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Sub-Categories of Environment

Convenience as a Contributor to Global Warming
Abstain For Convenience In its most basic definition, a sociological imagination is a perspective from which we view the world and all its trends and events as though they were driven by a social catalyst and yield a social response. When the stock market crashed, it was due to a panic spread amongst the upper social class...
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The Decline of Fossil Fuels in the near Future
The Future of Fossil Fuels For years scientists have known that fossil fuels harm the environment, and those who have heard of the devastation caused by oil spills know this as well. Now, much of the population begins to accept the idea of climate change or global warming, one of the longer lasting effects of fossil fuel u...
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Economic Value in Marriage; Environmental Threats and Our Responsibility for the Earth According to James Speth's Article
Economic Value in Marriage Many young women from poor economic backgrounds become pregnant at a young age. This was the case for Jen Burke when she became pregnant at the age of fifteen with her twenty-year-old boyfriend, Rick. She made the decision to keep the baby because she thought it was an honor to have his kid when...
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An Experiment on the Presence of Nitrogen Dioxide in the Environment
Introduction: Nitrogen Dioxide is one of the 6 criteria pollutants the Environmental protection agency has set national air quality standards for. Currently the NO2 air quality standard is about 53 ppb. California is named an attainment area because the NO2 levels in the air are in accordance with the air quality standard...
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An Analysis of the Greenpeace Argument That Americans Lack a Heart When It Comes to Environmental Issues
Should current Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump be elected as president, he fully intends to withdraw America from the Paris Agreement it entered last December, and is promoting “extraction and use of the most carbon-intensive fossil fuels”. In an open letter to the public, 375 scientists warned the US on the da...
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The Benefits and Issues of the CASEnergy Coalition
The usage of nuclear power has always been controversial.The question of whether nuclear’s disadvantages outweigh its advantages of not releasing carbon dioxide come into play whenever a nuclear reactor meltdown or leak happens. Nuclear reactors are like wind turbines in that in theory, a majority of people support their u...
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Effects on the Environment Due to Deforestation in the World
Effects on the Environment due to Deforestation in the world Why am I interested in Deforestation? Well it effects everyone who lives on earth. Deforestation has such a destructive impact on our way of living life. Those who choose to destroy the very nature that provides us with clean air just for profit, must be confront...
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A Proposal Task for Teachers That Would Benefit the Environment in GOING GREEN: Empowering Readers to Change the Environment, an Article by Mary Napoli
In Mary Napoli’s article “GOING GREEN: Empowering Readers to Change the Environment”, Napoli passionately suggests some tasks teachers should do in their classrooms that would benefit the environment. Napoli expresses how educators play a critical role in increasing children’s knowledge about the natural world. When teache...
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The Need to Immerse Children in the Environment and Its Benefits
In today’s wired generation, fueled by technologically savvy youth, young children are not spending nearly enough time outside as they should and are suffering because of it. Luckily, not all hope is lost though. Young children need immersion in the environment as well as instruction about it, both for their health and that...
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The Impacts of Landfills and Incinerators on Our Nation
The garbage industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries in North American. The growth in the garbage industry is a direct result of Americans absentmindedly throwing away materials that could be disposed of in different, and more positive, ways. I think it is doubtful we can say that everyone is aware of w...
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Are We Being Played Again by the Belief of the Global Warming?
are we being “played” again? There are numerous things that people on a day-to-day basis see or hear that may be controversial. However, they seldom talk about the controversies in public, maybe because of the fear of offending some sentiments or it might be that they believe their opinions are not supported by the majorit...
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The Major Role of Human Error in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico
Causing a great oil spill, on April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon exploded and caused a huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spill caused a lot of damage to the life surrounding it coating birds' feathers, causing birds to lose their buoyancy and the ability to regulate body temperature. Mammals could have ingest...
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World Pollution and the NEW Generator as the Solution to the Global Problem
As many of us know, the world is slowly becoming more polluted. For those of you that don’t know what polluted is, in its original form, pollution is the presence of a substance or thing that has a negative effect on the environment. The whole world is causing pollution. Smoking cigarettes, driving your car, throwing trash...
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The Term and History of Political Ecology and How It Tells Us the Current Environmental Problems
In this essay I will be discussing how political ecology can tell us about the current environmental problems. In order to begin this essay, it would be important to have a basic understanding of the term and history of political ecology. Escobar (1999) defines political ecology as ‘’ecology that examines the broader soci...
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The Effects of the Chemicals Oxygenated Volatile Organic Compounds on Climate and Temperature
In a recent study mainly conducted at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, plants were shown to absorb about 36% more harmful chemicals in the atmosphere than previously thought. These chemicals, called oxygenated volatile organic compounds (oVOCs), are a large factor in climate and temperature throughou...
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The Issues of the Kyoto Protocol as a Solution to Climate Change
On March 21, 1994 the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was established to acknowledge that human activity has caused the amount of greenhouse gases to increase, causing global warming, and to take responsibility for the matter by attempting to help protect the global climate.1 Simply put, humans have ca...
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The Detrimental Effects of Deicing Roads on the Frog Population
Wilks-Harper, E. (2016, November 24). Salting roads found to reverse sex of frogs. Retrieved from Independent: Every year certain parts of the world get the wonderful experience of snow. While snow is beautiful, it can be dangerou...
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Donald Trump's Campaign and His Disregard Towards the Environment
In the wake of Donald Trump’s election for the president of the United States, many governmental programs have rested on the campaign’s chopping block for defunding or disbanding all together. Programs like Planned Parenthood were placed in peril by Trump and his constituents early in the campaign trail, as pro-life argumen...
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Society Should Take on the War Against Climate Change
The War on Climate Change For years, the topic of climate change has been one of the most controversial disputes between world leaders. It has been scientifically proven; there is compelling evidence that it is definitely taking place. Many world leaders have chosen to ignore the warnings of the world’s top scientists; the...
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A Definition of Ecosystem and the Factors Influencing Ecosystems
An ecosystem is a collection of all the organisms that live in a particular place, together with their nonliving environment (Miller, 2003). A simpler way it can defined is that it is a system containing a living community and a non living community (Kraus, 1999). All ecosystems have to include a source of energy, abiotic f...
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The Significant Effects of the Prestige Oil Spill on Our Economy and Environment
The Prestige Oil Spill As far as humans today have developed technology, we still have moments of total and utter failure. Moments where something unplanned and unpredicted occurs and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Chemical disasters - nuclear explosions, oil spills, and mine explosions - have enormous effects o...
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The Pollution Caused by Plastic
Plastic Poison Plastic started being mass produced around and after the time of WWII when it was discovered that the chemical bisphenol A could be used to make polycarbonate. Bisphenol A (BPA) was first discovered in the 1940s by Edward Dodds, a medical researcher, looking for synthetic estrogens. After he published his fi...
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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey's Circus' Contributions to Environmental Preservation and Destruction
Cruelty and Conservation Entertainment and nature are in a constant battle; animals and resources can be used to fuel the entertainment industry, but at the cost of the environment and animals. In circumstances like a circus, animals are often mistreated. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) works to ensure the protection of anim...
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An Introduction to Geoengineering, Its Benefits and Negative Effects to Our Environment
It is horrifying to think that with each passing day, we tumble closer to the end of the world. But even in a utopia, this fact would be true. Consequently, in our less-than-perfect world, there are many factors that speed up this process. Climate change, for example, has become a pressing issue that could result in dire co...
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The Different Negative Effects of Deforestation
Deforestation has been occurring since people realized how essential trees are to living. The issue is that until the nineteenth century, people were unaware of how damaging deforestation actually is. Although people have realized the damage clear-cutting and other forms of deforestation can have on the environment, there c...
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