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The Life and Work of Andre Young
Andre Young or most commonly known as Dr. Dre is a very well-known figure that was not only a major fixture in the rap/hip hop world but also a pioneer in within the history of music. Born in 1965 to parents that were both singers in music groups he has always been highly influenced with music. Early in his life, Dre and hi...
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A Personal Analysis of the Sculpture Untitled by Deborah Butterfield
The first time I had laid eyes on the sculpture Untitled by Deborah Butterfield I did not think too much about its representation on the Lewis & Clark Community College campus. When the task was given for the writing of this paper, my mind was drawn back to my first encounter with this piece of artwork. I was forced to look...
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The History of Imperial Art in Ancient China
Introduction China today is a thoroughly modernized country, however, with an extremely rich cultural background. When one thinks of China, the beautiful paintings of golden dragons on red backgrounds immediately spring to mind. People spend large sums of money buying beautiful china ware to decorate their houses. Chinese...
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A Critique of Testimony, an Art Piece by Kara Walker
Controversial, shocking, obscure. Most critics agree on these descriptions of Kara Walker’s art pieces. Reviews of her art pieces emphasize that provocation is what makes her work so strong, depicting racism and stereotypes. One of her main works, Testimony, exemplifies how she presents complex messages through simple techn...
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The Life of Samuel Frederick Smith
Sam Smith Sam Smith was born in London on May 19, 1992 as Samuel Frederick Smith. His parents are Frederick Smith and Kate Cassidy. He always loved singing but the first real press he got was in 2009 when his mother, a successful banker, was fired after promoting her 15-year-old son’s singing career while on company time....
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The Life and Work of Gerda Meyer Bernstein
Imagine being a young frightened child and watching houses burned, shops vandalized, and neighbors and friends beaten before your very eyes. This was what young Gerda Meyer Bernstein experienced on the night of Kristallnacht at the tender age of thirteen. Gerda was born in Germany during the rise of antisemitism. She experi...
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The Life of Chuck Baird
Chuck Baird was a Deaf artist whose career included sculpting, painting, acting, storytelling, and teaching. He was a wildly successful in the visual arts world and the Deaf world, and his work builds a bridge between the two communities he flourished in. Chuck’s early years gave him the opportunity to become a part of the...
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The History of the Concept of the Zombie
The Inner Cannibal in Us All The figure of the flesh-eating zombie that has emerged in today’s modern society and has been globalized across the media worldwide is inextricably tied to the underlying historical context regarding the origins of the zombie in Haiti. Without it, there would be no flesh-eating zombie. The orig...
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The Life and Work of George Percy Aldridge Grainger
George Percy Aldridge Grainger was born in 1882 in Melbourne,
Australia to John and Rose Grainger. It was no secret that Grainger was
destined to become a composer, as he began to learn piano at age ten, and
had his first concert tour when he was twelve. He already had two songs
published (Colonial Song and Mock Morris) by...
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Tattoos Should Be Considered an Art Form
For centuries, people have been fascinated by the process of self-beautification. In some cultures, the ways in which it is done are more drastic, such as elongating one’s neck or attempting to make one’s feet smaller. One method of self-decoration that has survived and developed throughout the centuries, and is quite promi...
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