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Sub-Categories of Mathematics

A History of Calculus and the Claims of Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz as Its Creators
Archimedes of Syracuse is the founder of areas, volumes, and surfaces with a technique we call protointegration. Pierre de Fermat had determined slops of tangents and areas under curves in a modern fashion. And two seventeenth-century scholars, Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, are found to be the creators of calc...
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Mathematics Requires as Much Creativity as the Arts
'Mathematics is as creative an endeavor as the arts'. To most people Art and Math are exactly opposite of each other, for example people believe that Art is affected by the left side of the brain, whereas Math is affected by the right side of the brain. Then there is the fact that art is open to interpretation and Math i...
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The Importance of Mathematics in Everyday Life
Mathematics as we know it, is a discipline that each and every one of us requires in our daily lives. Without it, the world would simply be a dangerous place to live. Would it even be possible to carry out most of the currently achieved inventions and discoveries? The answer would simply be a no! Maths has played a big part...
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The Life of Emmy Noether and Her Work in the Field of Mathematics
A woman by the name of Emmy Noether (1882-1935) is considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. She was heavily influenced by her father who was a mathematician. Max Noether was a professor at Southern German University of Erlangen. Regardless of the fact that her father was a professor at the University...
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Watching Ted Talk, the Work of Arthur Benjamin
Arthur Benjamin - Ted Talk Video I was unable to attend the performance by Arthur Benjamin, so I just watched one of his Tedx Oxford Talks. This Ted Talk was very interesting. It was quite enthralling in the beginning to see Benjamin do multiplication quicker (and correctly) than a calculator in order to see whether or n...
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Our Problems Based on the Movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Related Rates For our project, we chose to do our problems based off of the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas because of the situations we saw that applied to real life and related rates of change. Our first problem involved the rate at which a square pyramid being filled up with presents changed according to height....
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An Annotated Bibliography of Works on the Mathematical Process of Multiplication as a Method of Solving Problems
Number and operations. The student applies mathematical process standards to represent addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division while solving problems and justifying solutions. Introduction: The purpose of the Text Set is to help students understand multiplication, and to help students progress an in depth under...
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The Equations Related to Models of Population
The first equation is the change in the susceptible population from one day to the next varies jointly with the susceptible people from the susceptible people and the infected people. Our constant is noted as the letter K , our constant, was .001% of the susceptible people get infected every day and .91% of the susceptible...
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The Impact of Pythagoras' Contribution to Society
Many historical mathematicians and or philosophers contributed several of great discoveries that benefited society and helped it grow into a stronger and more knowledgeable generation. These achievements are what made these made historical figures stand out and become known; it is important to not forget why we need the...
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Things I Would Like to Learn in Consumer Math
In consumer math, I would like to learn more about moving and loans, housing bills, and general living costs, so most of my interests lie in moving and living for future use. I would like to know if an apartment or house or condo would be the most cost efficient. I would also like to know the things that would affect those...
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The Idea of Math Learning Trajectories According to Samara and Clemets
Teaching math in an effective way to primary school students can be a difficult task, and many teachers are torn between whether they are overwhelming their young students with math concepts or teaching them too little. Samara and Clemets begin their article by stating three research findings regarding why math is so import...
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A Report on the Types and Use of Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
Patterns are found everywhere and anywhere in life. There are endless patterns in nature, from the shapes of snowflakes to the atomic structure of every material. Sequences are just one example of these kinds of patterns. Specially, sequences are sets of numbers which people use every day for problem solving and many meth...
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The Importance of the 'e' Constant in Maths
Introduction ‘e’ is one of the most important constants in math. Just like pi, it is an irrational constant that does not have an end. It is named after Leonard Euler, who was amongst the first mathematicians to use it in their papers and popularize it. It is one of the most important constants in mathematics till date. It...
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An Attempt to Prove the Mathematical Constant ℯ to Be Transcendental
PROVING e TO BE TRANSCENDENTAL REASONING My first encounter with e as a constant might’ve been in elementary school, in algebra class. For years after, it flittered at the edge of my mathematical understanding, appearing briefly during certain week-long stretches--the logarithm unit, where it received its own special natu...
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A Lab to Determine the Point of Intersection and Create a Position versus Time Graph
Introduction The lab was a test of the students’ ability to create a position versus time graph, then algebraically find a point of intersection. Then these calculations were tested by having the two cars physically drive past one another. From this experiment, students expected to learn how to use the velocity of a functi...
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The Need for the United States to Change to the Metric System
The metric system was developed in France in 1799, due to the political turmoil between France and Great Britain. The Metric System is based on a decimal system, meaning by powers of ten. The French made the system decimal because it is easier to convert decimals than fractions. Today the metric system is the most widely us...
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A Research on the Identification and Measurement of Variables
Identification and Measurement of Variables From the research question the independent variable the parental involvement. The values of the independent variable are the frequencies of involvement in after-school sports program by parents of adolescent children from the poor urban neighborhoods. The operational defin...
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The Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Proofs: Direct Proof, Proof by Contradiction, and Contrapositive Proof
Mathematical proof is an argument which uses the rules of logical deduction to convince people that a statement is true. In mathematics education research, proof is a very important and necessary method to help readers know why a theorem, corollary, or lemma is true. Unlike the laws of court, preponderance of the evidence i...
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The Aspects of an Algebraic Equation You Have to Know in Order to Solve It
An algebraic equation is a series of letters and numbers set up in a problem. Algebraic equations use variables to represent numbers. It is your job to solve for the variable. In order for anybody to solve an algebraic equation there a things you must know and do. The first thing you should know is all the parts of the equa...
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An Introduction to the Washer Method in Studying the Integral
During my time of studying the integral and more specifically, the Washer method, I was met with multiple difficulties. From understanding the math to actually applying it, the Washer method had me stumped. We use the washer method to find the volume of solids of revolution. A solid of revolution is a function taken on the...
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Calculating the Volume and Surface of an Ancient Greek Temple
We did the Ancient Greece project because it was important that we had learned how to calculate the volume and surface area of real life, complex figures, like an ancient temple. Our goals for this project are to make sure that we know how to calculate the volume and surface area of this and to make sure how to use scale fa...
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An Overview and DIscussion of Discrete Mathematics Taught in Academic Institutions in the Article, Teaching Discrete Mathematics in Grades 7-12 by James Maltas and Beverly Rich
by, James Maltas and Beverly Rich provides a discussion on how discrete
mathematics can be taught in academic institutions (TDMG 7-12). The
article indicates that discrete mathematics be instituted in the
curriculum. (TDMG 7-12)...
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The Life and Mathematical Contributions of L'Hopital
L’Hôpital: A Man with few Limits L’Hôpital discovered L’Hôpital’s Rule, used for limits in Calculus. This rule is also commonly referred to as Bernoulli’s rule, alluding to the controversy that enveloped much of L’Hôpital’s work. L’Hôpital’s life and works contain a lot of achievements and mysteries. L’Hôpital was born i...
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A Comparison Between Math and Chess
Mathematics is a term discussed to be one of the most important ways of knowing for humans. Yet this learning can be compared to many different things: art, paintings, music, literature, yet also a game. Mathematics can be described as similar to a game because they have many fundamentally similar things. For example, Chess...
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Is It Possible to Find the Truth in Mathematics
Is there truth in mathematics? According to the oxford dictionary, truth is a fact or belief that is accepted as truth. However, in order to understand whether mathematics fits this definition we need to understand that truth is based upon a combination of beliefs or already established truths and deductive reasoning. I...
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