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Sub-Categories of Healthcare and Medicine

The Effectiveness of Progressive Patient Care Method Used in Nursing
The nursing profession has the ability to utilize several different methods of providing patient care. In this following pages I will provide insight into observations related to Progressive Patient Care method, and how this method has proven to be effective in caring for several patients. Upon completion of this I will t...
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The Implementation of an Electronic Health Record to the North Kansas City Hospital
The concept of this paper is the implementation of an Electronic Health Record to the North Kansas City Hospital. This facility is a federally qualified health center servicing approximately 62,000 patients a year, and has been working on the implementation of the electronic health record system, and utilizing this system...
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The Epidemic of Substance Abuse Among Nurses in the United States
In a society where drug related addictions are ever growing, it has become an increasingly growing problem among nurses. While nurses play a vital role in the care of patients, the job-related stress, the easy access, and minimal consequences have made this an ever-growing issue in the United States. In recent years, addi...
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Lactose Intolerance in the Adult Human Beings
Adult Lactase Persistence Approximately 65 percent of the world's population is lactose
intolerant. Most human beings cannot digest lactose, the sugar found in
milk, beyond childhood. Virtually all human beings are lactose tolerant
from birth to childhood. Only 35 percent, mostly Northern and Central
Europeans, of h...
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A Study on the Effects of Listerine and Vinegar in Eliminating Bacteria in the Mouth
Does Listerine get rid of more bacteria in the mouth or does vinegar rid of more? Hypothesis: Listerine will kill bacteria more than vinegar. Materials and Methods: Our materials included a petri dish, cotton swabs, application spots, Listerine, and vinegar. We labeled our petri dishes with the initials of the two peopl...
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The Accomplishments and Legacy of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams an African-American Physician
The death of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was a major loss for the United States. He was a renowned African-American physician who inspired the following generation by helping to de-segregate the medical world. With his ambition and a kind heart, his life work was dedicated to opening interracial hospitals in addition to traini...
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Hearing Loss: What Is Is and How to Prevent It
Hearing Loss: What It Is and How to Prevent It My grandparents on my father’s side have never talked to me once. They did not hate me; in fact it was the opposite- they were both very generous and compassionate. The problem is, they are both deaf. They are not able to communicate with others like normal people. Unlike losi...
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The Factors Contributing to the Rise of Diabetes Today
Diabetes is something that affects millions of people. It can be defined as a metabolic disease in which the body’s inability to produce any or enough insulin causes elevated levels of glucose from the bloodstream into your cells. . Insulin is secreted by a person’s pancreas, and it moves glucose ( or also known as the form...
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The Importance of Assessing the Road Worthiness of Elderly Drivers
Unsafe and Overaged Have you ever been on the road behind an unstable driver only to find out they’re a person of old age? In 2012 there were almost 36 million drivers aged 65 and older in the United States. Of those adults 214,000 were injured and 5,560 were killed in an automobile accident . While driving allows o...
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The Health Benefits of Yoga
Yoga Benefits of Health ​Yoga is a beautiful art that gives so many benefits to our health. The most helpful principles in yoga are mindfulness, awareness, and self care. With yoga it helps pull out focus in and focus out. With yoga we can find a balance between ourselves and each other.  To me yoga has help me a lot in my...
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A Research on the Health Risks of Type II Diabetes
Type II Diabetes Type II Diabetes is a chronic disease and also a non-insulin dependent meaning the “pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin or your body can’t use it effectively” (Pietrangelo). It is also the most common form of disease. “Today, almost 10 million women in the United States have type 2 diabetes” (Vroomen-Durn...
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An Overview of Eating Disorder Among Professional Athletes
The human body, food, and exercise are deeply linked in Western civilization, with daily reminders via popular culture that beauty and the ultimate ideal is a thin, fit form. Thus, body management practices often involve disordered eating. This is especially prevalent for athletes, whose performance is often times based o...
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The Effects of Teenage Pregnancy on the Young Mother and Child
Teenage pregnancy is something that occurs everyday. Television shows, such as 16 and Pregnant , Teen Mom and many others expose the harsh reality of being a child and also trying to raise one. Coming from a mother who was pregnant at sixteen and living in a single parent home, I know firsthand on how long lasting the effec...
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An Argument on the Beneficial Effects of Caffeine on Athletic Performance
My argument is that caffeine enhances athletic performance. The reason some discus this topic is because athletes are using more and more supplements as time goes on. Caffeine is ranked in the top ten for athletic performance enhancement around. In an article that I chose to pursue was about when athletes took any sort of c...
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The Use of Bio-Printing in Developing Treatments for Coronary Heart Disease
With increasing obesity, diet issues and smoking, heart problems are extremely common in the current population of this planet. Mostly prevalent in the elderly, heart diseases are the number one cause of death in the United States of America. According to the Heart Foundation, from the heart diseases, “coronary heart diseas...
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Americans Would Benefit from Cutting Soda from Their Diet
We all have heard at some point or another that sugar is bad for you. Whether it be hearing it from our doctor to eat in moderation or from a parent or friend scolding us to put the junk food down. So weather you have a giant sweet tooth or are a diet fanatic, we all consume sugar in one form or another. But really, what...
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The Controversy and Good and Bad Effects of the Use of Certain Drugs
Marijuana, nicotine, and cocaine are a few of the many heavily used drugs that are being used. Marijuana is a naturally grown herb from the Indian Hemp plant containing the chemical, tetrahydrocannabinol which causes the user to experience the “high” intoxication. There is much controversy on the effects of this drug and wh...
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The Complications Related to the Cochlear Implant
The cochlear implant has caused a stir in the deaf community. This medical procedure has the potential to damage the deaf community, because more and more people are picking the ability to hear over embracing the fact. The procedure itself though does come with risk and requirements. This creates the haze around the potenti...
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The Truth About the American Health Care System
It's time that people know the truth about the American health care
system and the harsh realities that come from associating with a free
market health care system. We should also know about the different health
care system offered in other industrialized countries. The Documentary
"Sicko" shows us the lives of many people...
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The Use of Behavioral Therapy as a Treatment to Obesity in the United States
Is this the remuneration of increased investments in medical technology? Are these the benefits of extensive scientific researches in nutrition and healthcare? Researchers asserted that adult obesity in the United States of America represents approximately thirty-six percent (36%) of the adult populace (Yanovski, J.A. & Yan...
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The Steps to Overcome the Serious Medical Condition, Obesity
HOW TO OVERCOME OBESITY Did you know that nowadays , over half of the population of human race on Earth are considered obese ? Days by days the numbers of obese people are increasing exponentially and it is becoming a major problem worldwide. Although it is a serious matter, the people are still ignorant and do...
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The Etiology, Signs and Symptoms of Different Clinical Diseases
Endometriosis is a chronic gynecological disorder in which the endometrial tissue is present outside the uterus, usually in the pelvic cavity. Etiology: There is no clear cause of endometriosis however, three potential mechanisms have been proposed as the cause of endometriosis: retrograde menstruation, coelomic metaplasi...
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The Early Signs and Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson’s Disease Parkinson’s disease is one of the most unexplainable diseases in the medical field. Approximately ten million people worldwide have Parkinson’s disease however, we do not know a cause, diagnostic test, or treatment. This neurodegenerative disease is not fatal, but it becomes a demanding lifestyle for e...
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Gene Therapy and How It Works
An improved understanding of DNA replication has allowed for gene therapy, a relatively new process in which DNA is inserted into an individual to alter the expression of genes currently causing genetic diseases. Gene therapy has been used to cure or maintain diseases such as Parkinson’s, obesity, and multiple psychiatric d...
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The Significance of Day Care Centers in Metropolitan Areas
During the early 20th century, the number of day care centers increased exponentially in metropolitan areas such as Osaka and Tokyo and their role in the growth of Japan were unmistakably important. These day cares provided basic services such as education and medical attention for children age three to seven from low incom...
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