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Sub-Categories of Legal Studies and Law

The Delegation of Bahrain and the Issues Surrounding the International Court of Justice
Past and Current International Action The ICJ has many causes for concern. One of these causes is that judges elected to represent and defend their state parties vote regularly only in the parties’ favor, as seen in Posner 2004. To fix this issue, the ICJ created a rule that judges are elected only every nine years in th...
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A Study of the Impact of Environmental Crimes
Environmental crimes and other types of crime are not always treated the same by law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement organizations typically have the responsibility of prioritizing certain issues that are impacting the community that they serve. For example, gun control and homicide would be of importance in a dangero...
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A Study of a Case Between a General Contractor and a Subcontractor
The case at hand involves a dispute between a general contractor and a
subcontractor. The general contractor, A.E.M. Electrical services, was not
fully paid for a contract that they entered into with a hotel company. In
turn, they then failed to fully pay the subcontractor, Transtar Electric,
for some of the work that was p...
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An Overview of KinderGUARD and How It Works in Protecting Infants from Abduction
Introduction What should be one of the happiest and most joyous times in a couples life can quickly turn into one of panic and terror when their newborn infant is abducted while still in the hospital. Many are unaware of the alarming statistics for infant abductions that take place in a healthcare facility and often time’...
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The Failures of Law Enforcement to Keep Up with Technology
Kristin Finklea, Specialist in Domestic Security when writing this article provides us with information regarding the inability of law enforcement to keep up with the ever developing technology associated with cell phones and the manufacturers who continue to develop protections for their client’s information to be kept sec...
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The Benefits of Electronic Monitoring as an Alternative Punishment for Crimes in the United States
While the population increases in Juvenile Detention Centers around the United States, courts are looking for alternative punishments for crimes to avoid incarceration, especially for those that are first time offenders, or juveniles that have appropriate supervision at home. These alternative methods can prove to be cost...
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Judicial Activism vs. Judicial Restraint in the United States
As we rely on our judicial system more and more to protect the rights of the citizens in the United States we must review the concepts of judicial restraint versus that of judicial activism. The concept of judicial restraint encourages the judges to almost “police” themselves when utilizing their judicial powers. Under t...
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Edward Snowden: The Controversial Whistleblower of the NSA
Edward Snowden Hero or Traitor? Edward Snowden an American hero, yet the federal government's enemy. The controversial topic of Edward Snowden also known as the "whistleblower" of the NSA (National Security Agency) reveals the fact that that the government is misinterpreting their abilities.Edward Snowden is a he...
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Body Cameras Should Be Worn by Police Officers All the Time for Protection
Why are body cameras needed for Police officers ? Considering the use of body camera on cops are an important source of trust between citizens and police officers. This can decrease the amount of reports of officers using the force which may be helpful to keep the citizens safer. The use of the force has b...
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Reformations of the U.S. Constitution
Reformation of the U.S Constitution The United States Constitution was ratified on September 17, 1787 during the Philadelphia Convention, now known as the Constitutional Convention. Throughout the two- hundred and twenty eight years the United States Constitution has been set it places, it has technically only been altere...
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Higher Privilege and Special Treatment Given to Celebrities in Concerns to the Crime and Punishment System
There are many factors in today’s world that influence the media and as a result this influence’s our beliefs in our everyday life and how our culture is set up. It is no secret that the few rich celebrities and those who have money and power live a lifestyle that none of us even come close to in our time. With this money a...
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A Case Analysis of the Trial of the Century, the Leopold and Loeb Trial of 1924
The murder of Bobby Franks and the Illinois vs. Leopold and Loeb Trial of 1924 shocked the populace of Chicago. The murder was gruesome. The motive—unknown. The murders—crazed. The Leopold and Loeb Trial is undoubtedly worthy of the title "Trial of the Century" because the perplexing crime gripped the imagination of the peo...
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Turning to Transformative Justice is the Only Solution to the Victimization of LGBTQ People by the Justice System
The prison system and the justice system as a whole are broken institutions. Every year people of color are murdered by police officers, trans sex workers are picked up due to profiling, and a disprortinate number of LGBTQ people are placed into the prision system. LGBTQ people are disspraportinately victimized in many ways...
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The Perks and Issues of Lowering the Drinking Age in the United States
The Debate on Lowering the Drinking Age In the United States at age 18, a person is legally allowed to buy tobacco, vote, get married, enlist in the military, and work in a bar, among other privileges. However, in most states, he cannot legally drink champagne at his own wedding or have a beer with his fellow comrades. “P...
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A Consolidation of Six Lower Court Cases in the Landmark Case, Obergefell v. Hodges
Midterm Exam: Obergefell v. Hodges In June of 2015, the United States Supreme Court decided on a landmark case, Obergefell v. Hodges. The Court held a 5-4 decision in which they concluded that the fundamental right to marry is guaranteed to same-sex couples by the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause of the F...
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The Act of Cyberbullying as a Form of Digital Communication in Social Media Networks
In today’s world, everything is digitized, and that even includes the way people communicate with each other. Social media networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are three of today’s most popular social media services, each amassing hundreds of millions of users over the course of a few years. While the majority of...
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The Beliefs, Application, and Power of the Judicial Review
In the United States of America, the Constitution has always been a
document which upholds and protects the rights of the individual citizens.
However, the country's Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution in 1776
using broad and general terms, which has led to debate and disagreement
regarding whether the Constitution was...
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The Topic of Empowerment Through Private Rights Studied on the Examples of a Few Supreme Court Cases
Although law is procedural and a series of rules, these aspects allow it to be used for the benefit of government and its people, as well as a form of empowerment for them both. Obergefell v. Hodges was a case in 2015 that reached the Supreme Court; it ruled that gay marriage is legal. However, the case did not reach the S...
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Product Liabilities and Solutions in the Case of Little Billy and the Cracker Balls Company
Little Billy is three years old. He is at the playground and finds an opens a box of “cracker balls”. He puts the content of the cracker balls into his mouth and the cracker balls soon explode, leaving Billy with horrible injuries in his mouth. Billy’s parents decide they want to sue the cracker balls company. There are two...
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An Overview of the Patriot Act of the United States
Abstract This paper’s goal is to provide an overview of the Patriot Act in order to provide an understanding of what it does and how one can come to a proper conclusion or recommendation for the Act itself. It will focus on the origin of the Act, who was involved, why it was created, and how the public responded to it. T...
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The Discrimination Faced by Fathers in Cases of Child Support, Child Custody, and the Dangers from Paternity Fraud
Abstract This paper identifies the legal challenges that fathers face, especially discrimination from courts. Fathers are discriminated against in cases of child support, child custody, and face dangers from paternity fraud. Discrimination by Courts Against Fathers The legal system of the United States is looked up to...
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The Controversial Age of Criminal Responsibility in the Juvenile Justice System
Much debate has been made over the appropriate age in which Children are considered to be criminally responsible. This includes the notion of doli incapax, meaning that the individual cannot explicitly comprehend that their actions was seriously wrong. Throughout the Australian legal systems, children under the age of ten a...
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An Outline of Preventive Policing Strategies and Their Effects on the Community
Methods of preventative policing have been front and centre in contemporary criminal justice ideologies, with many researchers arguing that these types of policing issue the best form of crime reduction. The preventative policing sphere can be broken down further into a number of strategies in which academics advocate for,...
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People with Metal Disabilities Should Be given Equal Rights
Imdad Ali, a Pakistani prisoner with a mental disability is in risk of execution. The Pakistan supreme court rejected all his appeals. Hundreds of people with mental illness die each year because of unconstitutional death penalties. Although, many people have tried to prevent fallacious executions, none of them worked so fa...
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The States' Abuse of the Power of the Death Row
Annotated Bibliography Clark, James. “Troy Davis 5 Years On.” (2011) Five years ago, a man named Troy Davis was put on death row in front of millions of people. Authorities like Jimmy Carter and Pope Benedict XVI wanted Georgia to stop the execution. Georgia ignored them and mil...
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