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Sub-Categories of Religious Studies

Understanding the Meaning of Filial Piety and Fraternal Submission
In the first few lines of the Analects, there is a quote that says “Filial piety and fraternal submission—are they not the root of all benevolent actions?” This quote confused me a bit. Filial piety means parents and fraternal means brotherly, but the word submission throws me off. Does he mean fraternal as in societal frat...
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The Views of Buddhism on the Concept of Death
Despite the wide variety of cultures and religions that exist in this world, there are a few things that all humans will come across and experience within their lives. Unfortunately, death is one of these things. It is something that cannot be escaped and will eventually affect everyone’s lives in some way. The way that a p...
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Christianity as a Religion and a Way of Living
There is a distinct line which differentiates Christianity as a religion and Christianity as a way of living. To some, this separation can be unclear and leads to the assumption that Christianity is always a religion; however, this confusion leads to an undermining of Christianity as a whole. Christian religion and a Christ...
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The Life and Significant Contributions of Dorothy Day
Significance Dorothy Day was a Christian, pacifist, and social activist. She was also co-founder of a radical Roman Catholic social movement known as The Catholic Worker, which embodied all that she stood for. Day met Peter Maurin in 1932, and he encouraged her to write about Catholic Social Teaching. In its earliest stage...
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Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between the Four Ancient Hindu Hymns from the Rigveda Samhita
There are many similarities and differences between the four ancient
Hindu hymns from the Rigveda Samhita concerning the creation of the
universe found in Readings in Eastern Religion. This essay will explore
specific sentences from each of the hymns as examples for the purpose of
creating a deeper understanding on a smalle...
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The Life and Work of Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II was born in Wadowice, Poland on May 18, 1920. John Paul II was born Karol Józef Wojtyla and was one of three children. As a child, he was very athletic and loved participating in football games with other students. In 1937, Wojtyla and his father moved to Kraków, where he enrolled at...
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A Comparison of The Lord's Prayer and The Apostle's Creed
The Lord’s Prayer – versus – Apostle’s Creed The main purpose of the Lord’s Prayer is to show the followers of Christ the general outline and subjects that should be included in a regular prayer. Starting from the very beginning of the prayer we will go through the different beliefs that it teaches. In the second line of...
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My Personal Claim of Religious Truth
One question has been asked throughout history, resounding through the walls of times: “What is truth?” Through history many have tried to answer it. Many in our modern age have said that truth varies: it changes with time, the person themselves, and the culture around them. In this paper, however, I would like to present t...
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The Global Spread of the Religions of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism
Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism Most religions tend to be culturally specific, meaning that they only appeal to those with certain cultural profiles. These do not spread beyond their culture of origin. World religions, however, are religions that are widely accepted, with followings in a plethora of physical and cultural...
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The Beliefs of Creation, Monotheism, and Divine Love, Founded by Different Religions
Creation, Monotheism, and Divine Love The axial age was a period in history from about 800 B.C.E. to 200 B.C., which has been characterized by the development of progressive philosophical and religious thoughts in different regions of Asia and Europe. This period brought about several new ideas and religious systems such a...
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The Different Reasons Why Temples Should Be Built for the Lord
Good afternoon Brothers and Sisters! For those of you who do not know me, my name is______ and I was asked to speak in sacrament today on a topic of my choice. I was contemplating what topic I should speak on while visiting the temple one day. Then it hit me! What better topic to speak on than temple worship and the purpose...
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The Idea of God as a Supreme Being and His Existence as a Metaphysical Proposition in the Arguments and Theories of Immanuel Kant
Immanuel Kant is widely considered to be a central figure of modern philosophy. He was writing in a time where religion and reason were controversial and the social and political outbreaks seemed normal (Encyclopaedia). Kant presents his “Ideas of reason” which considers those ideas that we inquire about to attempt a totali...
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The Importance of Anthropomorphism in the Bible
Anthropomorphism in the Bible If I told you that I talked to God the other day, would you believe me? I will tell you this much—we walked along the beach where the cool sand touched our toes while the wind blew our hair in all sorts of directions. We sat down on the beach and built a wonderful sandcastle together and when...
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The Three Points on Jesus as the Only Way
How many times have you seen those "Coexist" bumper stickers on cars?
It is becoming more popular for people to say that you are being intolerant
or arrogant if you say only your beliefs are true. This is often used
against Christians because we believe Jesus is the only way. Today I will
be making three points about the to...
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My Three Points on the Statement I Believe I Will Go to Heaven Because I Have Lived a Pretty Good Life
Has anyone ever told you I think I'm a pretty good person so I'll go
to heaven. This kind of view is not biblical. No one is perfectly good.
Today I will be making three points about the topic "Analyze and respond to
the statement "I believe I will go to heaven because I have lived a pretty
good life"":
1. What does thi...
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The Three Points on Why It Doesn't Matter What You Believe, as Long as You Are Sincere
A few years ago Oprah Winfrey said, " I believe that there isn't just
one way to heaven. All beliefs go to heaven". Unfortunately, this view is
becoming more popular today. What does the Bible say about this view? Does
it matter what we believe? Today I will be making three points about the
topic: "Analyze and respond to th...
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An Argument in Favor of Men Having Conscience
Do all of us know right from wrong without being taught it? This is
what's known as a conscience. If we all have a conscience where does it
come from? If we know what is right, why don't we always do what is right?
Today I will be making three points about the question "Do all men have a
1. The Bible says...
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The Impact of Christianity on the Important Scientists
Many of the founding scientists of today were strong Christians like
Blaise Pascal.
Atheists try to say the Bible is in conflict with Science but I believe
they are not. Today I'd like to talk about three main points about my topic
"Are Scripture and Science in conflict:
Many popular founding Scientists were strong Christia...
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God as the Inspiration of the Bible
The Bible is inspired by God. It did not come from human minds. He
used the talents of each of the writers to inspire them to write the Bible.
Verbal inspiration means that the words of the Bible, not just the ideas
are from God. Plenary inspiration means that the entire Bible is inspired.
Not just some parts. What t...
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The Hateful and Merciful Gods of the Bible
It is commonly said "the Bible has two different gods. The one in the
Old testament seems hatful while the one in the New Testament seems
merciful". This is often a sign of not going deep enough in the Scripture.
There is only one God and he is both merciful and just. Today I will be making 3 points about this questio...
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The Problems with the Belief Deism
A common belief of today is that God created the universe but has no
other interest in it. Like he wound up a clock and let it go. This is
called Deism. There are many problems with this belief. We as Christians
know that God is with us and cares for us. Today I will be making three
points about the topic: Analyze and res...
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Humor and Simplicity in The Year of Living Biblically, a Book by A.J. Jacobs
I thought religion would make me live with my head in the clouds, but as often as not, it grounds me to this world… It’s an odd way to live. But also kind of great and powerful. I’ve never been so aware of the thousands of little good things, the thousands of things that...
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The Impact of the Year 1995 in the Life of Kendra Simmons
A Story to Remember The year of 1995 was an amazing, and also most exceedingly terrible year for some wherever all through the world. In the midst of this time, there were various chronicled events proceeding inside the world whether it was major or minor. Some genuine events include: OJ Simpson's murder trial begins in LA...
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An Overview of the American Jeremiad, Its Features, and How It Works
Jeremiad What is the American Jeremiad? The American Jeremiad is a list of woes or a long, mournful complaint (Oxford Dictionary). The term Jeremiad originates from the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah who is the authors of the Book of Jeremiah and the Book of Lamentation. The American Jeremiad creates a parallel between...
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An Analysis of the Argument About God by Mr. Funk and Mr. Walsh
One of his main points, was that he claims to be totally and completely faithless. This was something that stuck with other people as well, as he was questioned about it multiple times. He is very clear in his believe that science, as well as technology should be kept very far from religion, and any belief in an apocalypse....
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