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Comparing My High School to Jonathan Kozol's Good and Bad Schools
Kozol distinguishes well-funded “good” schools that prepare students for “good” jobs and poorly funded “bad” schools that fail to prepare students for good jobs. Where would he put your high school on that scale? What particular variables would he apply to place your school on the scale? In Jonathan Kozol’s article Savag...
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How a Guitar Works
The stretched strings of an instrument can be vibrated in various ways. The most basic way is the “fundamental vibrational mode.” In this case the wavelength is twice that of the string length (λ=2L). The wave relationship can be applied to this to yield the frequency (f): f=v/2L , where v is the wave velocity of the wave...
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The Cuban Missile Crises
1. During Kennedy's administration; which was more effective, The Bay of
Pigs ,The Cuban Missile Crises and the Berlin Wall? During Kennedy's administration the most effective was, The Cuban
Missile Crises. The united states deliberated and came to an agreement
with The Soviet Union, to take away this missiles stations in...
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Higher Education Fees
Prices in the market servers as a consumer index of choice and also producers and suppliers as information about cost are exempted from the knowledge of individuals for the transmission and coordination of information, the price system helps in overcoming widespread ignorance that often limits the effective use of scarce re...
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Comparing Gandhi and Fannon
Choose one theorist of civil disobedience (Gandhi) and one critic or opponent (Fanon) Compare and contrast their views. Which points are most convincing and which are least convincing? Make sure to provide reasons to support your conclusions. Henry David Thoreau was a very influential advocate for the civil rights....
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Cognitive Theories
1. Identify and define the three main cognitive theories. There are three important cognitive theories. The three cognitive theories are Piaget’s developmental theory, Lev Vygotsky’s social cultural cognitive theory, and the information process theory. Piaget believed that children go through four stages of cognitive dev...
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My Educational Goals
Write a clear and detailed description of your study/research objectives, and give your reasons for wanting to pursue them. Be specific about your major field and your specialized interests within this field. Describe the kind of program you expect to undertake, and explain how your study plan fits in with your previous tra...
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Prejudice in Michael Gerard Bauer's The Running Man
Topic: ‘The Running Man’ discusses how we tend to judge people by appearances without really seeing them. Do you agree? Michael Gerard Bauer’s The Running Man explores the developing relationship between the young protagonist Joseph Davidson and the adjudicated Tom Leyton. Namely, the author uses Joseph’s point of view to...
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Analytic Consulting Internship
Top of Form What interests you most about the analytic consulting internship or fellowship opportunities we offer? I am interested in this analytic consulting internship because it will provide me with the expertise and opportunity to contribute to the success of Kaiser’s unique health care system that ultimately impac...
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My Role Model: Maya Angelou
If you could have lunch with any African American in history (other than Martin Luther King Jr.), who would you chose and why? The African American in history that I would like to have lunch with is Marguerite Ann Johnson, born on April 4, 1928 in St. Louis Missouri she is an American author and poet. She has published...
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My Urge to Join UCLA Anderson for My MBA
My current position at AdRoll lies at the intersection of technology, data, and consumer behavior. From this vantage point I have had the opportunity to develop an intimate understanding of the internet’s monetization infrastructure, i.e. advertising, and to study the underlying behaviors driving web traffic. The truly inte...
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Michael Foucault's Concept of Panopticon and the Portrayal of Femininity in the Media
Evaluate Michael Foucault concept of the panopticon for understanding media depictions of femininity This question is concerned with how Foucault concept of the panopticon is useful, for understanding how the media represents the female body. According to Foucault, (1977) the panopticon involves a guard being at the centre...
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Scholarship Application Essays
Discuss the subjects in which you excel or have excelled. To what factors do you attribute your success? Can you believe that 22 divided by 7 computes to be the largest mathematical number in history? I love mathematics because of the many different possible steps one can take to attain the answer. When given a problem tha...
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The VCOM's Post Baccalaureate Program
Essay Question 1 : Describe how VCOM’s post-baccalaureate program will help you to meet your long-term professional goals. Going back to my senior year, I had alot of medical experiences that I enjoyed. I enrolled in a special medical program, Aurora LIGHTS, in my highschool in which I shadowed many physicians, physician...
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Customer Driven Marketing
State and explain customer-driving marketing? Customer-driving marketing is to understand customer’s needs and wants better then they do and creating products &/or services that will satisfy their latent needs. This works well when customers don’t know what they need or want or even what is possible. Customer-driving based...
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The Major Aspects of Scientific Management
Frederic Taylor developed ``scientific management.'' Go to Wikipedia and
read the page on ``scientific management.''In no less than three
paragraphs, describe the major aspects of scientific management. Scientific management, which is also known as Taylorism,is just a
way to accomplish tasks with a more scientific app...
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Using Resources to Overcome Obstacles
Texas A&M Topic B: Describe a circumstance, obstacle or conflict in your life, and the skills and resources you used to resolve it. Did it change you? If so, how? Nearly six years ago, I was faced with the ugly truth behind world poverty. During a summer visit to my relatives in Pakistan, my dad took me to visit a village...
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The Meaning of Success
People define success in copious ways. For some people, it could be about money and power. For others, it could be getting married and starting a family. It all depends on the type of person someone is. To achieve success, there must be goals; whether they are small or big. Goals are the stepping-stones to getting anywhere...
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A Review of Google Inc.
1. Introduction (2-3 paragraphs) Highlight the single most noteworthy insight you gained from your
research and provide an overview of your paper Google has been one of the most popular, significant, easily accessible
web-based search engines since its creation. -interlocking with other corporations & even government ->...
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Key Aspects and Codes Of Practing As A Teacher
1.1 Summarize the key aspects of legislation, regulatory, requirement
and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities as a
teacher. A teacher is always a peacemaker and an example for the students,
particularly for the society. I must not discriminate or abuse students
(physical or mentally). I have to resp...
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Social Theories in Film
#1: In my opinion, the New York City Police Department's stop-and-frisk
policy is valid only when the program is employed in a manner that does
not discriminate against Blacks and Hispanics. The ruling of Supreme
Court also requires the police department to confirm that stop-and-frisk
does not selectively target minorities....
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Who Was the Danger to the Constitution
A ruler may feel they have their power through the people or through the divine right of kings but, throughout history we have seen what happens when a ruler gains too much control. Whichever way it goes the result is never good, it always ends in the citizens rebelling against the source of power or even overthrowing i...
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Operating System Concepts
This paper selects two exercises from Operating System Concepts' chapter
four and answers them, providing justification and citations. This paper
will cover the relationship between concurrency and parallelism then
discuss Amdahl's law and the speedup gains calculated with it. The first exercise that will be discussed is 4...
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What is Evolution?
 Evolution is the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. In order for a organism to undergo evolution the organism must first encounter a change in the environment. In the theory of evolution there are 6 steps tha...
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Teens on Reality TV
Many have heard/saw Rachel Crows meltdown on the X-Factor reality TV show. Believe it or not this was not staged at all. Rachel broke down crying after she was voted off and her mother had to come and get her off the stage. Due to all of the stress teens are put under when on reality TV causes meltdowns. Are teens in danger...
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