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Topics in Art History and Theory

The History and Evolution of Art Throughout Time
Art beyond Beauty: A Glance at Content Although there exists the naïve assumption that art is all about beauty, the history and evolution of this human endeavor shows that it persists throughout time with a purpose that goes beyond a mere display of pretty pictures. When art is brought up in discussion, the average person...
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The Different Definitions and Forms of Art
The word ‘art’ is difficult to define and to explain in a sentence. Many scholars have debated that the term art has no clear definition. There are many ways to define art, but these definitions includes different areas of arts such as modern art, ancient art and the word art by itself. According to (Shiner, 2003), art is t...
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An Enjoyable Experience of Admiring the Artworks of the Great Artists
It's interesting that Dale Chihuly got a Master degree on glass blowing. I didn't even know that glass blowing could be studied and that you could get a college degree on it. It is also amazing how many forms glass can take; it looks so beautiful. The Persian and Amber chandelier, as well as the electric blue, have beautifu...
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The Concept of Classical Nude and Naked Body in Art
Nude vs. Naked The classical nude is a reoccurring subject matter in various artwork that has stuck with us for ages. It has been with us for longer than 2,500 years to be specific. The phenomenon of classical nudes possessing the ability to last as long as they have in the world of art despite how frequently popular art s...
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The Work and Significance of Medici for the Renaissance Time Period
Renaissance Video Assignment The Renaissance was different from the Middle Ages as it was a time where learning began to become at least somewhat separated by the church. This is important because it provided for a newfound interest in the Classics, that is mainly Greek and Roman writings. The works of the Classic artists...
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Politics and Propaganda in Roman Art During the Early Imperial Period
Roman art during the Early Imperial Period was intertwined with
politics and as well as propaganda. Throughout the Roman
Empire, many portraits of emperors and empresses could be found
to showcase their class and the power they held. Two highly
important monuments that invoked the power of imagery and
ideology came from th...
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The Effects and Influence of Humanities in Our Lives
Chapter 1 I believe that knowledge is power. An education can get one farther in the world, and what is more, a liberal arts education can help a person achieve great heights. If a person is well-rounded in the liberal arts, they are able to create deeper and more personal relationships with other people, through vivid con...
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The Themes and Concepts of Islamic Art
Question 1: Throughout this semester we have looked at a variety of works of art each with their own different meaning and themes. As we have progressed through the semester, we went through an order of topics that only helped show us the style and themes that went along with these pieces of art. It is not possible to talk...
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The Influence of Christianity on the Arts in the Middle Ages
In the Middle Ages, Christianity had a large influence on the people of the time. As Christians, the people had many spiritual goals and truths to acknowledge including reaching the kingdom of heaven and praising Jesus as the one and only king. In order to get into heaven, they believed it was important to know the teaching...
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A Comparison of the Similarities and Differences Between the Artworks, The Bust of Queen Nefertiti and The Augustus of Prima Porta
Roman Essay “The Bust of Queen Nefertiti is dated 1340 BCE and was created by the court sculptor Thutmosis, it shows Nefertiti from the shoulders up wearing her Blue Crown(” It is made out of limestone and stucco, the height measuring up to 19 inches. Nefertiti is widely known for her beauty and versatility....
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A Genuine Experience of the History, Arts, Diversity, and Culture of Puerto Rico
While in Puerto Rico, I had the opportunity to experience and learn from those that live there. I learned about some of the history of the country and of its people, mostly through an artistic point of view. On the 2nd to last day, we had the chance to go down to Old San Juan. It’s a historical city that’s sort of similar t...
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The Connection Between the Artist and the Audience Defines Art
Art is not defined by the materials an artist uses in it’s creation, or the seeming simplicity or complexity of the final product. Art is defined by the emotional stimulation and connection made between the audience- this can be the artist or an observer- and the work. If the object, painting, sculpture, etc. does not stimu...
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A Review of Spem in Alium, a Renaissance Motet by Thomas Tallis
Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis from 1570 AD Spem in Alium is a revolutionary Renaissance motet by Thomas Tallis. It was composed around 1570 AD for eight choirs with five voices in each choir. Thomas Tallis was born in England around 1505 and died in England around 1585. He was the most influential English composer of...
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Virgin and Child with Lilies and Madonna of the Clouds as the Perfect Examples of Revived Classical Idealistic Forms
Madonna Mediums Upon investigating early Renaissance art, one would discover how the influences of previous artistic cultures amalgamated to create the unique characteristics through which artists communicated. The Italian sculptures, Virgin and Child with Lilies and Madonna of the Clouds, are fantastic examples of revive...
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A Review of the Influences in Celtic and Scandinavian Art
The early middle ages have seen a great number of world shaping events: the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the spread of Christianity northwards into Europe, numerous conflicts, and the melding of cultures. All of this was reflected in the art of early medieval times. Sometimes referred to as the Migration Period Art, th...
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The History and Evolution of Nudity
Many of the artists throughout history have dedicated their life to seeking beauty and finding new ways to represent it. A large number of them have found it in the form of the human body. Nude art is a very general umbrella term describing any artwork from any period that depicts at least a partially nude person. Examples...
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The Life and Contribution of Art Tatum
Near deaf from the time he was born on October 13, 1909, in Toledo Ohio, Art Tatum obtained an early aptitude for music. When he was 13 years old, he began playing violin. Not long after, Tatum’s main focus was the piano. He moved to New York City at age 21, which is where is recorded his most impressive works during the 30...
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A Review of Becoming Modern, a Podcast by Dr. Parme Giuntini
Becoming Modern Podcast Response In the “Becoming Modern” Podcast, Dr. Giuntini describes “modern” as a time that included modern art (Realism through abstract expressionism), capitalism, industrialization, technology, innovation, progress, and science. It also included the replacement of rural and traditional culture with...
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A Definition of Realism as an Artistic Movement
The artistic movement of Realism, contrary to popular belief, differs from contemporary everyday use of the word. It does not simply mean a photographically realistic style of painting. Rather, it was meant to depict life as it really was. Realism “sought to convey a truthful and objective vision of contemporary life” (Finn...
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The Brilliant Mind of Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci had many talents probably as a result of his extraordinary genius. He often incorporated science and engineering into his paintings showing the debts of his mind. Leonardo probably had more hobbies, talents, and interests than any of the Renaissance artists or of anyone for that matter....
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A Short Review of Night and Fog, a Documentary by Alain Resnais
Alain Resnais’ Night and Fog Night and Fog is a French documentary that was made ten years after the liberation of the Auschwitz. The documentary features footage from both before and after the camp closed. The comparison of Auschwitz during and after the Holocaust is powerful because it shows the long term emotional effec...
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An Annotated Bibliography on the Importance of Fine Arts Education
Annotated Bibliography Bryant, Bob. "The Importance of Fine Arts Education." Katy Independent School District. 1 Feb. 2005. Web. 21 Feb. 2015. . Art is “what make[s] us most human, most complete as people.” This article focuses on the...
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Exploring the Styles within the Heron Class Olla, Skyphos, the Column Krater, and the Calyx
The Greco-Romans went through a rollercoaster of trends and styles when it comes to their art. The Greek pottery created between these time periods all tell a story of their time. From the Geometric Period all the way to the Classical Period, there are enormous alterations in method, technique, style, attention to detail, a...
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A Review of The Dramatic Imagination, a Book by Robert Edmond Jones
In The Dramatic Imagination, Robert Edmond Jones puts forth some incredibly interesting ideas about theatre. He addresses almost every area of the theatre, but he gives special attention to the design aspect- especially costumes and lights. Jones’ ideas aren’t exactly ones you would argue for and against, but I found his...
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The 100th Anniversary of the Corning Museum of Glass Teaching the Community About the Science, Art and History of Glass
Corning Museum of Glass has been dedicated to teaching the community about the science, art and history of glass since it was opened in downtown Corning, New York in the early 1950s. The museum was founded as a gift from the local company, Corning Glass Works (now called Corning Incorporated), for its 100th anniversary. The...
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