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Humanizing the Community with Civil Art According to John Becker
John Becker is the founder and director of the Twin Cities Nonprofit Forecast Public Art, was invited by North Dakota Museum of Art (NDMOA) to speak to Grand Forks community members about public art, with the hope that his experience and art examples would spark ideas for the proposed 42nd Street Destination Corridor. (Hale...
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The Important Role of Art During the Renaissance Period
The Renaissance was a period of time in Italy, meaning “rebirth”. It was greatly caused by Italians and their great education, which inspired many artists to discover new things and create new inventions. Without the arts, the Renaissance would not be known for what it was today. Because of the Renaissance, it changed the w...
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An Overview of the Art Exhibition Sensation
The Sensation Exhibition The art exhibition known as ‘Sensation’ was an exhibition of the collected art of wealthy businessman Charles Saatchi, comprised primarily out of the Young British Artists group, featuring their most bold and outlandish art they could create. The exhibit brought about large backlash and fervor of d...
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A History of Tattooing and Carol Rose's Opinion on the Topic of Tattooing
In Carol Rose's article "On Pins and Needles Defending Artistic Expression" Rose explains her opinion on the topic of tattooing as well as the history on the matter as self-expression. Rose is a great author because of how she grabs the reader’s attention. As Rose goes through the history of tattoos, she immediately catches...
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An Analysis of Artist Experimentation of Hypertext and Hypermedia
Hypertext and hypermedia has a way in which it changes the way text is experienced for all of us. How it does that is by having artists experiment with it and using digital art and media as a way of expressing their art to the public. What artists tend to do, such as John Maeda, likes to manipulate text in a way to which...
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The Story of Helen Keller as Shown in The Miracle Worker
How would one describe life without making references to the five senses most humans posses? Not the easiest thing to do, right? If someone had the opportunity to talk to Helen Keller before the age of seven I think she would have to agree with this statement. The first glimpses one sees of Helen can be compared to that of...
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A Study on the Music and Art of the Islamic Culture
Abstract The Islamic culture is one of time-honored tradition and vast mathematical concepts. The following is a study of two aspects of the culture, music and art. The reader will gain familiarity with the main region of Islam, the Middle East, and learn about the social stipulations of music and art. One will also discov...
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The Process of Making a Trumpet
Oh, how wonderful can be the sounds of a trumpet such beauty in such a little piece. Despite the fact that you may have never considered how a trumpet is made, did I motivate you yet? It may appear like a troublesome procedure to make a trumpet, and that is on account of it is. A trumpet is made of five feet brass tubing a...
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An Analysis and Appreciation of the Works of Takashi Murikami at the Historic Palace of Versailles
Murikami at Versailles For three months in 2010, the historic Palace of Versailles was
transformed. Walking down gilded halls, visitors were confronted with
vibrant cartoon flowers and characters of all shapes and sizes. The
disruptions are super flat, and super synthetic, somehow managing to tower
even in the most...
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A Review of the Artworks of the Visual Artist, Jay Defoe
Jay Defeo: A Retrospective I will be honest and say that I had never heard of Jay Defeo before
this exhibit. Like many female artists, her contributions have been either
ignored or forgotten, at least from any art history class I have been in,
and this is a shame. While her style of painting is unfortunately one that...
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