, an average student, enroll in the National Honor Society, and Youth Social Director of my church. It is important to me that...
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My Experience at a Flight School
Hello friend. It has been a long time since we have talked. I just started flight school in Fairmont, WV. I have flying lessons twice a week along with regular classes like Math, English and Psychology in order to get a BA in Aviation Administration. Math is boring, and I have to write papers for English class, but it i...
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