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Sub-Categories of Travel and Tourism

The History and Issues of Public Transportation
Transit justice, the idea of providing equal access to public transportation services is an extremely helpful form of infrastructure provided by United States tax dollars (Environmental Health Coalition, n.d.). Throughout history, transit systems have provided people with the means of getting where they need to go on a rela...
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The Different Areas of the Patapsco Valley State Park and How These Areas Shaped How the Land Stands Today
When passing through the gates of the Patapsco River Valley, be prepared to leave behind your urbanized, 21st century mentality and enter a different time period with a history packed full of famous events encompassing all aspects of environmental history. Being Maryland’s largest government-funded state park, many regulati...
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A Satisfying and Eye Opening Stay at Cherry Creek
One of the most impactful weeks of my life so far took place over Spring Break of 2015. I am forever marked by the experiences I had with the Lakota and they have been burned into my heart and into my mind. I keep trying to readjust to the way things are here, but I keep getting the sense that I will never fully go back to...
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Tips for Packing a Bag for a Road Trip with Your Family
    Often packing a bag for a road trip with your family can be a very tedious task because you are constantly stressed out about what you may have forgotten to take or struggling with a very heavy bag filled with items you don't really need. There are several techniques that can be used to pack a bag for a vacation but the...
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An Overview of the Key Aspects of the Ghosts and Gravestones, a Trolley Tour in Boston
Trolley of the Doomed Every evening at around six o’clock a group of five or six individuals pull into work in South Boston, go into the office, mutilate themselves to the point they are left with bloody gashes, black demonic tear stains, and blistering burn wounds, then merrily begin earning their living. Ghosts and Grave...
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The Historical Inaccuracies in The Travels of Sir John Mandeville, a Travel Memoir
No matter how hard a writer tries, it is impossible to subjectively document events in history without sprinkling some bias into the mix. However, The Travels of Sir John Mandeville is laden with historical inaccuracies that are cleverly tucked into surprisingly accurate geographical descriptions of the places he claimed t...
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The Importance of Fort Gratiot Lighthouse
Fort Gratiot Lighthouse Lighthouses are part of our American heritage. We find them in our
history and in our literature. To appreciate the importance of Fort
Gratiot Lighthouse, a person should know general information about the
lighthouse, the description and location, history and other interesting
facts about the li...
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Planning a River Rafting Trip
River Rafting River rafting is a challenging sport with important requirements. First of all, planning your trip carefully ensures your safety at all times. Therefore, the river-rafting company you choose should have a good safety record. You can select a river-rafting trip from level 1 (no experience) to level 6 (the mo...
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The Steps in Planning a Successful Trip
How to Plan a Successful Road Trip It’s that time of year again: the weather is warming up, summer is near, and it’s time to start planning for that seasonal road trip. Road trips have always been the source of fond memories, great stories, and capturing priceless moments for every photo-album. Navigating on four wheels ha...
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The Impacts of Climate Change on the Winter Tourism Sector of New Hampshire Ski Regions
Abstract In this research paper, I will delve into the goals of the New Hampshire Climate Action Plan and whether or not they will be enough to help lessen the impacts of climate change on the winter tourism sector of New Hampshire ski regions. I use research conducted by climatologists to analyze the potential impacts of...
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A Comparison of the Wylie Inn and the Boston Harbor Hotel
As a class, we toured the Wylie Inn and the Boston Harbor Hotel. At each hotel the class was divided into three groups and employees showed us around the property. We were told of their management tactics, computer systems, and financials. Although the two properties are managed under the same contractors, there are similar...
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Van Buran Cove - the Jewel of Maine
That’s what those call it around here, where traveling long distances though wooded scenery is the norm. After a dozen or so miles north of Caribou, Maine, traveling over hill and down into valleys coming around a few wide turns you have only traveled half of your journey to Van Buran Cove. Turning onto a road unpaved by in...
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A History and Overview of the Big Bend National Park
Big Bend National Park Big Bend National Park was established in 1935 and is one of the lesser-known parks in the National Park System. Big Bend National Park is located in Southwestern Texas in Brewster County. This park is not one of the huge parks that everyone knows such as Yellowstone National Park. Big Bend National...
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A Study of the Impact of Bus and Train Availability on the Visitors of Lincoln and Washington Monument
To what extent do metro train/ bus affect the number and nature of visitors at the Lincoln and Washington Monument? Washington D.C. The United States of America Figure 1: Map of the United States The Washington DC guide states that the National Mall is “home to the country's most famous monuments and memorials” and...
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The Importance of Geography to Tourism
Geography involves the study of various locations and how they interact based on factors such as position, culture, and environment. This can involve anything from a basic idea of where each state is in the United States, to an in-depth understanding of the population density and economic stability of various countries. A t...
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My Experience of Traveling to Japan as a High School Student
As a little girl I often found myself dreading family vacation trips to Florida and those long car rides across state to Grandma’s house. Traveling was something I found absolutely no interest in. I enjoyed where I lived and saw no purpose in going elsewhere. Knowing that, it might come as a surprise to hear that I applie...
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My Favorite Trip with Dad to Santorini and Athens, Greece
Last summer I went on my favorite vacation. My dad works for United Airlines so I fly on stand-by for free. As a child, my parents would take me on many trips to Europe, but this trip was my favorite by far. In June 2014, my dad took me to Santorini and Athens, Greece. We stayed in Oia, Santorini for five days, and we staye...
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The Adventures and Learning Experiences During Camping
Camping Camping has always been an adventure activity for years. It involves getting out of a normal house and staying in a tent overnight. There is a process around picking the right campground. It goes from finding the right area to finding one next to a waterfall. When I pick out a campground I normally p...
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A Comparison of Burgundy and Bordeaux, the Provinces of France Famous for Producing Wine
When it comes to things that people consume there is always a rating or ranking system out in place to compare each product against another product. Burgundy is a region with in France that produces wine. Bordeaux is also a place within France that produces wine. To those who don’t drink wine it is easy to see that wine is...
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The City of Charlotte, a Place Where People Want to Be
Abstract During our extremely entertaining outings we toke a trip to the LaCa gallery, which was surprising as to what they were about. In all largely populated cities it is common for curtain parts of the city that are not very appealing to the eye for minorities to be in those areas instead of the large shiny building w...
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The Exciting Venture of Space Tourism
Space Tourism: A Great Leap Forward in Space Travel or a Dangerous Feat that Should be Left to Professionals? Space tourism is defined as “any commercial activity offering customers direct or indirect experience with space travel” and a space tourist is defined as "someone who tours or travels into, to, or through space or...
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A Discussion Related to the Issues of Commercial Space Flying
Space Tourism Space tourism is defined as “any commercial activity offering customers direct or indirect experience with space travel” and a space tourist is defined as "someone who tours or travels into, to, or through space or to a celestial body for pleasure and recreation” (Ferreira-Snyman 5-6). Space tourism is a fair...
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A Comparison of the Cities of New York and Los Angeles
The Big Apple vs. City of Angels "I want to make something of myself," has recently become a common
dream of many young Americans. They want to get away from the normal
routines of life and do something exciting, something different. The
thought is the easy part, the action is the hardest. The first question
is, w...
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A Guidebook to Kruger National Park in South Africa
A Guidebook to Kruger National Park Planning a visit to South Africa and trying to figure out the best ways to maximize your experience? Most people who have been to South Africa, and were lucky enough to go to Kruger during their visit, will likely tell you that their safari was the best part of their trip by a landslid...
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A Review of the Costs of a Trip at Mammoth Mountain
Mammoth Mountain Mammoth Mountain is located in Mammoth Lakes in California and “Located just steps from the mountain's Main Lodge and the Panorama Gondola, this classic slope side hotel has offered stunning views and ski-in, ski-out convenience to families and powder hounds for over half a century. With its own full-se...
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