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Sub-Categories of Veterinary Medicine and Zoology

Endangered Species in Vietnam: South China Tiger and Asian Elephant
Endangered Species in Vietnam: South China tiger and Asian elephant There is a variety of animals become critically endangered species all over the world such as Amur Leopard, Black Rhino and Bornean Orangutan. In particularly, in Vietnam, South China tiger and Asian elephant are two species that face the danger of extinc...
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Comparing the Similarities and Differences in Describing What Happens You Observe Birds in Ornithological Biographies and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
A Flock of Birds Simple events in our lives are often overlooked by our rushed and demanding lives. John James Audubon’s Ornithological Biographies and Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek show what happens when one stops to smell the roses, or rather, watch the birds. Although describing similar events, the authors di...
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The Use of Therapeutic Laser in Veterinary Medicine as a Form of Treatment
Therapeutic Laser Therapeutic lasers are extraordinary and have many different uses in veterinarian medicine. Therapeutic lasers often referred to as a “cold” laser, is not the same as surgical lasers. Therapeutic lasers use red and close to infrared light to speed up healing and help with inflammation. Therapeutic lasers...
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The Importance of Dental Care in Animals
Dental care is very important and routine care for many animals is essential not just for their comfort but for health reasons just like humans. Loss of teeth or any other dental problems can lead to more health issues. If I owned my own clinic I would just offer some basic services and refer to a veterinarian dentist for a...
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An Argument in Favor of the Banning of Pitbulls in the State of Georgia
Everyone is afraid of something. Some people are afraid of heights or the dark. Others may fear bugs or the monsters they think are hiding in their closets or under their beds. Regardless the phobia, sometimes peoples’ fears are irrational, but other times they are shrouded in good reason, like potential danger. A common fe...
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An Outline of the Cruel Methods of the Animal Industry
Wow Proposal I wonder why the dog is exempt from being butchered in the Western World compared to its popular consumption in Asian countries. Prior to this project, I already knew about the cruel methods being used in the animal industry. However, America uses the cow as its main source of meat consumption although it is h...
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An Overview of the Slender Loris Species
The Slender Loris What is a Loris? Sounds like a name you’d give a female newborn, but in fact it’s a name of a extraordinary cute primate. Loris tardigradus also known as the slender loris is a primate that can be found in wet, lowland forests of the Southwest. It gets its name from how slender its body, arms and legs are...
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The Evolutionary Impossibility for Animals to Develop Wheels
Assignment 3 - Why Don’t Any Animals Have Wheels? If one examines the complexity of biology without minding the preceding billions of years of trial and error, it may feel natural to personify evolution as a thoughtful engineer who carefully crafts biological mechanisms from scratch. This misconception may lead one to wond...
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An Experiment on the Seed Preference of Rodents, Birds and Insects Using a Variety of Color and Size
Abstract In this experiment, we tested the variables of color and size in seed preference of rodents, birds, and insects who consume the seeds. Size and color were tested as separate variables, with light and dark colored seeds being the two variables for color, and small and large being the variables tested for size. We h...
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An Overview of the Fetal Pig
The fetal pig belongs to the domain Eukarya, kingdom Animalia, phylum Chordata, class Mammalia, order Artiodactyla, family Suidae, genus Sus, and species Scrofa. Humans are in the same domain, kingdom, and phylum as pigs. The fetal pig used in the lab experiment was 29 cm in length from the tip of the snout to the anus. The...
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A History of the Domestication of the Dog
The Domestication of the Dog Dogs have played major roles throughout history and are considered to be wonderful companions still today. Much is still unknown about how and why dogs were domesticated, but it has been generally accepted that it occurred sometime from 16,000-11,000 years ago. Some recent evidence, however,...
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How the Horse Has Evolved Over Time to Adapt to the Climate
The horse changed from this little four-toed pig looking horse to the horses we see today. Contrary to popular belief, the horse did not evolve over a period of millions of years. They changed with the need of their climate, that part is true, but it wasn’t over millions of years. It only thousands of years. The layers that...
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The Mad Cow Disease (vCJD) - Causes, Risks and Effects
I just don't understand why a farmer would feed chopped up brains and
spinal cords of cows with mad cow disease to other cows, possibly infecting
them. Mad Cow Disease is a disease that only affects cows and scientists
are unsure whether it is bacterial or viral. The human version of Mad Cow
Disease is called vCJD (variant...
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Different Annotated Works on the Negative Effects of Shark Overfishing
I felt that the topic of overfishing—specifically of sharks—was important because it is a subject that is becoming more and more popular amongst conservationist and in the media. Over the last year or so I have seen many stories about shark finning that mainly focus on the issue of shark populations. These really made me wo...
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The Placement of NADPH-d in the Spine of the Agouti
The Placement of NADPH-d in the Spine of the Agouti The spine is the part of an organism that connects everything in the body together. The spinal cord along with the brain make up the central nervous system and the spinal cord itself begins at the base of the head and continues down until the tailbone. The spine is sectio...
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Separation Anxiety and Issues of the Mother Orca, Kasatka in SeaWorld
Orca Enslavment In 2004 SeaWorld Orlando, Florida, one of the world’s most recognizable marine parks, welcomed a beautiful young calf to the world. They named her Kalia and she, being born in captivity, was put straight to work before she even finished nursing. Kalia performed for human entertainment alongside her mother,...
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Declawing Cats: Is It Righteous?
To Declaw or Not to Declaw Recently on the National Geographic website an interesting topic caught my attention: Declawing Cats. For many years, there has been conflicting controversy of whether or not declawing is righteous. What does it actually mean to declaw a cat? Most (including myself) think that declawing a cat s...
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The Issue of Hoarding Animals
Hoarding Animals Recently there has been another animal hoarding case reported, 88 cats have been found in a home in Ypsilanti Township, Mich. These cats living were in horrible conditions. The house was filled with garbage, feces and cats all over the place. While rescuing the cats, The Humane Society of Hurton Valley has...
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Preparation, Characteristics of the Shark Fin Soup and Its Effects on the Decrease in Shark Population
Shark Fin Soup Soup. This cuisine is probably as old as dirt itself. It was and still is one of the simplest dishes to create. When it comes to soup, the ingredient possibilities are infinite. As time progressed and science advanced, scientists were able to make soup even more effortlessly accessible (i.e. canned, dehydr...
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Dolphin Massacre in Exchange for Self-Righteousness
Dolphin Massacre in Exchange for Self-Rightousness Yearly, towards the end of the summer Denmark is known for hosting an annual “grind.” which consists of the brutal massacre of innocent endangered dolphins. This annual slaughter-fest is held in order to prove their manly self-righteousness. This merciless crime is done...
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Pet Overpopulation: Negative Effects and Prevention
Overbreeding Pet overpopulation, over breeding, irresponsible breeding - these are all terms that share the same meaning. What do they mean? Well, pet overpopulation is when domestic animals are bred consistently causing a large number of domestic pets without a home or family. These animals end up unwanted and stray in...
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The Unfair Discrimination Against Pitbulls
Pitbulls Pit Bulls. They are enormous, vicious dogs made of pure evil. But are they really? Why is it that pit bulls get so much negativity in comparison to other canine breeds? In today’s society pitbulls are known for gruesome fighting, hurting people and other dogs, and various of other vicious acts. However, people d...
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Should Young Children Have Pets?
Should Young Children Have Pets? At one point or another during childhood, children have wanted a pets, whether it was a puppy, bunny, lizard, etc. After numerous attempts at pleading and pestering parents to allow the child to get this “pet”, some give in. However, these situations could end in two ways. One being that...
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Saving and Protecting the Fauna through Conservation Projects from Overexploitation Which Leads to Extinction
Who Cares? It’s Just an Animal: The Importance of Saving Our Fauna Pizza is the saddest polar bear in the world. Pizza is confined in a tiny aquarium located at Grandview Mall in Guangzhou, China. His only interaction is with the flashing lights and obsessive eyes of tourists. His walls are painted with a dark shade of blu...
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The Negative Effects of Globalization on Our Fauna
Let’s Endanger Animals for Money!: The Effects of Globalization on the Fauna Imagine a human home was burned or taken from them; then, imagine those same people torturing then killing them to sell their body parts for money. What a messed up world it sounds like, but there are creatures who suffer through this every day. T...
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