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Sub-Categories of Sociology

The Huge Effects of Personal Experience, Gender, Age, Religion, and Education on Myself
Culture and diversity can be identified and defined in many different ways. Culture can be defined by the dictionary as the the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. However, it can also be defined as the traits and characteristics of a certain group that pertain to them spec...
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Emotional Struggles as a Cause of Teen Suicide in the United States
Mental Health and Teen Suicide As teen suicide rates continue to grow, now the third leading cause of death among this age group, we must look past the concept of “butting in”, and work towards helping protect the young lives (Teen Suicide, n.d.). Teens in today’s society are not equipped emotionally to deal with anothe...
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The D.A.R.E. Program, Its Benefits, Downfalls and Influence on the Prevention of Drug Use in Juveniles
The D.A.R.E. Program has done a successful job in helping with the prevention of drug use in juveniles as well as assisting in the rehabilitation of those that have already walked down that path. The program has also been developed to help with the drug crime statistics amongst juveniles. This following pages will provide...
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Social Media Sites Should Be More Active in Monitoring Terroristic Contents
In a society that is dominated by social media sites, and the need for everyone in society to be connected terroristic groups and extremists also have learned to utilize these sites to promote their causes and nationalize threats to areas of the United States and foreign countries. Often these threats and socialized posts...
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The Important Role of Intersectionality on the Level of Mistreatment of Individuals of Multiple Marginalized Groups
Across the spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identity, individuals of non-conforming identities fall victim to heightened experiences of victimization, discrimination, harassment, and general mistreatment in an array of social settings. Heteronormative, cisgender, white individuals’ experience much less mistreatmen...
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A Study on the Impact of Marijuana Use and Abuse on Cognitive Functioning
Marijuana Use: Focused or Frantic? Marijuana is currently the most used “street drug” in the United States and has been for many years (NIDA, 2016). As the public continues to push for legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, researchers have begun exploring the psychological effects such a substance may have. S...
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A Letter to the Senator on the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Dear Senator, On behalf of myself and other students here at a College in New York, I am writing in an urgent effort to push state and federal laws protecting citizens against prejudicial discrimination and harassment to progress with the fight for gender and LGBT rights and change to include the protection of gender and s...
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Gender Stereotypes in Society and Its Effects on People in Becoming Members of Society, an Article by Aaron Devor
Is it perceived by society that men and women are equal? And if so, how equal can they be made? It’s biologically proven that men and women are different. So why should they be treated equally? True, women and men are biologically different, but that does not change the fact that they should be treated equally. Even today...
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The Attitude of the United States Government Towards the Poor
Evidently, it can be clarified that even today, our government still seems to blame individuals for their financial struggles, rather than in several positions take into account the economic and social structures that put them where they are. Furthermore, they reduce several sorts of financial aid in order to reduce depende...
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The Issues of Violence Against Transgender Women in the United States
“Violence Against Transgender Women” Gay and Lesbian people are often at the forefront of the gay rights movement. The well-being of queer, gender non-conforming and transgender persons is too often over looked. Gender non-conforming and Trans people face more significant threats to health and their bodies than any oth...
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The Definition of Feminism as a Powerful Social Movement
I see feminism as a powerful social movement that has the potential to unite and empower all women, from all backgrounds and cultures. I believe the differences among women are something to celebrate. The differences among women can be a prevailing instrument to bringing liberation to as many women as possible. I recognize...
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Women Discrimination in Gender Pay Gap in the Workplace
Gender Pay Gap Women face discrimination in the work place arguable their entire lives, beginning when they enter in the public sphere of the work world. In the work place women are discriminated against based on their age, appearance, family or marital status and these factors can contribute to how safe women feel at wo...
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The Life and Contributions to the Civil Rights and Suffrage Movement by Mary Church Terrell
As a black African American Woman, I have seen and heard about the pain and humiliation in our history. The legacy that is presented to us is slashed and torn to bits, but even with the dark lines of our ancestor’s anger and pain, we see their work through the numerous achievements our sisters have received. Mary Church Ter...
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The Controversial Debate on Smoking Cigarettes and Marijuana
Squares vs. Blunts Cigarettes were discovered in the early 1900’s while marijuana was discovered later on in the century, and the two have both changed society in its own unique way. Arguments between national and state governments about cigarettes and marijuana has been happening for the last few decades, about which one...
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The Common Hair Styles in High School
High School Hair Everybody has their own way of reflecting who they are as a person and in high school. Teens will develop their own sense of style, and explore different ways to express themselves through what they wear. Clothing can play a big role in the judgment of a person’s life and money but things have changed. H...
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The Fabrication of Equality in Mimicry and Queerness within Society
Almost Isn’t Enough (Prompt Two) Warhol presents the idea that an act as simple as consuming a Coca-Cola can bridge the gap between race, gender, class, and all other kinds of societal diversity (qtd. in Munoz, 7). While the possibility seems achievable, the utopian ideal remains a concept that has not been fully attained...
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An Analysis of the LGBT Representation in A Safe Girl to Love, a Short Story by Casey Plett
Transgender Representation in Short Story Continuing the theme of LGBT representation in literature, this essay’s focus is on a transgender girl’s experience in the short story “Other Women” in the short story collection: A Safe Girl to Love by Casey Plett. The story follows a trans girl named Sophie and her struggles with...
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The History of Homosexuality According to Robert Aldrich
The History of Homosexuality Robert Aldrich has written and edited many nonfiction novels on gay issues, including Colonialism and Homosexuality, Gay Life Stories, Who’s Who in Gay and Lesbian History: From Antiquity to the Mid-Twentieth Century, and more. He has also written other history books not focusing on queer issue...
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End the Stigma: Why We Need to Decriminalize Sex Work
End the Stigma: Why We Need to Decriminalize Sex Work Society often gives us the message that one of the worst professions we could possibly have is sex work. We are told that sex workers are dirty, sinful, and spreaders of disease. Even when presented with sympathetic views, the message is still negative: that the individ...
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A Hypothetical Fundraising Project: Bake Sale to Raise Money for Flint, Michigan, a Town Dealing with Water Contamination
Fundraising Project Fundraisers are projects used to help raise money for a special person, event, or cause. Fundraisers are usually done out of kindness and a desire to help others who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances. There have been hugely successful nonprofit organizations, some of which include Unite...
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Malcom X's Life Experiences and Their Influence on His Activity as a Civil Rights Defender
Malcom X Malcom X was one of the many people fighting for civil rights and being an activist in his community during some of the harshest times racially in America. Malcom endured many hard times growing up from moving around from place to place to avoid the Black Legion, which was a white supremacy group, to losing his...
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Social Learning Theory: Are Children Being Corrupted by the Mass Communication Industry?
Social Learning Theory: Are Children Being Corrupted by the Mass Communication Industry? With technology increasing at such a fast rate nowadays, children have access to many online resources and are exposed to almost everything on the internet at such a young age. The internet has basically become a necessity for fami...
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Differences Between Methods Used by Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X in Their Efforts to Gain Civil Rights
During the Civil Rights Movement, there were many people who tried to bring attention and awareness to the issue at hand. Two very famous people who brought awareness and attention to the Civil Rights Movement were Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X. Both of these men were fighting for equal rights but their methods fo...
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The Problem of Domestic Violence in the United States - Statistics, Protocols and Policies
Domestic violence could be defined as physical or emotional abuse directed at partners, siblings, children or elders-but this is a pretty broad and general definition. There are five main forms of domestic violence, and while that definition can kind of cover all of it one foul swoop, there is much more depth to the term. T...
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A Study of the Ongoing Refugee Crisis in European Countries
Artifact 6 Often times people migrate in order to seek a better opportunity for jobs as well as seek protection for them and their families. Contemporarily there has been an ongoing civil war in Syria causing many refugees and migrants to flee into Europe. This is a controversial idea because many European countries do wan...
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