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Causes of Divorce
Do people take marriage as a game or they really put their effort to save their marriage? Divorce is defined as the Legal dissolution of marriage by a court or other competent body, or according to forms recognized in the country, nation, or tribe. Marriage is a sacred bond that unites two families together. It is when a co...
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The Symbolic Representation of the Cross
The cross. A symbolic representation of personal struggles, pains, insecurities and disabilities. Jesus, a man who grabbed his cross, the cross of pain and suffering to save all mankind saying to all his disciples “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me.” (Mathew 16:24)...
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George Russell's Main Idea in Why Do We Lie
Introduction Hello everyone in my English class we read an article and writing stories from my own personal experience that related to it. In his informative article “why do we lie” by George Russell from 1997, George Russell objectively the reasons that why we do we lie. In his article, Russell says that “we sometimes li...
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Christianity in the Digital Age
It’s estimated that 8,000-10,000 churches will close their doors this year. I’m assuming that has something to do with the whopping 80% of the US adult cohort opting out of attending Church. This 80% includes many of our parents, which presumably has greatly impacted the lack of attendance seen in their children, the 18-32...
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How the Soviet Union Fell From Power
Glasnost and Perestroika characterized the mid to late 1980's. Making a movement from iron fisted conduct in The Soviet Union no doubt broken down resulting from domestic and international events. Inside the protester populace started to addition hold, in light of the fact that there was openness. Remotely the Bloc states s...
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Vice: Abortion Prologue: Today, abortion is a big is dealing with women. Although, a women have right to do whatever to their body, they should be more aware to the risk, and side effects. Having an abortion is a cruel and usual punishment like health in mental issues. Exposition:In 1973 the case Roe vs. Wade occur givin...
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Why America Needs to Assist Third-World Countries With Immunization Efforts
Americans pride themselves in having cutting edge research and technology when it comes to health care and disease prevention which is why many life threatening childhood illnesses have been eradicated in the United States (U.S). The Polio virus has been nonexistent in the U.S since 1979 (Wehrle & Wilkins, 1981) this eradic...
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How TV Violence Affects Society
There is no doubt that television has changed the world and how we see it. With just a remote control people can put a channel and the possibilities are endless. There are literally hundreds of channels to choose from news, reality shows, cartoons, music videos, etc. And it is well known that most of the time the programs t...
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Is Corporal Punishment Effective or Abusive to Kids?
At this point the question remains is corporal punishment effective or abusive to kids? , banning corporal punishment may cause other teenage problems.Corporal punishment is an effective way for parents to punish their children so it should not be banned.  Sometimes, telling children, especially those naughty ones, what is...
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Are Celebrities Reported Fairly in News Media or Are They Perpetual Victims of Excess and Sensationalism?
The media love to fabricate celebrity news, they twist quotes out of context. This is done by making up a plausible rumour about some celebrity. The rumours often include the celebrity having an affair or involved in shady doings. The media then would attempt to interview the celebrity misleading a story. Celebrities are pe...
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Effects of Child Commercialization
Child commercialization is seen by some as a manipulation of our youth,
that is an exaggeration, it is just a profitable consumer market that
the child industry have perfected. At a child's stage of development,
the only accountabilities they have is to have fun and enjoy themselves,
this paper will discuss how child market...
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Social Values of Beauty
What is the true meaning to be beautiful? Everyone wants it, but not everyone realize they have it in different forms. People often-think beauty is the form of your physical characteristics but don’t realize that beauty could be how you carry yourself or your sense of humor or how smart and witty you are. Beauty is hidden w...
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The Importance of Performance Indicators in the Modern Business World
Introduction In the Modern Business world, the performance indicators are significant aspects to the growth and development of the business to a wider scope. These indicators are necessary in the development of several areas including the marketing, financial, sales, and investments among others. Such factors call for the...
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Scalpel, Forceps, Empathy: How My College Experiences Are Preparing Me to Become a Competent Doctor
During my sophomore year of college, I had the privilege of watching a cardiothoracic surgeon perform an aortic dissection. Throughout the procedure, the surgeon’s expertise and precision kept me in awe, wondering if I had it in me to hold another person’s fate in my hands. He was aware that one small mishap in the procedur...
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The Government Proposed by the American Constitution
The constitution of the United States proposes that the US government
should be republican. Some questions arise from this. Is the government
proposed by the constitution a good idea for this country? Is it a
practical government? Is it a feasible government? Concerning this
proposal, there were two opposed views on the rep...
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Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber: Are They Role Models to Todays' Teenagers or Are They a Threat to Both Our Society and Teens?
Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, are they role models to todays’ teenagers or are they a threat to both our society and teens? Both Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber went through a phase in their life when they were loved by absolutely everyone! After they got insanely famous, they started hanging out with the wrong people which...
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Double Standards: What Factors Influence Juvenile Jail Sentences?
Justice, a pretty word in the meaning of making evil away from the good
people, is not always held in the society, including today. Two cases
brought up by Ashley Hayes (CNN) and Elizabeth Calvin (LA Times) through
two articles have things in common of two young children involved in
crimes. One was involved in a murder of c...
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Should There Be Internet Censorship?
The Internet is an important part of our global culture. With a click of the mouse, you can get access to a lot of information. Sometimes the access is limited and some contents of the Internet blocked. That is Internet censorship. It is control information from being easy to reach it. Should there be Internet Censorship or...
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Why Guns Must Be Banned from American Campuses
A few years ago, many massacres happened in the United States in shooting attacks on university campuses. The victims in all the shooting cases were the students, and the parents who think that they chose a good educational place for their children. Even though there is a high level of security and strict policies in certai...
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Living below the Poverty Line: Is It Intentional?
Even though there are some that are homeless due to their own lack or willingness to work to become self-sufficient. There are many living below poverty in the U.S. today, not because the lack of education nor what many Americans like to say “the poor cause their own poverty” the poor are willing and able to work hard if gi...
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Challenges Facing Senior Citizens in the United States
In the Unites States of America many senior citizens can have severe problems. Some problems that elder people face is less money, familiar problems, and the decisions of where do they want to live when they get older. This occurs because they cannot longer work anymore and they retired, they face more problems with econom...
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Abuse of Welfare in the United States
In today’s society, there is plenty of misuse and abuse.  Who has to pay for this misapplication? Who is regulating all this misapplication and waste? What is the biggest offender of misuse and waste? Welfare is arguably one of the most abused benefits of the American government. From food stamps to unemployment to disabili...
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Education: The Building Block of Society
Abstract Education is a means to an end; it provides individuals with knowledge, skills and expertise in the completing tasks duties and responsibilities. More importantly, education is a means of empowerment through which individual can draw lessons that help in their individual development. Essentially, the benefits tha...
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The Role of Internet and Social Media During the 2011 Egyptian Revolution
Aouragh and Alexander (2011) , presented the role of internet and social media when the Egyptian revolution in 2011 occurred. . The citizens of Egypt experienced injustice and inequity for many generations from their former president Hosni Mubarak. When the citizens of Egypt decided to commence the revolution, the internet...
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Why Bilingual Education Is Important in Schools
Bilingual education is important in schools. Why? Because students gets to learn two different languages that is taught by their parents and teachers and they became more fluent speakers and writers into both languages, for example Maori and English or Samoan and English. Students’ first language can be taught at home becau...
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