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The Building of the Great Pyramid of Giza
The Great Pyramid The Great Pyramid is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world and is located in Giza, Egypt. The reason why the Pyramid is so remarkable is because of its sheer size. The Great Pyramid was also the centerpiece of a detailed complex including several other smaller pyramids. Lastly, it is the only s...
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The Similarities and Differences of the Two Sacred Architectural Wonders, the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, and the Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England
Comparison of Sacred Spaces The two sacred architectural wonders analyzed in this assignment are the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, and Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. This decision stems from my ever-growing fascination with both countries of origin of the two constructions that will be discussed in the following report....
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The Living Condition in Tenements During the 1800s in New York
Disturbing changes began to take place in New York in the 1860s. Sickness and poor health, crime, poverty, greed, and social disorder sparked concern that the good character of the nation had deteriorated. The poor lived in overcrowded homes that lacked light and ventilation with unsuitable sanitary facilities. These homes...
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A History of the American Suburbs
The State’s Role in Suburban Sprawl As the people of the United States breathed a collective sigh of relief that the Second World War had come to an end and joyfully welcomed their victorious servicemen home in 1945, state programs and economic forces were already in motion to change how and where Americans would live thei...
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The Role of Architecture as a Catalysts of Change in Society
Architecture is an ever changing form of art. It has evolved from ancient architecture to the postmodern architecture we see today. It is extremely powerful in expressing humanity’s values and beliefs, shaping the world we live in today. Architecture emphasizes even the earliest values, such as the Great Pyramids at Giza an...
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The Importance of the Light House of Alexandria to the Ancient Egyptian Society
The light house of Alexandria as its name goes was named after Alexander the great a Macedonian king. He set up this artistic design as a symbol to strengthen his rule over the people of Egypt(Haskins 12). The light house was an initial idea of Ptolemy Soter who took over the rule on Egypt after Alexander the great. It was...
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The Life and Times of George Nelson
George Nelson George nelson was born in the year 1908 and lived until 1986. He was an American architect and one of few who were American at this time. He is most known for his work done while working for Herman Miller, and designing most of what is known as twentieth century modern furniture. His education can be told a...
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History of Architecture From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
Architecture: From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance We see many architectural forms all around us every day. These styles are unique and usually looked over by the average eye, but they are all sentimental to the development of architecture in modern times. It may seem as though one brilliant mind created the concept o...
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