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An Examination of the Construction and Renovation of the David Wills House at the National Park Service
Gettysburg is one of the most historically significant places in all of the United States. As part of the National Park Service, Gettysburg is continuously being upgraded through the use of restoration. There are many restoration projects under way at this very time. The most extensive restoration project underway at this t...
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Tech Commercialization: The Concept of New Urbanism and Bus Rapid Transit
Tech commercialization New Urbanism New urbanism is a design movement that promotes the walkable neighborhood. This is contrary to the current suburban city layout which was the result of the rise of cheap automobiles. New Urbanism is trying to get away from that and back to city living. This movement has gained a lo...
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A Research Paper on the Planning Department for the City of Ithaca
Government- Final Internship Paper For the internship, I was working with the Planning Department for the City of Ithaca. The planning department provides a broad range of services to the city, some of which include housing development, site plan review, economic development, neighborhood planning, ma...
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An Argument in Favor of Building a Safety Net around the Golden Gate Bridge to Prevent Suicides
The Golden Gate Bridge, one of northern California’s main attractions, is said to see about 110,000 people a day. The 8,981 ft. suspension bridge was originally named after the “Golden Gate” strait, which is the body of water that sits below the bridge. What the majority of the bridge’s visitors have no idea about is that f...
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The Invention of Canal Locks in Water Transport
Some inventions change the world, such as the light bulb, the internal combustion engine, or paper, to name a few. There are also some inventions invented simply to make our lives easier or more enjoyable, such as rockets and silk. The canal lock belongs more in the former. It has enabled canal builders to overcome changes...
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A Comparison of the History, Changes, Use, and Impact of Social Order between Felixstowe's Hamilton Road and Cardiff's City Road
At first glance it appears Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, has little in
common with City Road, Cardiff. The first is a busy high street in a
popular seaside town on the South East Coast of Suffolk, predominantly
filled with elderly people and young families. The other is a street
located in a well known urban area in the larges...
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An Analysis of the City Master Plan of Tempe, the 20 Minute City
Known as the “20 minute city”, Tempe has boasted food and culture amongst the college town it sits and thrives in. In this city’s master plan, the general planning has been scoped out until the year 2040 allowing over 20 years of planning to be scheduled ahead of time. By doing so, the idea of failure due to poor planning o...
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The Benefits of Rezoning in New Salem, Massachusetts
In the early 1850s, Mormon Pioneers began settling the southern regions of Utah Valley. One settlement was eventually named after the birthplace of its most prominent settler, Lyman Curtis, who was born in New Salem, Massachusetts. Perhaps the settlers were unaware that the word salem actually means “peace” in Hebrew, and i...
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An Overview of the Architecture in Binghamton and the Famous Binghamton Courthouse
The first example of classicized architecture in Binghamton, and
perhaps the most prominent, is the Binghamton Courthouse. Built in the form
of a Latin cross, and originally constructed between 1897 and 1898, the
first element of notice is the axial frontality of the pathway leading up
to the statue in front...
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The Pros and Cons of Living in an Urban and Suburban Setting
Cities and towns are constantly popping up in our society. As the population gradually increases, the demand for more housing increases. America is easily divided into three basic living conditions. The three general living conditions are best represented by an urban setting, a suburban setting, or a rural setting. An urban...
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Mapping Urban Landscapes in Nairobi Kenya
Mapping Urban Landscapes Developing regions around the global are currently in a state of transition. Concentrating on the people that live in these areas and their changing urban landscapes can show how a region has changed and what to expect to see in the future for that area. Nairobi in Kenya is an example of such a lan...
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