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Should Marijuana Be Legalized for Medical Purposes?
Thesis Statement: Why is it so difficult for our government and our American citizens to vote for marijuana to be used for medical purposes? I.Introduction: II.What is marijuana? a.How has marijuana been used throughout history? b.The effects of marijuana. III.Medical marijuana vs. street marijuana. medical marij...
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Should Everyone Go to University?
Thesis: Everyone should go to university to get educated people. If you became educated person. you will get a good job. You will benefit your country in the future. You will learn how to communicate the society. You can help the people. A1-if you became educated person.You will get a good job, because these Days, t...
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The Dangers of Workplace Stress and Solutions to Workplace Stress
Purpose: To persuade my audience that work place stress is dangerous to our health. Thesis Statement – As citizens who value their overall well-being we can see that work place stress is very dangerous to our health. Introduction How do you feel at work when your boss is yelling at you, you have loads of jobs that need...
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Chemistry of Wine Storage
Learning Principles Students should have a brief understanding of the origin and history of oak in the wine industry. Students should learn the basic rationale of how the usage of oak barrels changes the taste of wine. Students should be able to identify the oak taste as well as the odor from wine after class. Students...
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Steps to Writing an Essay on Muslims in Britain
This question is a statement and you decide how you approach this. It is broken down into parts and from there you create more questions in order to answer your main question. Who Speaks for Muslims In Britain What do we mean by who? Is it representatives such as council of Masajid? Do we mean in the media? I...
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Teaching Science to a Native Tribe
Anyone can learn any Science, as long as they want and can afford to do her, but has us ask, how I wish we were born in a place where it was isolated from the outside world? the venue is not affordable by the modernization? other things may be due to his learning opportunities and earn it hasn't obtained with regard to the...
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US Government Shutdown
Note: Terry reviews for exam in class. Government Shutdown “The US has the best care in the world, we just argue about finance.” Chapter 2 Medical Model/Biomedical Model – definition in the book... It’s like, what a sick person isn’t. It’s not Health care delivery, its MEDICAL delivery. Curative medicine is more expens...
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Film Analysis and Critique
Select one of the following: Raices de Sangre (Mexico, 1977) Jesus Salvador Trevino Only Once in a Lifetime (1978) Alejandro Grattan Zoot Suit (1981) Luis Valdez The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez (1982) Robert Young & Moctezuma Esparza El Norte (1983) Gregory Nava Heartbreaker (1984) Frank Zuniga La Bamba (19...
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How to Increase Female Presence at the Top of the Control Pyramid in the next Ten Years
Introduction How can women change the business leadership ratio in the U.S. in order to increase female presence at the top of the control pyramid in the next ten years? – – – Thesis Defining the control pyramid (CP) in this context, modern day America and the leadership ratio in our modern day society. Referring to...
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Cultural Influences and Diversity in the Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic Research and present the cultural influences and festivities of the chosen Caribbean country. Cultural influences of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is a very multicultural island located in the Upper Antilles that is uniquely blended with that of the European, African, and the...
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Psychology Study Guide
States of Consciousness Definition of Consciousness-Awareness of the sensations, thoughts, and feelings we experience at a given moment. Different states of Consciousness- Altered states of Consciousness-Naturally occurring sleep and dreaming, hypnotic and drug induces states. Sleep: 4 Stages & REM- 1st Stage- State...
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Analyzing the Causes of the Financial Crisis
Credit bubble The financial and economic crisis began with a credit bubble in the United States and Europe. Credit spreads narrowed significantly, meaning that the cost of borrowing to finance risky investments declined relative to safe assets such as U.S. Treasury securities. The most notable of these risky investments we...
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How Can We Enhance Gender Equity Globally
Article 1: Egypt’s Women Find Power Still Hinges on Men Samira Ibrahim Women subjected to severe an inhumane “Virginity tests” Administrative court banned tests Samira’s story illustrates women in new Egypt Dependent on men Symbols of military repression Suffered assaults at hand on Egyptian soldiers “Blue Bra Girl...
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An Outline for Stricter Gun Control in the United States
Thesis: The call for stricter gun control policies is a must in our society today. I. Guns are one of the leading causes of violence in the United States today. A. Guns are too easily obtained for any reason, by any person. The United States is one of the easiest countries in which to purchase firearms. 
 a. In 24 sta...
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Business Analysis of Canada Post
Canada Post is a very well-known company, all around Canada. The corporation is known for being the countries primary postal service. Canada Post was known as Royal Mail Canada, which was founded in 1867. When founded Royal Mail Canada was a Post office department for the Canadian Government. During October of 1981, a Canad...
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Ethnic Myths and Religions
Ethnic communities have survived over long periods without political autonomy, a homeland, a common language etc. therefore, we need to focus more on the subjective elements in ethnic survival such as ethnic memories, values, symbols, myths and traditions. These all may unite and inspire, but a myth of ethnic election is e...
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Cashing in on Culture
In many places throughout the world, people with a culture considered “different” or “exotic” to visitors commodify those cultures. This has varying impacts on their cultures. Commodification of culture is positive when it allows cultures to be self-asserting or to use cultural commodities to challenge and reshape outsid...
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Effective Communication at IncredibleApps
Executive Summary This report provides current problems of internal communication in IncredibleApps and ways of making the effective communication. Problems: Difficulty in understanding the meaning/purpose of the email. Slow email response. To reach our internal communication effective, I recommend to make the four rul...
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An Introduction of an Essay on Drug Abuse among Teenagers
OBJECTIVES FOR CHOOSING THIS TOPIC: Find out the reason why teenager drug abuse and solve solutions INTRODUCTION OF YOUR ESSAY: Do you know what addiction is? It means continued repetition of a
behavior despite adverse consequences. In today's society, many people
concern the problem of teenager drug abuse. Government ta...
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The Road Outline
Intro Paragraph- The major theme in the novel The Road, is that the struggle to destroy something ends up as the destruction of the image but not the real thing; this is shown through the use of imagery, symbolism, and motif. Body Paragraph #1- The use of imagery demonstrates, that the idea of evil is present and unwan...
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Outline of Presentation Advocating Comprehensive Sex Education for Children
Introduction Audience hook: Most everyone has heard the old saying that ignorance is bliss, but is that all together true? Anyone with children must think of ignorance or lack of knowledge vs. well informed knowledge as the child reaches the age where things such as sex, pregnancy and STD’s become a possibility. The cont...
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A Self Care Plan
Significance Anyone that is currently a nursing major or considering being a nursing major in college should first be a role model before anything. Being a role model is very important because as health care providers, nurses have to deal with the public and a lot of people tend to look up to them. Nurses are pegged as car...
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Comparing Exposure and Inhaled Doses of Commuters Who Changed Travel Behavior before and after a New Light Rail Transit Service
The goal of this pilot project is to compare exposure and inhaled doses of commuters who changed travel behavior before and after a new light rail transit service. This study will complement and leverage a multi-year, longitudinal study of the new Expo light rail investment in South Los Angeles (Expo study hereafter). Expo...
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Global Warming is Real: An Outline
I. Causes (
warming/gw-causes) A. Green House Gases that trap heat 1. CO2 (carbon dioxide) emitted when humans breath and the
loss of forests that would otherwise store CO2 2. CO (carbon monoxide) emitted when b...
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Outline for Short Story
Asia Xiong was one who liked to keep to herself, she disliked the constant pointless disputes of people and she was one who cherished her friends. she was one to sacrifice her happiness just to see a smile on another’s face. she was also a very strong girl but unfortunately she was only physically strong. her parents had lo...
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