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An Analysis of the Rastafari Movement and Culture
The Rastafari Movement and Culture Rastafari is a pan-African belief that arose in the early 20th century along with many other afro-centric movements started by Marcus Garvey. It is unlike many world religions in the way that it has no official organization, churches, clergy or theologians. Still the basic tenets of Rasta...
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A Study on the Experiences of Pregnancy and Reproduction by the Working Class Women of Color
“The way that birth is experienced by a woman reflects the values of the society in which that birth occurs as well as the value placed in the woman’s individual beliefs” – Noreen Werner Esposito Pregnancy and reproduction has been the center of a lot of studies for a very long time since reproduction has always been apa...
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The Life and Culture of the Germites, a Fictional Tribe
The Germites            The Germites are a very complex creatures with a complex culture. They have been around since the beginning of mankind, and they live freely in the mouths of all human beings starting the day that a human is born. One day (24 hours) for a human is a year for the Germites. They get around on two feet...
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The Different Areas Were Chinese-Americans Thrive
Many Chinese Americans live in ethnic urban enclaves known as Chinatowns. Children growing up here are more likely to grow up speaking a Chinese language, be involved with Chinese-American activities such as Chinese church, and have a lower socioeconomic status. (Lecture 14) In the essay “Chinese and Proud of It,” Jubilee L...
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The Assimilation of Generation 1.5 in American Society
Throughout history, America has been known as a land with an opulent and intricate tapestry of varied cultures with a historical narrative of struggles in the balance of powers between groups. As currents of people ebb and flow in and out of the country, so does the cultural landscape of America constantly change. Immigrant...
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An Analysis of the Cultural Assimilation of the Native Americans and Mestizos of Mexico
Cultural Assimilation and the Mestizos of Mexico Arguably, cultural assimilation is one of the major methods that all cultures under duress have used to not only protect themselves and their way of life, but also to further their growth as a whole. Cultural assimilation can occur in two different ways - either it is forc...
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An Overview of the Traditional African Extended Family Structure
South Africa The traditional African extended family structure is patrilineal and tribal in terms of lineal ancestry, in which family of both sexes were related through the men only. The extended family includes three generations to which the grandfather is the head of the family in terms of authority structure, and with...
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The Unconventional Marriage Practices of the Hmong People
Still Traditional The Hmong people have traditions that they brought with them from their homeland to the United States, including the traditions of marriage. Chua, who was 15 years old, went out on a date with her boyfriend for the day. When it was time for the boyfriend to take Chua home, he would not. Instead, he took C...
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A History of Hair Braiding and the Myth of the Greek Goddess Malia Braiding Her Hair
Hair braiding has been around ever since the Pharaohs ruled and the
Native Americans could breathe. It was an object of beautification.
European women would braid their hair in order to keep it clean. Hair
braiding became a symbol of an individual's social status, as for married
women in Europe it was a disgrace to leave ha...
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A Study of the Culture of the Maasai People
Film Review 3: Tribal Wives – Maasai Culture The Maasai people live in Kenya in East Africa. Their official language is the Maa, but they are educated in the English and Swahili languages as well. In contrast to the Western world, the Maasai have a very different culture, since it is dominated by the patriarchy, which mean...
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