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Sub-Categories of Information Science and Technology

Blockchain Technology: The Blackbone of Bitcoin
Blockchain: The Backbone of Bitcoin Bitcoin has received all of the attention as the game-changing virtual
currency, but the blockchain technology it runs on is what the world should
be focusing on. Bitcoin should be seen as an application and a feature of
the blockchain, which is a distributed database that is respo...
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An Evaluation of the CDC Website on Flu Vaccination Awareness
Website Analysis essay Did you know that according to the Center for Disease Control, 75.2 %
of health care workers got the flu shot this year? Also, 97.8% of those
people got it because it was required by their workplace. For this essay, I
will be evaluating the CDC's website, particularly the section about
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ALUMEN, an Omniscient Tool for Enabling IPv4
The investigation of write-back caches is a robust problem. After years of typical research into e-business, we verify the analysis of I/O automata, which embodies the appropriate principles of networking. We construct an omniscient tool for enabling IPv4, which we call ALUMEN. Introduction Many electrical engineers would...
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Can Technology Surpass the Importance of Literature?
Prompt: The author Saul Bellow wrote: “For a very long time the world found the wonderful in tales and poems, in painting and in musical performances. Now the wonderful is found in miraculous technology, in modern surgery, in jet propulsion, in computers, in television, and in lunar expeditions. Literature cannot compete w...
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The Importance of Technological Awareness
Outline Introduction Attention Getting Device My mom would always tell me to be careful of what I post on the Internet, because once I do, there is no way to ever fully delete it. She told me that it could always be tracked back to me and could possibly lead to closed doors in the work force. I am sure that at one point,...
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The Negative Influence of Technology on People's Intellectual and Social Capacities
Almost every day, technology becomes more and more advanced. Almost
everything is electronic. Some schools even give their students electronic
reading devices instead of using textbooks. Technological advancements have
greatly increased in the past ten years. Some could say that technology has
taken over the world. While th...
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A Study of Operant and Classical Conditioning in Sniffy the Virtual Rat
Introduction Sniffy is a virtual rat, who can experience classical as well as operant conditioning. Operant conditioning consists of shaping a subject to do something based on rewards and punishments. Shaping involves reinforcing small steps that the subject takes towards a target behavior (what the experimenter is trying...
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A Study of Classical Conditioning in Sniffy the Virtual Rat
Introduction Sniffy is a virtual rat who is going to experience classical conditioning. Classical conditioning shows that learning can occur without reward or punishment based on the pairing of an unconditioned stimulus (US), a neutral stimulus (NS) unconditioned response (UR). Eventually after repeated pairing of the US,...
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A Study to Determine the Correlation Between Happiness and the Amount a Person Uses Facebook
In this study, we investigated if there is a correlation between happiness and the amount a person uses Facebook. The participants consisted of 60 students from New College of Florida; 42 females and 18 males. Our study was correlational, and participants were split into 3 groups depending upon their Facebook usage per week...
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The Correlation Between Video Games and the Violent Killings in the United States
Correlation Does Not Imply Causation One morning in December of 2012, tragedy struck at an elementary school in Newtown, CT, when 21-year-old Adam Lanza killed 27 and injured even more. The story of those innocent children, and the adults martyring themselves to protect them, has instilled mind-numbing fear in the heart...
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An Interview with Professor Bill Mathews on the Rapid Improvements in Modern Technology
The Interview In today’s world, technology is rapidly and increasing improving each and every day. These technological advances are happening at an unprecedented rate and is being replaced frequently. A few days ago, I had set up an interview with a well-known professor by the name of Bill Mathews. He is former baseball co...
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My Personal Experience with the Advances in Technology
“Roughing It” For a Day As a millennial, my generation has experienced the advances in technology and have grown up with the use of technology. Technology is everywhere and it is advancing as years go on. In our day to day life, we use technology all the time without even thinking about it. We use technology to communica...
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The Alarming Trend of Allowing Children Too Much Contact with Technology Too Early
“Alarming Trends” Children today are becoming older younger. Children now have the newest and latest technology like iPhones, iPads, laptops, desktops, etc. According to a technology reporter, Jane Wakefield, children spend six hours or more a day on technology. Have you ever thought that one of the main reasons your child...
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How Google and SEO Works
Google and the Dicing of Everything I decided to pick Trend 7 because I am very familiar with search engines and search engine optimization (SEO). I worked at KeyBank this past summer as an SEO intern and one of my primary tasks was to work with the marketing agency Fathom to optimize pages on I have grown to know...
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The Importance of Information Flow in the Digital Age According to Bill Gates
Bill Gates main point is to show the importance of information flow as we enter the digital age. Gates discussed how technology and business are integrated together. We should think of every company having a digital nervous system where technology will allow businesses to react and respond instantly to any situation. Using...
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The Human Dependence on Technology in Is Google Making Us Stupid by Nicholas Carr and The Influencing Machine by Gladstone and Neufeld
Is Technology Changing Us People have varying opinions on technology. Some people feel that the
positives outway the negatives when it comes to technology; while others
feel the exact opposite. Nicholas Carr argues in his essay "Is Google
Making us stupid", that people are getting overly dependent on technology.
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The Use of Utilitarianism and Respect for Persons Model in the World of Engineering
In the world of engineering, we closely work with a lot of aspects that affect the people directly and for the services that we provide to the humankind we are held accountable so as to provide the best services for the people and not go through shortcuts. It falls to an engineer to be able to look beyond moral taboos and c...
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Electrical Engineering Using Green Technology Through the Use of Solar Cells and Wind Turbine
Summary Overall, the electrical engineering work with the design and maintenance of power system that supplies electrical energy. Source of energy for the power system is the burning of fossil fuels. Electrical engineer students study about the design of solar cell at SJSU. Solar cell generate energy without polluting the...
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A Study on Lithium Ion Batteries and How They Work
Summary In today’s world, batteries are one of the most commonly used technology. They’re also one of the most discarded due to their limited life span. Unless it’s a car battery, many batteries aren’t rechargeable or reusable, such as dead batteries like AA and AAA. As part of the microscopy department, it would be a grea...
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The Construction of a Wind Turbine for Our Group Project Using SoldWorks
To begin the project of building a wind turbine, our group discussed how the turbine of the blade should be constructed. Split off into two groups of two, the group had begun practicing with the program SolidWorks until we understood the software enough to actually design the blades to our specifications. Once our group had...
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The Development and Use of Solar Panels
Biology Research Project The sun has been used by humans as a reliable energy source for thousands of years, from the present day to the era of the Egyptians and even further back. The way this energy is used varies with the discoveries of new technology and scientific advances. Today the sun provides energy through sola...
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The Importance of Agricultural Management in the Chesapeake Bay Area
Agriculture is an important aspect of our environment. Agriculture is an activity that maximizes the use of natural resources to produce food ingredients, industry materials, energy, as well as managing our own environment. The crop cultivation and the raising of the animal farm with the proper way is one of the example of...
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A Study on the FITD Technique and Low Ball Compliance Technique and Its Ability to Influence the Request of an Individual
Compliance techniques are generally used to ensure that the subjects respond to one's requests and compliance is essentially the result of pressuring requests from others. Compliance techniques are basically ways to convince people to fulfill the desires or wishes of another. Cialdini outlined six factors that increase the...
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The Effects of the Use of Ethically Controversial Techniques in Sociocultural Studies
The sociocultural level of analysis is the scientific study of how people's thoughts, feelings and thus behaviors are influenced by actual, implied or imagined presence of others. In order to study the effects of the presence of others on our behavior, there are certain ethical issues that must be considered especially in...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing
Executive Summary Our company is looking to implement a new technology that will optimize efficiency and reduce our company’s technical costs. However, this technology has to be as secure as possible since we want to make sure our data and our customers’ data is maintained by the C.I.A. principles of confidentiality, integ...
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