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Key Factors to Take into Account When Conducting a Research
How will the findings be made available to these groups? A summary of the key findings will be available to all the participants
who indicate their willingness to receive one. Participants will need to
tick yes to the option of receiving the findings on the online survey at
the end of the survey. Likewise, at the end of th...
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An Interview with a Famous Audio Engineer Frank Ramirez
A couple weeks ago, I had the good fortune to interview Frank Ramirez from Paramount Recording Studio in Hollywood, an Audio Engineer originally from California who have worked with Sean Kingston, Lil Twist, Detail, Nelly, T.I., Bizzy Bone, Ashanti, Faith Evans and he is currently working with DJ Mustard. I was introduced t...
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A Summary of Sascha Baure's Interview
The company selected for this assignment is named ``Topbody'', which was
founded in 2013 by Sascha Bauer, whom we have interviewed last week in
his office in Vienna. The firm was established as sole trader and is specialized in dealing
with sport foods, food supplements and sport clothing. The majority of
the customers are...
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An Interview with a Daycare Provider
Daycare providers are much more than just babysitters, they are licensed professionals who nurture and provide for children whether it be in a home setting or a daycare facility. Daycare providers play a very important role in a child’s development and wellbeing through games, exercise and a variety of activities throughou...
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An interview about Reality TV
For this information report, I interviewed my friend Nicole Jackson, 21 years old. I thought she would be a great person to interview because I knew she loves reality T.V. and is an avid watcher so the conversation would be insightful and she would have a lot to talk about. She was also a great person to interview because s...
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Interviewing a Mom about 9/11
On September 11, 2001, my mom was unpacking. We had just moved from Rochester, New York to Florence, South Carolina. I was ten months old at the time this happened. My mom had a small TV in the kitchen, where she was able to watch the news. My mom’s sister called her and said for her to turn on the TV. My mom turned on the...
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Interview of Dr. Erik Black at the University of Florida
Dr. Erik black is an Assistant Professor in University of Florida who is interests focus on the use of technology in contemporary medicine and medical education. He is particularly interested in faculty development, social media and inter professional learning. Also Dr. Black earned a BS from Virginia Tech, an MA from The C...
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What next after Graduating from College?
Today I had the honor of interviewing one of my classmates, even though it was an assignment; I took the opportunity to make a new friend. When I turned around to start the interview, Shawnee had a friendly smile on her face, which made me feel comfortable and less nervous. She comes from a town where everyone knows every...
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An Interview With William Shakespeare
Who was your greatest inspiration that lead to your success? My greatest influence were the works of other great writers, but one stood out more than the rest, Geoffery Chaucer is one of the finest poets that I came across to. I admire his work vastly due to the immense creativity in each of his poems. Some of his poems ar...
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An Interview With Nobert
Immigration is the action of permanently living in a foreign country. I think it is important because it is a beginning of a new life. It is a chance to meet new people, learn new culture, and have a new life and to possibly succeed in a new foreign country. I decided to interview one of my friends and former track teammate...
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