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The History of the Radio City Music Hall
Radio City Music Hall (The Showplace of the Nation) Radio City Music Hall was built in 1932 by Edward Durell Stone after John D. Rockefeller Jr came up with the idea to build such a place while he was building the Rockefeller Complex in Manhattan. The theater opened its doors on December 27, 1932 and since then, more t...
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An Evaluation of Planning, Designing, Constructing, and Maintaining: The Process of Building Highways
Nowadays, highways are essential as a way of transportation. The
system allows efficient transportation for all sort of vehicles. Though the
idea of highways seem fairly simple, what goes into the engineering process
requires much consideration and skill. What is involved in the process of
building highways include planning...
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The Need for Hull-House in Modern Society
The Hull-House was founded in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr. This house provided as a settlement for female immigrants and new female citizens of the Chicago area. The house’s purpose was to provide not only shelter to the women, but also opportunities in the new area. It was a place to educate the women and pro...
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A Structural Description of Chartres Cathedral in France
At the bottom of the western façade of Chartres Cathedral, there is a triple portal entrance. Above each portal is a tympanum, and above each tympanum is a large lancet window. The triple portal has a tower on the North and South sides, each with 3 pairs of lancet windows, and in the middle of the pairs is a buttress. Above...
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Sir Christopher Wren and St. Paul's Cathedral
Christopher Wren When Sir Christopher Wren was first asked to rebuild St. Paul’s and St. Stephen Walbrook’s, he was not known as an architect. Wren, at this time, was known for being an astronomer and a mathematician. He had a specific focus on geometry which made him inclined toward architecture. He had already designed t...
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Asian Paints and Their Wall of Messes
Asian Paints and their Wall of Messes  Asian Paints Royale, a large paint company and a popular brand in Asia wanted to show how easy it is to spill and spoil your walls, and the importance of having a wall painted with a paint that is durable and easy to clean. Since little thought and involvement goes into buying paint,...
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The Project Life Cycle for the Building of a New Library
Purpose The purpose of the memo is to outline the specific steps needed to be taken for the local project of building a new library. The contractor representative, Chuck, will be informed of the details of the project outline in phases. This is in order to properly implement the necessary steps and detailed measures f...
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The Problem of Bridge Scour in Infrastructure
Bridge scour is a recurring problem affecting infrastructure. “Bridge scour” is a problem that mainly occurs around bridges, whether single or multi-span, that results in the removal of sediment from around pier pilings and or abutments. The problem does not emanate from the construction process, instead scour accumulates o...
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An Analysis of the Differences between the Gothic and Renaissance Eras in Architecture on the Example of The Abbey Church of St. Denis by Suger and The Palazzo Rucellai by Alberti
Considered the first building of the Gothic era, The Abbey Church of St. Denis by Suger laid the foundation for Gothic design. The Palazzo Rucellai is a famous Renaissance building designed by the architecture pioneer Alberti. These buildings have a variety of notable differences that effectively help define the Gothic and...
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An Analysis of the Architectural Features of the Art Nouveau Era and the Industrial Revolution
Though relatively close on a timeline, the ideology behind architectural features and the features themselves of the Art Nouveau era and the Industrial Revolution differed in many ways. However, many eras of architectural history has built off past ideologies in many ways as well. The Casa Milá by Antonio Gaudi in Barcelo...
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