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Robert E. Lee: The Best Civil War General
Almost everybody knows about the civil war, but does anyone really know who the best general of it was? He was born into a military family, and was married to the great-granddaughter of George Washington (Compton’s). The man, the myth, the legend, this man is General Robert Edward Lee. He was praised for many of his decisio...
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Why Martin Luther King Jr was an American Hero
To begin with, a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. A good example of a hero is Martin Luther King Jr. He is the hero I choose because he is a remarkable person and a role model for everyone. He changed people's lives forever. He stood up for civil rights...
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My Hero
The best way out is always through (Robert Frost). Heroes can be found anywhere; they do not need any kind of super powers to do what is right Octavio (uncle) is one of them. Heroes are role models of society, and the reason is because they play several important characteristics in people’s lives, such as talents, bravery,...
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Courage and My Heroic Father
The word “Courage” possesses many meanings to many different people. “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen,” Winston Churchill had said. It’s something everyone has in them, at one point in their lives. Someone that has Courage; compassion and understanding is...
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Helen Keller
Helen Keller, a strong independent woman who might have needed help on the outside but on the inside her eyes were wide open she even says “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart” she didn’t need to see the world she could feel it within her. Born in...
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James Braddock: A Great Sports Hero Who Worked Hard to Provide for His Family during the Great Depression
    The Great Depression was one of the hardest times America has gone through as a country. Many people struggled to get by in the horrible economy, and it caused many people a lot of suffering. One person did a great job at pushing through these rough times, and his name was James Braddock. James Braddock was considered a...
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How a Book Can Impact One's Life
“It’s in the activities an individual learns his strengths and limitations.” (Jason Crowe). Some people say that writing a book is a boring or pointless activity, but to my uncle, writing a book was the best thing that could have ever done in his lifetime. The book that he wrote is called Eras of Excellence. He wrote the bo...
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My Mother My Hero
What makes a person a hero? What actions does a hero take? A hero is someone who has impacted your life in any way. My special hero is my mother Martha, a hard-working individual with an enormous heart. My mother has never failed to be there for me when I needed her the most. An extremely wise, generous and strong human bei...
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Integrity in The Crucible
Being honest and true is everyone's goal in life. Integrity is about
being a true and whole person which is attempted by many people. The
Crucible, by Arthur Miller, has many characters who favor integrity by
admitting mistakes and refusing to lie just to save their own lives. John is the main example of the true meaning...
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Agent Orange and How it Changed my Life
The American Cancer Society states, “About 3 million Americans served in the armed forces in Vietnam and nearby areas during the 1960s and early 1970s, the time of the Vietnam War. During that time, the military used large amounts of mixtures known as defoliants, which are chemicals that cause the leaves to fall off plants....
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The Justice League
Do you know how many founding members there are in the Justice League? Do you even know The Justice League is? Well by the end of this presentation you all should know the answers to these questions. Let’s go on a journey into the mighty team, The Justice League. Before we get into the actual heroes that make up with the...
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The Power of a Good Friend
I'm sure everyone has that one friend that is really good to them, but this friend to me is the greatest anyone could ever ask for. His name is Justin. Justin is a senior in high school, and will be attending college soon after he is finished. I first met Justin at work a year and a half ago, but in such little time we beca...
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Why My Dad Is My Hero
My role model is my dad, his name is Nathan, and he has always been there for me. He is 6’1 and usually wearing business clothes, because he is coming from work when I see him. My dad has dark brown hair that is basically black. He has recently lost about thirty pounds and is slimmer than he used to be. He is the CFO of an...
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Mel Gibson Deserves a Second Chance
Mel Gibson, born January 3, 1956, is an American actor, film director, producer and screenwriter. He was born in Peekskill, New York, moved with his parents to Sydney, Australia, when he was 12 years old, and later studied acting at the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art. He was great at acting and gotten many aw...
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Why My Hero is my Great Grandmother
My Great Grandma, Dorothy O’Brien, has been the most positive and influential person I know.   She was nineteen and raising her adopted children, while her husband was overseas fighting in World War II. My Great Grandma is my Michigan hero because she is a hard worker, active in the church community, and is a positive role...
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Overcoming the Odds
Nothing is more inspiring than watching a person overcome extreme hardships. A camp counselor I met two years ago is still inspiring to me today. It was my first time at summer camp and I was paired with Elizabeth. Elizabeth just finished high school. She was working the camp as her summer job to make money before she start...
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Miep Gies and Her Legacy
Miep gies quote was inspiring and beautiful it expresses literature and self-expression. She expressed how anyone anywhere could do well, even people if they have done bad things in the past. She said that even a teenager could help other people and possibly change their look on life. She emphasized that what she did wasn’...
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My Grandpa Is My Hero
Ounce upon a little girl met her best friend, her rock and her inspiration that person happens to be her grandpa. He isn’t only my grandpa but he is the reason for my smile and he has made me into the person that I am today. He has never given up no matter what life throws at him. My grandpa is the most determine person I k...
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Anne Hutchinson and Her Fight in the Antinomian Controversy
              “A women with fierce courage, a nimble wit, active spirit, and more bold than a man…”  is what she was called. Anne Hutchinson was the center of the Antinomian Controversy. She fought the most to make choices about religion exual for both men and women. Anne Hutchinson was an outspoken and brave women who hel...
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Harvey Milk: Mayor of Castro Street
When I began researching my pioneer, I had the worst time starting this
paper. I kept looking for a person's name that caught my eye. I
started with Henrietta DeWitt, she was a pioneer in the 1930's where in
Springfield, Maryland she worked as an untrained social worker that
helped the overcrowded hospital for the mentall...
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Jesus Ochoa, Dental Entrepreneur
Jesus Ochoa, managing director of Multident, is a Peruvian entrepreneur
and a professional in the dental field. In his 30 years in dentistry,
has dispelled many myths about dentists regarding fear of going to the
dentist. Committed and passionate about dentistry, devoted to his
profession, he is able to smile back at pe...
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Jackie Robinson the First African-American Major League Baseball Player
In 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first African-American Major League Baseball player. Instead of cheers and clapping, the fans and players shouted racial things at him. Throughout this tough time Jackie Robinson stayed generous and strong. This made Jackie Robinson a incredible person. Two examples that show that Jackie...
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My Father as My Hero
Do you have a role model? A role model is someone who you look up to, who has a major effect on you. My father is my role model. I get chills down my back just thinking about all he has done for me growing up. (And all he put up with too) My father has been very patient with me. He has never given up on me and encourag...
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Forgiveness and Conflict Resolution in My Life Philosophy
If I where to chose a single motif for my life I would say that it
would be forgiveness. From a young age my father taught me about
forgiving others and more importantly choosing your battles wisely.
Throughout life we will have many conflicts with other people and it is
how we deal with these problems that defines us. Whe...
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In Praise of My Mother
Juliaette is the name of my mother. She is one of the most important women in my life. My mother is the one person I look up to the most. She is a very beautiful and strong individual. She is like my own personal super hero with the power of love. My mother is very rust worthy. I can trust her with anything. If I had a pro...
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