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An Examination of the Culture of the South in the United States
The culture of the South in the United States has many “hallmarks” that supposedly set it apart from its northern brother. Among these characteristics are hospitality, heritage, a romantic view of the South as a whole, and a deep rooted, subconscious form of racism. This racism was, at one point in time, a conscious effort...
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Shamans and Their Roles in Society as Leaders, Diviners, Healers, and Entertainers
In many indigenous societies, there is a highly valued person named a shaman who is regarded as being able to communicate with the world of spirits. These people can be male or female, may be passed down hereditary, and are often said to be called upon by deities. They are often referred to by many different names (such as...
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Understanding Cultures: Lila Abu-Lughod's Writing Women's World: Bedouin Stories
Lila Abu-Lughod’s ethnography Writing Women’s Worlds: Bedouin Stories escapes the format of traditional ethnographies, and for a reason. Abu-Lughod wrote her ethnography in the form of a collection of stories from Bedouin men and women in Egypt in order to show the differences from person to person, even when under the umbr...
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The Exploitation of Migrant Workers in the Agricultural Industry in America
Mexican Migrant Laborers and Malady Field labor, arguably one of the most arduous tasks in the workforce, has been exploited since the beginning of civilization. From slavery to indentured servitude to the establishment of crop liens to low-wage field labor, physical has always been associated with the underprivileged demo...
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The Teaching Philosophy of the Amish
All communities eventually change at some point in their histories. No matter how big, and powerful these societies are they do eventually fall. A fairly recent community that seems to be growing rather than diminishing are the Amish. Yet, the Amish community does not do things that are typically associated with a growing c...
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An Observation of the Personal Standing within a Society in the Nambikwara Society in Men, Women, and Chiefs by Claude Levi-Strauss
In Claude Lévi-Strauss’ piece Men, Women, and ChiefsLévi-Strauss states that in the Nambikwara society he observed personal standing within the society came from the ability to inspire others and lead. One of the questions posed in the anthology after this piece asks if this type of leadership is present in an organization...
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The Impact of Society on an Individual's Pattern of Behavior
In Ruth Benedict’s piece The Individual and the Pattern of Culture Benedict states that the culture an individual lives in expects certain actions and patterns of behavior from the individuals who live in it and asks the question, which societal expectations do I fulfill and which ones do I defy. Different cultures place va...
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The Role of Marriage in the Tribes of the Bedouin, Maasai, and Kung
Every culture in the world has its own views on marriage. Though one view may be similar to others in a lot of aspects, there are still striking differences from what another may view as a normal marriage ceremony and married way of life. When looking at the tribes of the Bedouin, Maasai, and Kung, we are able to see diffe...
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The Exchange of Gift Giving in Archaic Societies as Described in Marcel Mauss's The Gift
Marcell Mauss’s book The Gift (1954) is an essay describing the exchange of gift giving in archaic “primitive” societies. Mauss examines the process of gift giving by breaking them down into three separate obligations: the obligation to give, to receive and reciprocate. He chooses to study the methods of gift exchange in so...
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Things You Need to Know before Deciding to Become Amish
Becoming Amish is not as simple as you may think. I am not writing to convince you not to but rather explain all that you have to change so you may make an informed choice and hopefully not break a huge promise and commitment. It may seem easy to give up your car and other technology and in exchange for a horse and buggy...
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