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The Benefits of Rezoning in New Salem, Massachusetts
In the early 1850s, Mormon Pioneers began settling the southern regions of Utah Valley. One settlement was eventually named after the birthplace of its most prominent settler, Lyman Curtis, who was born in New Salem, Massachusetts. Perhaps the settlers were unaware that the word salem actually means “peace” in Hebrew, and i...
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An Overview of the Architecture in Binghamton and the Famous Binghamton Courthouse
The first example of classicized architecture in Binghamton, and
perhaps the most prominent, is the Binghamton Courthouse. Built in the form
of a Latin cross, and originally constructed between 1897 and 1898, the
first element of notice is the axial frontality of the pathway leading up
to the statue in front...
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An Analysis of the Topic of the Cities and Towns in the United States and the Principles Behind an Urban Settlement
Cities and towns are constantly popping up in our society. As the population gradually increases, the demand for more housing increases. America is easily divided into three basic living conditions. The three general living conditions are best represented by an urban setting, a suburban setting, or a rural setting. An urban...
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Mapping Urban Landscapes in Nairobi Kenya
Mapping Urban Landscapes Developing regions around the global are currently in a state of transition. Concentrating on the people that live in these areas and their changing urban landscapes can show how a region has changed and what to expect to see in the future for that area. Nairobi in Kenya is an example of such a lan...
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