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Sub-Categories of Geography

The Impact of Geography on the Italian Rennaisance
As human geography becomes more popular and apparent in not just an educational setting but also the world, more frequently people are starting to realize that geography has a larger impact than just what landforms will arise in a set area. Now geography can help dictate why a culture or even an era emerges, which is eviden...
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A Comparison of Leo Africanus' and Ibn Battuta' Accounts of Timbuktu and Mali
Seeing Leo Africanus and Ibn Battuta’s two very different accounts of Timbuktu and Mali show that personal background and the purpose for the travel and account affect the way they record what they see. Timbuktu being in Mali, Leo Africanus gets a closer, more detailed and specific look into what the city is like. Battuta o...
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A Comparison between the Quality of Life in Kenya and Australia
Perhaps the most important aspect of living that we sometimes take for granted is the quality of life that we receive by living and working where we do. If you walked around the world, you would witness the amount of poverty, suffrage, and struggles people experience in their lives. Being a part of functional society, we do...
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The Fun Facts about the State of Florida
The State of Florida Welcome to the state of Florida, the home of sunshine, thus the sunshine state! This is a great place to raise a family, just to give a little background on the state of Florida, on March 3rd, 1845 Florida became the 27th state to join the United States of America. Since it has joined, the United...
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A Study on Japan and the Himalayas' Geography and Development
Geography is a huge factor in the development of a country's society and culture. Some regions have topography and climates that are easy to work with, while others face challenges. Two places that were,and still are, greatly affected by geography are Japan and the Himalayas. Japan is an archipelago, which is a chain of isl...
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Comparing and Contrasting Italy and Tunisia
Comparing and Contrasting Italy and Tunisia Measuring the nearest points between the Italian island of Pantellieria to the northeastern shores of the African country of Tunisia, the distance calculates to a mere 70 kilometers (or 43 miles) across the Strait of Sicily within the Mediterranean Sea… that is equivalent to the...
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The Early and Middle Horizons in the Andes
Culture on the Horizon The Andes were an ideal environment for cultures to grow and thrive in because of their large environmental variability in a concentrated area. People of the past prefered these environments, and so do modern day archeologists because items tend to preserve well in the area, especially around the coa...
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The Transformation of Singapore Into a City in the Garden
From the deluge of aroma and the myriad of hues in the beautiful Flower Dome at the famous Gardens by the Bay, to the speckless Singapore River with bright neon-litted ferries wafting along it, Singapore sure lives up to its name - the “Clean and Green City”. Walking through these iconic landmarks in Singapore has evoked a...
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The City of St. Augustine, Florida
When I got to Saint Augustine, Florida, I first noticed the hot air that came with the wind that brushed across my skin as smooth as paper. It felt like being wrapped in a big warm quilted blanket. The next thing I observed was the green, blue ocean, which was not quite clear or clean but was a cyan color. It moved back and...
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An Overview of the Tiritiri Matangi Reserve
Introduction The aim of this essay is to address marine, coastal and terrestrial environments and relate them to our field trip to Tiritiri Matangi marine protected area. Based on my experience of the field trip, the report will focus on inter relation between these environments and their importance in the ecological syste...
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An Examination of the Five Major Types of Biomes: Aquatic, Desert, Forest, Grassland, and Tundra
Biomes are the major regional habitat groupings of plants and animals on Earth. There are five major types of biomes: aquatic, desert, forest, grassland, and tundra. Of these biomes, the tundra is the world’s youngest and coldest biome.” The tundra’s climate, low biotic diversity, simple vegetation structure, seasons, flora...
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The Geography, Economy and Society of Brazil, a Latin American Country
Located along the Atlantic coast of South America, Brazil anchors a region typically embroiled in turmoil and upheave. While not perfect itself, the country offers some stability and promise to an area devoid of much. That is not to say that the region is destitute, but compared to other industrialized continents, South A...
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On Cities and Natural World
Cities, by definition, are places with large human populations, and they are generally also places where human-created elements (such as streets and buildings) dominate the landscape. The concept of nature refers to that which is not created by humans, so the identity of cities as epitomes of human creation seems to put cit...
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The Problem of Syrian Refugees' Immigration in Canada
Recently, Canada has been accepting into the country a great number of refugees. Refugees are different from immigrants in that immigrants actually have a choice to go to a different country and to remain there. On the other hand, Refugees do not have a choice except to flee their own country and to go to where they will be...
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The Historical and Geographical Traits of South-West Africa Region
Introduction From the tip of South Africa reaching to northern Angola is a region rich in political history, resources and modern developments. An array of climates are found within this region which is called south-west Africa, sub-tropical to desert conditions are an example of its diversity. S...
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An Analysis of the Various Tectonic Plate Boundaries Using Google Earth
Using Google Earth the elevation profile of various tectonic plate boundaries were analysed to assess the relationship between different types of plate collisions and their effects on the Earth. Various plate boundary maps were utilized in Google Earth to show where the collisions took place, the age of the sea floor, volca...
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An Overview of Ocean Observatories
Cultural Write Up – NSF Ocean Observatories Imitative – Maybank 100 10/4/13 This lectured began with a general overview of ocean observatories and what their purpose is. They are located all over the world, however the specific one that was focused on in the lecture was one run by the University of Washington around the...
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An introduction to the City of Dhaka, the Capital of Bangladesh
Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, and is one of asia's largest
megacities. It has nearly 15 million inhabitants and about half a million
more people migrate there from the country side every year, in hopes of
more job opportunities with stable income and overall a better life.
However with such massive amounts of people m...
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An Analysis of the Role of Geography in the Development of the Empires of Egypt and the United States
The Empires of Egypt and The United States: Geography’s Role In all societies and civilizations of the world people are dependent on one thing as they first establish themselves, the geography of where they are located. As Gale Norton once said, “ Human beings are going to be relying on natural resources for a long time....
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A Research on the Use of Geographic Information System or GIS for the Local Coyote Distribution in the Springfield, Ohio Area
Using Resource Selection to Predict Distribution of Coyotes, Canis latrans, in Southwestern Ohio through GIS Analysis. ______________________________________________________________________________ Abstract With the lack of natural predators, the coyote has become a dominant species in the Eastern U.S. They have become...
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The Differences between the Geographical Features and Climate of the American Colonies
Many colonists came from Britain to start a new life without
religious persecution, without high taxes, and many other reasons. However,
what is surprising is that even though these colonists originate from the
same place, their colonies were very dissimilar. Although there were many
other factors that lead to unlikeness be...
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An Introduction to the Country of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico has the status of an autonomous territory of the United States. The inhabitants of Puerto Rico are the US citizens. However, there are different positions about the status of this region. According to Meacham (2015), the number of the supporters of statehood and commonwealth status is almost equal. So, the prima...
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An Introduction to the Island Country of Madagascar
Madagascar is certainly a unique country in several aspects. Since it is an island country, it has an unusual geography and a different combination of terrains and climate variability than most countries. Madagascar is home to a wide diversity of ethnic groups as well as an astounding number of endemic animals and plant lif...
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An Introduction to Sofia, the Capital City of Bulgaria
Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria and has been since 1879. Although Sofia is now a thriving capital city, it has definitely had a rough past. Since it has a favorable geographical location and climate, it has been the target of several empires. The Thracians originally settled in the city before the Romans defeated them...
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An Introduction to Tundras
Merriam Webster defines tundra as a large area that has continuously frozen ground and no trees, and it defines biome as a large ecological land type (Tundra; Biome). According to these definitions, tundra biome is a large ecological piece of land that does not have any trees and is characterized by permanent frozen ground....
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