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The Anomaly
A male from the remote region of Themi has placed his feet into the muddy trenches of midlife. An intellectual whose values have become shockingly decadent. He has adopted foreign mannerisms and his perceptions cross paths with his relationships. A strategist appointed to be a pillar of strength to a state that is attemp...
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An Experience That Changed My Life and Personality
Addition, subtraction, cooties, P.E, and being first in line for “Pizza Day” were probably the most difficult challenges a first-grader would face; however, in 2001, I was faced with a new challenge that would forever alter my personality. Childhood, a time of great innocence, is a crucial time period where every child expl...
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The Hunger Games: Creative Writing
The Hunger Games is a novel made by Suzanne Collins, in which the main plot is that every year 12 districts need to offer as tributes two teenagers, to fight to death until one of them wins. Peeta and Katniss are chosen form District 12 in order to fight for their lives in the Hunger Games. I am writing this assignment in...
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The Younger Me
Even though learning something new can be a stressful experience, I am determined to become the first cheerleader in a wheelchair at Benson High School. Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of being a cheerleader. I think that if I become a cheerleader, I will have more upper body strength. My mom has always told...
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Eulogizing Audrey
The steps of Britney McNeese’s heels were loud in the small, quiet church. Britney adjusted her notes on the podium and addressed the crowd; “I think it is only appropriate that the service today is in the morning, not because Audrey was a morning person but because she appreciated the quiet in the morning. With the view of...
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Opportunity Only Knocks Once
“Hi! Con I draw mustache on face?!” She waved a black felt-pen in the air while caring an uncertain-shy grin. I was semi intoxicated at the time and was completely caught of guard, for I had never spoke to this girl before and now we were exchanging obscured screams under the obnoxiously loud bartenders playlist of Rush, N...
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My Worst Childhood Experience
The shinny old silver hand watch seemed to have taken forever getting to the numbers that I had anticipated for. The thought of finally graduating and whizzed off into the unknown and being with the most loved grandparents ever, was one of a child never leaving a candy shop. The joy of seeing my grandparents had brought man...
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My Final Eight Hours
What would you do if an angel told you, you only had eight hours to live and that once does eight hours are up you disappear? I’ll tell you exactly what I did. You see an angel came to me on a regular Saturday morning and told me “Erica, today will be your final day here on earth; you will only have eight hours to live, che...
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Why I Want to Become a Doctor
People have many desires and they are never ending. Some people live to
see this desire come true or some are not even able to see it. A person
never gets everything they want, but they could make it happen if they
have determination. If someone has a dream, it can or can not become a
reality, depends on him. He can make it...
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The Tale of the Gingerbread Robot
Not that many years ago there was a baker named George Frinklton. He opened a bakery shop in New York. A few years later he met his wife, Stephanie Frinklton; they married and had a wonderful life.After a while of their marriage, she became suspicious about why he acted different after work. During his job hours she went...
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