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An Analysis of Geography in Guns, Germs and Steel, a Transdisciplinary Non-Fiction Book by Jared Diamond
Turning on the television, one will see news reports of starving, dying children in one nation juxtaposed next to millionaires in another. Everywhere people are exploited, abused, neglected, and taken advantage of. Everywhere there is inequality; however, some nations are historically more unequal than others. Some countrie...
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An Overview of the Folklore of the Guadalupe Mountains
The Guadalupe Mountain Folklore The Guadalupe Mountain has stood as a messenger; a bridge between humans and mother earth for countless centuries. The Guadalupe Mountain has stood in the middle, of what is now known as, west Texas and southeastern New Mexico. It has been a home to many different cultures for over 10,000...
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A Look into the Mongols Civilization
The Mongols, whom many referred to as the Tartars, and their leader Genghis (or Chingis, or Jinghiz) Khan have proved to be a fascinating and mysterious civilization with an empire that had expanded further than the world had ever seen. Especially during their reign, Europeans took particular interest in discovering the rea...
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An Analysis of the Mummy Mask and the Portrait Statue of Pharaoh Amenhotep II at the Dallas Museum of Art and Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth
Archaeology While I was in intermediate school, I was given the opportunity to perform the part of the goddess Isis of Egypt in my sixth grade play, and I have been fascinated with ancient Egyptian culture ever since. Over the years I have gathered random snippets of general knowledge on subject that proved to be of consid...
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A Review of Witchcraft Practices and Belief of the Azande People
Witchcraft and its Reasonability to Believe A Cultures Values Even If There Is No Rational Evidence? The Notion of Witchcraft Explains Unfortunate Events by E. E. Evans-Pritchard is a specific chapter, which consisted of information regarding the Azande people whom are an ethnic group in Sudan Central Africa, also known as...
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The Search for Order in Ancient Europe
The Widespread Search for Order There was a widespread ‘search for order’ following a series of violent religious wars throughout Europe and several other countries. One of the initial and most simplistic resolutions of these problems was the idea of Absolutism and the divine right of kings. Absolutism, according to the Me...
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The Characteristics of Ancient Empires on the Examples of the Olmec and the Chimu Empires
How can an empire be identified if it no longer exists? The first step is to define what an empire is, in order to know exactly what to look for. Simply stated an empire is “a collection of states or countries under a central authority” though it can have many more specific features. Some of these concepts can be architectu...
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An Analysis of an Article on the Culture of the Nacirema, the Citizens of the United States of America
The article describes the culture of the Nacirema as being “…very poorly understood” (par 2) and that their cultural significance has only recently come into light. On a daily basis they follow precise and specific rituals that they have created. But, through the mentions of rudimentary terms like “medicine men” and “ magic...
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A History of the Iroquois Confederacy
For hundreds of years the people of the Iroquois Confederacy, also known as the Iroquois League, the Haudensoaunee to members of the Confederacy, or more commonly the Six Nations, have prided themselves on being a sovereign nation with their own constitution, beliefs, and way of life. Consisting of five Native American tri...
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The Concept of Love in Different Cultures
It is pretty universal the act of wanting a long-term companion. People used to strive to find “their person” and start a family, however this contemporary society has now focused on slowing down the process and adding new features. People now date, exclusively and non-exclusively, they marry/then divorce, they have childre...
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