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Sub-Categories of Architecture and Design

Comparing the Similarities and Differences in the Works of Antoni Gaudi and the 13th and 14th Century Architects
The 13th and 14tth century architects and the 19nth century architect Antoni Gaudi had a similar purpose in mind when designing their Cathedrals. They both wanted visitors to get closer to God when they went into the church. However, their approaches were different. The 13/14th century architects wanted to get the visitors...
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An Outline of a Speech on the Teardrop Memorial for the Events of 9/11 Gifted by Russia
Introduction (Attention Getter) Who here has been to New York City and seen the ground zero memorial? Did you know that there is a second memorial in New York for 9/11? (Reveal and Relate) On the 5th anniversary of 9/11 Russia gifted us with the teardrop memorial which was officially named To the Struggle Against World Te...
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A Site for Peace and Serenity
A Numinous Site of Serenity The view from the upper floor of the chapel was very murky and dim, like a powerless bedroom during a thunderstorm. From the center of the ceiling hung four chandeliers bound by chains, holding three lanterns each. Since no chaplain was present at the time, these lanterns remained unlit. The onl...
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Challenges Facing the Delivery of Construction Materials in Modern Times
There are several challenges facing the delivery of construction materials
in modern times. Some of the issues are new to the industry while some have
been in existence for a long time. Construction projects involve several
interlinked activities resulting to unique challenges not experienced in
other industries. Each const...
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A History of Roman Architecture: An Improvement of the Greek Architectural Skills
Roman Architecture. As like many things, the Greeks were the firsts to really begin building and start the history of architecture but the Romans took all of the Greeks skills and improved them immensely. The Romans loved building, improving buildings, trying new construction techniques and using new materials. The develop...
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Ancient Egyptians' and Indians' Beliefs About Afterlife and the Story of Taj Mahal
The ancient Egyptians believed that in order for a deceased person to live a happy afterlife they needed all the same possessions that they enjoyed during their earthly life. The Great Pyramids of Egypt, which were built in 2600-2550 BCE, were the most famous burial sites that we can still study today. The Egyptians put a g...
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The History of the Development of Sunset District
INTRODUCTION Teeming with track housing, schools, and mom-and-pop shops, the Sunset District is not immediately recognizable as part of a city. In fact, this suburb-within-a-city, San Francisco’s youngest neighborhood, has been largely ignored by San Francisco historians. Lorri Ungaretti, a Sunset District City Guide and a...
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A Case Study on Different Shopping Mall Fire Accidents
Introduction Provision of adequate fire safety measures in a shopping mall is
critical since they are accessed by individuals from all walks of life.
Research indicates that safety measures in shopping mass are inadequately
provided; therefore, serious damages are likely to occur in case of a fire. According to Kach...
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An Overview of Mechanical Smoke Ventilation and How It Works
Introduction Mechanical smoke ventilation is an efficient smoke control technique that
protects the staircase from smoke ingress. The design of mechanical
ventilation systems ensure protection to the stairs and prevent wind and
create stack effect. Stack effect allows smoke to travel up the building
rather than filling a...
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The Reality of Architecture and Why It is a Male-Dominated Field Throughout History and in the Modern World
Architecture has traditionally always been viewed as a male-dominated field throughout history and even in the modern world. While women have begun to become noticed and influential in the modern field women have historically been hidden. Eileen Gray is both an exception to this communication issue as well as an example; de...
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Remembering Greek Art and Culture by Analyzing the West Pediment and the Temple of Artemis
Remembering our historical roots in terms of art and culture is undeniably of the utmost importance. In the field of architecture, elements of buildings from other time periods and cultures are often incorporated into modern day structures. This is often done in order to convey a certain feeling or meaning. An example of th...
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Improving the Quality of Life by Going Green
A green home is a home that is built and designed with the earth in mind. Green materials consist of those that are recycled or salvaged; they conserve natural resources, save energy, and avoid toxic emissions. Green homes are starting to be in high demand, mostly because homeowners want to save as much energy as possible...
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The Development of Architecture Throughout History
Many could argue architecture is presented in different forms. Today`s architecture represented in a sleek and modern way depicting the true meaning of the art. The acceptance of this new style leads the people to a belief architecture is nothing but a display of materials. It takes away from the true artistic abilities it...
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Differing Styles of Two Architects - Frank Lloyd Wright and Maya Lin
Architects impact the world in their own individual way with their unique design. Frank Lloyd Wright and Maya Lin are two very similar and very different American Architects from different time periods. Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, created mainly homes with the use of horizontal lines. While on the other hand, Maya L...
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The Latest Trends in
A trend is the latest style of the pop culture; it could start from clothing, to cars, and music to common speech and social networks. It’s really a subject that everyone pays attention to. Especially in 2016, the trends have gone up and everyone is trying to be on top of it. has gained the fame of making any mus...
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The Characteristics of the Gothic Style of Architecture: Stained Glass Windows, Rib Vaults, and Flying Buttresses
The Gothic style – originating in the powerful monasteries of the Paris region – dominated much of European art and architecture for 400 years. By the mid-12th century, advances in building technology, increasing financial resources, and new intellectual and spiritual aspirations led to the development of a new art and arch...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Design-Build Method in Construction
The construction industry has obtained several methods that are used for delivering projects successfully and resourcefully. One method that has strategically been used throughout many construction fields would be the design-build method. This alternative to the traditional methods provide the owner with a single contract b...
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The Life and Impact of Emma Lazarus on America Through the Construction of the Iconic Statue of Liberty in New York City
The statue of liberty is an iconic feature of the United States. People all over the world travel to New York City and go directly to the historic statue. Costumes of the green woman are made, people dress up like the statue and hope tourists take pictures with them in exchange for money. Key-chains, tours, basically anythi...
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A Comparison of the Style, Purpose, and Context of Two Works of Architecture: The Roman Temple of Portunus and the Great Mosque in Djenne, Mali
Let us compare two works of architecture in art history with specific focus on style, purpose and context, as well as engineering: Temple of Portunus (Republican Rome, c. 75 BCE) and the Great Mosque in Djenné, Mali (begun 13th century). The Temple of Portunus (travertine and stucco) looks like a classical temple derived...
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A Summary of Architectural Criticism, an Article by William H. Hayes
Summary of William H. Hayes’ “Architectural Criticism” “Architectural Criticism” was an article written by William H. Hayes and published by The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism in 2002. Hayes “taught philosophy and related courses for more than forty years, primarily at Washington State University and CSU Stanislau...
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An Analysis of the Art and Architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome
Art and Architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome Our world would look extremely different today if it was not for the ancient Greeks and Romans. Both civilizations have contributed drastically to the modern world. One major area where these ancient civilizations flourished was in the arts and architecture. The Greeks master...
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The Origin and History of Gothic Architecture
In France during the eleventh and twelfth centuries, a new style of architecture flourished. Later referred to as “Gothic”, this style was the result of a flourishing town life and commonly featured large cathedrals. These cathedrals served not only as a church, but as a sort of community center. The cathedrals took many ye...
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The Development of Greek Sculpture throughout History
Greek Sculpture Develops The time between the pre-classical period and the end of the Hellenistic period was a time of great progress. Many changes occurred in the arts especially regarding sculpture. There were major shifts in methods and approaches to sculpture that occurred from the archaic time period to the end of the...
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The Evolution of 19th Century Photography
19th Century Photography: Defining a New Art The desire to create art is ingrained in humanity. The first art can be traced back to the cave paintings at Lascaux which are thought to be over 17,000 years old. In comparison, photography is a rather modern medium.While Mo Ti first observed that a small aperture in a darkened...
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A History of the Building of the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.
The National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) was designed and built by the architect company, Hornblower and Marshall (Leon). This amazingly beautiful neoclassic building was built on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. I truly cannot imagine a better place to locate this museum other than where it is currently placed. T...
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