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The Beauty of the Interior of St Mark's Cathedral in Venice, Italy
St Mark’s Interior, Venice The interior of St Mark’s cathedral is located in Venice, Italy. The current St Mark’s cathedral was the second after the original St Mark’s cathedral, which is located in Doge’s Palace, burnt down in 976. The current form was finished in 1063. The exterior is a beautiful architectural achieve...
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The Centralization in the Political Structures of the Mayan and Teotihuacan Societies Observed in Their Architecture and Art
Mesoamerica has a rich history of culture entangled with strong social stratification. There are many examples of this, with varying reasons as to how and why they became that way. One of the most common themes is based around a ritual society, and is centered around religious acts and ideals. With the act of worship, peopl...
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A Comparison between the Ancient Burial Practices of Egypt and the Island of Crete
Studying burial practices can determine important information about the culture of a population. Looking to burial sites in ancient societies is one of the best tools to use to determine the role, importance and power of people in that society. Egypt is one of the most well known burial sites in the world. The island of Cre...
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A Report on the Monumental Funerary Structures of Ancient Egypt
The afterlife continues to be a complex concept to the human race. Death is a controversial subject that pervades the thought process once self actualization is reached. The ancient Egyptian culture took death and the practice of burying human remains to an extreme that was not developed before their time. Leaders of ancien...
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Villa Rotunda: The Perfect Vacation Home
A “vacation home” requires many different things. It has to feel like home and represent you as a person. It needs to match the area it is surrounded by. It should make you feel comfortable and happy and needs to be livable. A “vacation home” is a second home and it should be built to perfection so it can represent what you...
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The History of the Radio City Music Hall
Radio City Music Hall (The Showplace of the Nation) Radio City Music Hall was built in 1932 by Edward Durell Stone after John D. Rockefeller Jr came up with the idea to build such a place while he was building the Rockefeller Complex in Manhattan. The theater opened its doors on December 27, 1932 and since then, more t...
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An Evaluation of Planning, Designing, Constructing, and Maintaining: The Process of Building Highways
Nowadays, highways are essential as a way of transportation. The
system allows efficient transportation for all sort of vehicles. Though the
idea of highways seem fairly simple, what goes into the engineering process
requires much consideration and skill. What is involved in the process of
building highways include planning...
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The Need for Hull-House in Modern Society
The Hull-House was founded in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr. This house provided as a settlement for female immigrants and new female citizens of the Chicago area. The house’s purpose was to provide not only shelter to the women, but also opportunities in the new area. It was a place to educate the women and pro...
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A Structural Description of Chartres Cathedral in France
At the bottom of the western façade of Chartres Cathedral, there is a triple portal entrance. Above each portal is a tympanum, and above each tympanum is a large lancet window. The triple portal has a tower on the North and South sides, each with 3 pairs of lancet windows, and in the middle of the pairs is a buttress. Above...
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Sir Christopher Wren and St. Paul's Cathedral
Christopher Wren When Sir Christopher Wren was first asked to rebuild St. Paul’s and St. Stephen Walbrook’s, he was not known as an architect. Wren, at this time, was known for being an astronomer and a mathematician. He had a specific focus on geometry which made him inclined toward architecture. He had already designed t...
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