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The Project Life Cycle for the Building of a New Library
Purpose The purpose of the memo is to outline the specific steps needed to be taken for the local project of building a new library. The contractor representative, Chuck, will be informed of the details of the project outline in phases. This is in order to properly implement the necessary steps and detailed measures f...
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The Problem of Bridge Scour in Infrastructure
Bridge scour is a recurring problem affecting infrastructure. “Bridge scour” is a problem that mainly occurs around bridges, whether single or multi-span, that results in the removal of sediment from around pier pilings and or abutments. The problem does not emanate from the construction process, instead scour accumulates o...
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An Analysis of the Differences between the Gothic and Renaissance Eras in Architecture on the Example of The Abbey Church of St. Denis by Suger and The Palazzo Rucellai by Alberti
Considered the first building of the Gothic era, The Abbey Church of St. Denis by Suger laid the foundation for Gothic design. The Palazzo Rucellai is a famous Renaissance building designed by the architecture pioneer Alberti. These buildings have a variety of notable differences that effectively help define the Gothic and...
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An Analysis of the Architectural Features of the Art Nouveau Era and the Industrial Revolution
Though relatively close on a timeline, the ideology behind architectural features and the features themselves of the Art Nouveau era and the Industrial Revolution differed in many ways. However, many eras of architectural history has built off past ideologies in many ways as well. The Casa Milá by Antonio Gaudi in Barcelo...
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An Overview of the Late Renaissance and Baroque Era in Architecture
Architecture Essay #2: Late Renaissance and Baroque The Late Renaissance and Baroque eras are, relatively speaking, not far apart in history, however they differ in a variety of ways. A tangible by which these differences can be seen is through the architectural styles and motives behind the techniques used during the resp...
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A Comparison of the Polis of Athens and the Polis of Sparta
Greek civilization has been a topic of fascination for many people for a number of decades, and it has provided a grandiose amount of influence in the world, both historic and modern. The territory of the Greek society was comprised of many poleis, which encompassed not only the land that the society had, but also the peop...
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An Overview of Highland Park by Frederick Law Olmsted
Rochester is one of the four cities nationwide that have an entire park system designed by the father of the landscape architecture profession, Frederick Law Olmsted. In 1888 Rochester’s Board of Park Commissioners selected Olmsted to design a system of parks for the city filled with glamorous parkways and boulevards. Olmst...
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An Examination of the Creation of the North Wall of Jerusalem
Robert Hamilton conducted an excavation against the North Wall of Jerusalem from 1937 to 1938. He By examine his excavation report, one can reconstruct the sequence of the North Wall based on the different building styles that were used during the time that they were built in the different courses as well as archeologist ev...
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Why Does the Starker Arts Garden for Education Have Periodic Flooding
Introduction The Starker Arts Garden for Education (SAGE), located in Bruce Starker Arts Park, SW 45th Pl and SW Country Club Dr., Corvallis, experiences a small-scale periodic flooding in the southern part of the garden. Using the Soil Web Survey, the soil physical properties, available water capacity, water storage, dept...
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The Sophisticated and Beauty in the Islamic Architectural Styles in Al-Andalus
Sophistication and Beauty: Islamic Architectural Styles in Al-Andalus One can experience the splendor of Spain’s cultural history by visiting its vibrant cities, including the widely popular Madrid and Barcelona. Whether it is attending a fútbol game for Real Madrid or divulging in the tasty food, there is plenty to do for...
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