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An Analyis of the Stewart Gardner Museum
Upon entering the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, you would notice a few things. Asides from the beautiful paintings hung on every wall or the beautiful statues strategically placed to make the painting stand out, there is a special room on the second floor called the Raphael room where works of both religious and domestic...
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An Analysis of the John Savage, an American Actor,
From the conveyer-aided birth of test tube-nesting embryos to the roped, dangling demise of an outcast, Huxley’s dystopian society chugs mechanically through the dull moments and ecstatic pleasures of life without rest. Within this hierarchy-centered society, brilliant Alphas and mentally-crippled Epsilons alike succumb to...
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A Review of between the Tongue and Teeth, an Exhibition by Angela Fraleigh
Fraleigh While looking around at the various exhibitions, there were pieces that really stuck with me, and pieces that barely captured my attention. Things that capture my attention consist of vibrant colors, nature, and the human body. The exhibition that featured all of those things was the exhibition called Between th...
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The Influence of Postmodern Movement on Cornelia Parker's Installation Art
Cornelia Parker is a conceptualist artist known for her large installation pieces. She explores manipulation of materials in a multitude of ways, including exploding, crushing, stretching objects, and her more popular method, suspending. On display at the SCAD Museum of Art until September is her work ‘Accidental IV’ in her...
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An Analysis of On Teenagers and Tatoos, an Article by Andres Martin on Why Adolescents and Adults Get Permanent Body Art
On Teenagers and Tattoos: An Analysis The article “On Teenagers and Tattoos” by Andres Martin conveys the outlook of why adolescents and adults adorn themselves with permanent body art. At the resolution of the entry, one may conclude that teenagers often partake in tattoo art to “beautify” themselves, or to find a sense...
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A Discussion on Tattoos as a Form of Art and Self-Expression
Tattooing has been a form of art and self-expression for thousands of years. For the original tattoo artists many years ago, tattooing was used for a variety of purposes including rituals to the gods and medicinal purposes. In today’s society, tattoos are mostly a form of art and self-expression. Most people use tattoos to...
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A Comprehensive Analysis of Coyote, a Sculpture by Laura Garcia
Coyote (2016) by Laura Garcia For this project, I decided to look into the Gallery at UTA to locate a potential subject for my formal analysis project and due to the location of the art gallery on campus, it has the convenience of easy return. Out of all the different types of artwork I saw on the multiple occasions I st...
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The Life and Contributions of Jack Cole
One historical choreographer from Jazz history is Jack Cole, who lived from 1911 - 1974. I became interested in this artist recently when I saw a video of his work in my Dance History class. The video was of the piece, Not Since Nineveh, from the 1955 film, Kismet. The dancing and choreography of this piece was interesting...
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The History of Tattoo Art and How Society Perceives It Today
As written by David Isaacs, “the history of tattoos is fascinating” (1). Tattooing is “a procedure in which pigment is introduced into the skin by multiple punctures to produce indelible decorative designs” (Armstrong 215). It can be done using a tattoo gun which can puncture the skin very quickly, or with the stick and pok...
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The General Perception of Society towards Art
There seems to be a pervasive attitude about artists among the general populace. Most people think that liberal arts have little to no practical use in today’s society, which places emphasis on the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math (or otherwise known as STEM). “Starving artists” also seems to be very...
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