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Sub-Categories of Arts and Humanities

A Look at the Gay Community and the AIDS Virus in Dallas Buyers Club, a Movie by Jean-Marc Vallee
Dallas Buyers Club: Analysis After enough exposure over time, sometimes people are given no choice but to alter their beliefs. Whether it be a world of propaganda that turns its people to hate, or a victimized world that finds passionate patriotism in its overwhelming odds. Be they people of faith who lose their devotion t...
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The Human Fondness for Horror Movies
The Art of Macabre In reading Stephen King’s work on our craving for horror movies as a deep seeded desire for seeing violence, hate, and the menacing of others, an alarming number of agreeable points were made. Each paragraph and every sentence is well condensed into a work that analyzes the human condition quite accurate...
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The Idea of the Scientific Theory of Evolution in the Movie The Planet of the Apes
Since its introduction into the world by Charles Darwin in 1859, the scientific theory of evolution has met quite a hefty amount of resistance among certain groups of thought. Creationists, for example, have had quite a great deal of issue with the idea of man evolving from a lower life form over the course of millions of y...
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The Destruction Caused by the Joker and Bane in the Batman Movies
MWA 1 - Scars and Masks: Who Better to Break the Bat? All sorts of stories have seen their fair shares of gritty reboots, and the classic Batman comics are no exception. Though the story of Batman was grim in some aspects of its original telling as a Detective Comics series, for the most part it remained a pretty cartoonis...
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The Labeling of Music Albums for Parents to Censor Content for Their Children
Music Assignment Let’s look at the punk rock genre. More specifically, bands like Anti-Flag or Rise Against. These two bands have had parental advisory stickers on every album, and are well within their realm to be considered inappropriate with some lyrics. Anti-Flag is, as you could guess, a highly political punk rock ban...
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An Examination of the Performance by the Truman State Orchestra and Symphony
The Truman State Orchestra / Symphony Earlier this fall I attended a performance by the Truman State Orchestra and Symphony, as I visit the university every weekend. There, in the very quaint and personal concert space which reminded me very much of the chamber music we learned about, I was blown away by their showmanship....
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An Analysis of the Difference in Multicultural Interactions in the Performance of Clybourne Park at the Saint Charles Community College Theatre
Earlier this year, I attended a performance of Clybourne Park at the Saint Charles Community College Theatre. The play itself is an analysis on the difference in multicultural interactions (and social interaction in general) between the years 1959 and 2009. With a limited cast, the first act takes place in 1959, with the sa...
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The Comedy, Humor, and Prejudice in the Performance of Clybourne Park at the SCC Fine Arts Auditorium
On Wednesday night, September 30th, I went to see Clybourne Park at the SCC Fine Arts Auditorium. I attended the show as an assignment for my Fundamentals of Acting class, THE-128, so I chose to take this portfolio assignment from a theatrical standpoint. Having never experienced this particular theatre before, I will admit...
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The Psychotic Break of Howard Beale in Network, a Film by Sidney Lumet
Character Analysis: Howard Beale Howard Beale was the network news anchorman on UBS TV, one who had tremendous ratings and a popular place in TV news. This was, however, up until the year 1969, when Howard’s ratings began to decline. Only a year afterwards, his wife died as well, leaving him alone and childless. Because of...
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A Rekindled Hatred for Muslims in American Sniper, a Movie by Clint Eastwood
In December, 2014, American Sniper did phenomenally well in the box office. Critics hailed it for its strong, sympathetic message for our nation’s finest. The story followed Chris Kyle, in a biographical depiction of a real soldier who served in Iraq. Kyle had done well for himself, coming home a decorated veteran with a ki...
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The Strong Roles of the Female Characters in The Birds, a Film by Alfred Hitchcock
After watching the flick The Birds, it was noticeable how strong the female characters were and how colossal their overall roles were. That also stood to show how weak of roles the women in “The Birds”, the short story, played. The women, in the movie The Birds, were strong characters who took charge of their own lives, whi...
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An Analysis of the Painting Mademoiselle B by Edouard Manet
In Mademoiselle V… In the Costume of an Espada Manet employs the alla prima technique- bold brush strokes, simplified forms, implied shapes- in the background of the scene to capture the movement and shadows created by the matador and bull in action. The figure in the foreground of the painting is too large in comparison t...
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The Connection Between the Artist and the Audience Defines Art
Art is not defined by the materials an artist uses in it’s creation, or the seeming simplicity or complexity of the final product. Art is defined by the emotional stimulation and connection made between the audience- this can be the artist or an observer- and the work. If the object, painting, sculpture, etc. does not stimu...
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The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi and My Negative Emotional Reaction to the Concerto Spring
Spring by Vivaldi Antonio Vivaldi was an Italian Baroque composer, born on the 4th of
March 1678 in Venice Italy. He died on the 28th of July 1741. As well as
being a composer, he was also a Catholic priest and violinist. He was known
as one of the greatest composers of the time. His work was so influential
that it...
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A Review of Spem in Alium, a Renaissance Motet by Thomas Tallis
Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis from 1570 AD Spem in Alium is a revolutionary Renaissance motet by Thomas Tallis. It was composed around 1570 AD for eight choirs with five voices in each choir. Thomas Tallis was born in England around 1505 and died in England around 1585. He was the most influential English composer of...
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The Feeling of Patriotism in Fanfare for the Common Man, a Musical Work by Aaron Copland
Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland Aaron Copland was one of the most respected American classical composers of the twentieth century. By incorporating popular forms of American music such as jazz and folk into his compositions, he created incredibly innovative pieces. Much like Steve Reich, Copland made great ch...
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A Review of What I Did for Love, a Ballad by Marvin Hamlisch and Edward Kleban
What I Did for Love by Marvin Hamlisch and Edward Kleban from A Chorus Line What I Did for Love is a ballad from the musical A Chorus Line. Several different people wrote the musical, as is typical in a Broadway production such as this. The book (or the script) was written by James Kirkwood Jr. and Nicholas Dante, the...
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The Three Movements in WTC 9/11, a Composition by Steve Reich
WTC 9/11 Steve Reich Steve Reich's piece WTC 9/11 was previewed in 2010 and then officially
released in 2011. This piece has three movements, each describing a stage
of the act of terror upon the twin towers. Steve Reich was born in the
1930's in New York City, and grew up in the city and in California as well. He...
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Historical Accuracy in the Movie Kingdom of Heaven
Historical Accuracy in Kingdom of Heaven The movie Kingdom of Heaven was an excellent depiction of the crusades in the Middle Ages, however my mental image of the Middle Ages was of the average people in the average town, and what their daily lives might look like. I think we saw this when Orlando Bloom’s character st...
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The Visual Elements of La Perspective, a Painting by Jean-Antoine Watteau
Brown: The New Pink Rococo, the rosy-cheeked child of the Baroque era, awoke during the 18th century as a rebellious retort against the strictness and grandeur of her predecessor. Although largely inheriting the Baroque love of elegance, Rococo art found renewed interest in romantic intimacy, as swirling earth-tones and br...
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Virgin and Child with Lilies and Madonna of the Clouds as the Perfect Examples of Revived Classical Idealistic Forms
Madonna Mediums Upon investigating early Renaissance art, one would discover how the influences of previous artistic cultures amalgamated to create the unique characteristics through which artists communicated. The Italian sculptures, Virgin and Child with Lilies and Madonna of the Clouds, are fantastic examples of revive...
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A Critique of Manuel Osorio Manrique De Zuniga, a Painting by Francisco Goya
Painted in 1787, Francisco Goya’s oil painting, Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuñiga depicts the son of the Count of Altamira dressed in a brilliant red costume, and the young boy is shown in front of a dark background with a pet magpie, a cage full of finches, and three cats. Also featuring numerous odd creatures, Walt Disney’...
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The History and Visual Elements of The Abduction of Rebecca, a Painting by Eugene Delacroix
The Anatomy and Psychology of Delacroix’s Work Eugène Delacroix, a French Romantic artist, created The Abduction of Rebecca for The Salon exhibition in 1846. This oil painting, spanning nearly 3x4 feet, was derived from Ivanhoe, a historical romance novel by Sir Walter Scott. It depicts a major scene during which the Jewis...
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The Life and Works of the American Director, Producer, and Screenwriter, Steven Spielberg
Director Steven Spielberg When it comes to famous directors, there is one name that I am certain almost everyone knows. Steven Spielberg is arguably one of the most renowned directors since the beginning of filming. Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, Jaws, and the list goes on of the very famous movies directed by Stev...
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The Virtual Characteristics of the Mona Lisa Painting by Leonardo da Vinci
Attribute the painting of the Mona Lisa to the artist who painted it. Justify your attribution by discussing specific visional characteristics of the paintings that are commonly associated with work of the artist. INTRODUCTION The Mona Lisa painting is one of the most expensive, cherished, celebrated and popular works of...
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