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Succinate Dehydrogenase Activity of Mitochondria
Introduction: In Eukaryotic cells the mitochondria is the organelle specializing in energy extraction. This extraction happens in a process referred to as cellular respiration. In cellular respiration sugars, fatty acids and amino acids are broken down into carbon dioxide, water and cellular energy called adenosine triphos...
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Identifying Unknown Compounds
An ionic compound is identified based on the chemical properties that are found within the compound. In these experiments, the focus was on the cationic and anionic properties of an unknown ionic compound. The main purpose of these experiments was to learn the various elimination and confirmation tests of the ions, and use...
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Psychological Session Report
SUBJECTIVE: TB was attentive and cooperative throughout the session, indicated by providing contingent and quick responses and maintaining conversation with the clinician by frequently asking questions. The client demonstrated difficulty with retrieving words and initiating production of the target words, phrases, and sente...
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Lab Report on Organic Compounds in Foods
Organic Compounds in Foods Objective: The purpose of this lab was to determine which organic compounds are found in our foods. Hypothesis: For each food, we predicted which organic compound each contain and did not contain. If we recorded a addition sign ( ) that meant that we predicted that it was going to be posit...
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Experimenting with an aqueous solution of Sodium Hydroxide and an aqueous solution of Calcium Dichloride
The experiment will focus on the instantaneous reaction between an aqueous solution of Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH, and an aqueous solution of Calcium dichloride, CaCl2. The amount of NaOH will be kept constant throughout the experiment; however, the amount of aqueous CaCl2 solution will changed gradually. Initially, NaOH will b...
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The Effect of Sucrose and IKI on Diffusion and the Activity of Plant Cells and Water
The membrane of a cell functions as a barrier, and also as a gateway where waste is discharged and essential materials enter. A membrane that allows only some molecules pass through is called “semipermeable.” In this lab, we are investigating the passage of materials though semipermeable membranes by passive transport, mole...
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Rocket Launch Report
I’ve discovered that designing and building a bottle rocket is much harder than I expected it to be. I originally designed the rocket to look in a way like the northern lights or Aurora Borealis. Unfortunately, I ran into a few complications that resulted in a change in the design. When working on gluing the fins onto my ro...
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Chemistry Laboratory Experiment for Density
The purpose of this lab was to find the density of different objects by
finding their mass and volumes. I believe that, if the mass increases,
then the density will increase. To investigate this hypothesis, my group
used a triple beam balance, a graduated cylinder, and a ******. We had
five samples. These included aluminum...
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Carrying out a Science Survey
In this Science Survey Assignment, I surveyed five people. Three out of the five people were high school students (two from Newport High School, one from Cleveland High School) in the age ranges of 12-15. I’ve also surveyed a person in the age range 21-30, and 31-50. An important thing to know is that the high school studen...
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A Foodborne Pathogen Called Listeria Monocytogenes
1.1 History Murray et al. first described Listeria monocytogenes in 1926. These researchers isolated L. monocytogenes as the etiological agent of sudden death of young rabbits in the animal-breeding establishment of the Department of Pathology of Cambridge, England (Murray et al., 1926). In 1927, Pirie (Pirie, 1927), durin...
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Testing Soil Absorption Rates
In science class we are testing the absorption of soil. We wanted to know, which soil (holds) the most water. The absorbency and porosity have a big effect on the experiment. Absorbency-the soils ability to hold water, porosity- the amount of open space between the soil particles. Since the absorbency is the ability to hold...
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2s Complement Using 7-Segment Display
The purpose of this lab was to familiarize students with analog oscilloscope and hardware for circuit design. The lab has two parts; the first part is to generate waves using a bit file given in the lab. Our task is to learn how to calibrate and adjust the oscilloscope so we can read clearly what our hardware has generated....
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Experiment Discussion
No associations were found between baseline dietary calcium and vitamin D intakes and markers of vascular health including the gold standard marker for arterial stiffness cfPWV, peripheral blood pressure, PP and MAP, in addition to augmentation index corrected for heart rate, another marker of arterial stiffness. Dietary in...
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The Effects of Crystal Growth Based on Temperature
Abstract The essay identifies a connection between social and scientific
perspectives of reasons for correlation found in Hardens results between
early, on-time or late sexual experience and long term effects on future
romantic relationships and socioeconomic status. Hardens results showed
late sexual experience was a...
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Lab Report Detailing a Lava Lamp
The question behind this lab was what is the reaction when you mix water, oil, food coloring and Alka-Seltzer? After going over the question I made a hypothesis which was if we mix water, oil, food coloring and Alka-Seltzer, then the mixture within the test tube will send bubbles of CO2 making a lava lamp like reaction wit...
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Feasibility Analysis Report
This feasibility report follows up on the report topic proposal. The report topic proposal was used to establish background information for the concept of implementing social activities in a research lab environment. This report will deal with the research into supporting claims, counter-arguments, and alternatives to what...
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Measuring Temperature
Objective: To determine how thermocouples capable of measuring temperature. Show temperature profile in a furnace.
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Review of a Microbiology Lab
Introduction: We have studied the daily work and practice of microbiologists in their
work environment. As part of the study, we have interviewed one person
who showed us around the lab, where he works and we had a chance to go
over what kind of equipments, materials, and technology they use for
their work practice. They u...
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Measuring the Absorbance of Enzyme Activity
The purpose of this experiment was to measure absorbance of enzymes activity at different times. The experiments simplified by using substrate as a phenolphthalein monophosphate (PMP) (Shown in fig.1). Phenolpthalein was pH indicator; it appeared colourless below pH 9 then turned pink above pH 10. In this experiment alkalin...
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Notes on a Therapy Session
Throughout the session, I noticed the client, a young woman, kept referring to being worried most of the time. Her worries aroused, due to work and family events that have added stress to her life. It seems these events have made her doubt her ability to perform her work duties and possibly arouse the fear of hurting othe...
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Basic MOSFET Amplifier and CMOS Inverter
Objective The main objective of this experiment is to get familiarize with the simulation of simple MOS circuits using SPICE tool. The MOSFET amplifier properties were discussed in part 1 and the CMOS inverter was discussed in part 2. Procedure/Discussion...
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Introduction to the Brine Shrimp Lab
The adult brine shrimp Artemia is just over a centimeter in size. Although it may resemble a shrimp under magnification, Artemia is categorized in the order of primitive crustaceans (Duerr). Artemia are found in only about 250 locations around the world, since they exist in water bodies so high in salinity that their predat...
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An Experiment to Test for the Presence of Starch in Onion and Potato Using Iodine Solution
INTRODUCTION Starch is a complex carbohydrate (polysaccharide) made from thousands of α glucose units, joined together by glycosidic linkages. It is the main compound that all green plants use to store their food energy. Starch is insoluble in water. The purpose of this experiment is to demonstrate that using an...
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Lab Report on Mass and Volume
This lab report is about mass and volume. Mass is the amount of matter in an object.  Mass is different from weight. Volume is the amount of space that a substance or object occupies. Because the water was massed by pouring in to the beaker. The beaker became constant. This experiment is to investigate the relationship betw...
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An Experiment Conducted on the Green Barley Plant
Through collecting the data it was determined that by increasing the sample size, the overall results did not improve. It can be seen in Table 2 that the percentage for green barley plants decreased as the sample size increased; and that the percentage for the albino barley plants increased as the sample size increased. Al...
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