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An Analysis of the Symbols and Themes of Persepolis, a Graphic Novel by Marjane Satrapi
Symbol and Theme in Persepolis: One symbol in the latter half of the graphic novel is cigarettes and smoking. In Marjane’s life, choosing to smoke is something she first does with friends, and later with her mother, that connects her to people. When anything to do with smoking is first introduced, it is at Marjane’s first...
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An Examination of the Stereotypical Portrayal of Super Heroines by the Comic Book Industry
Regarding comic book industry- featuring main characters that are predominantly male and attain abilities such as super strength, telekinesis, and other masculine powers. In contrast, females are portrayed in a completely opposite manner—promiscuous, power-hungry, and weak in comparison to their male correspondent. Although...
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The Symbolism of Captain America's Shield
On all accounts of superhero history, superheroes are formulated to represent or emulate an idea or movement that is bigger than themselves. For the sake of their society, superheroes use not only their powers, but also their various utilities that they identify with. Ranging from Batman, who tactfully incorporates the Batm...
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Captain America as the Embodiment of American Ethics and Values of the World War II
Donning stars and stripes and cloaked in the red, white, and blue, Captain America mirrors the beliefs and ideals of his society during World War II. America, face down and struggling in the depths of despair brought on by the treacheries of war, is in need of Captain America’s guidance. Designed as a fictional superhero ap...
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The Breaking of Gender Stereotype in the Graphic Novel Spider-Gwen Greater Power
“Spider-Gwen Greater Power”: Breaking the Gender Stereotype Gender stereotypes we’re created in our society due to the way each gender is portrayed through their actions and everyday lives. Men are stereotyped as the strong figures, the ones who do most of the work and action in life, while women are seen as weak or delega...
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The Representation of the Unites States in the Character of Thor
“Is that a bird? No it’s a plane! Wrong again, it’s a superhero flying in the sky, ready to save the day!” Many superheroes are characterized as people who have powers like super strength, flight, or speed. They are extraordinary people that don’t live normal lives like humans do. Unfortunately, superheroes don’t exist in t...
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Superheroes and Our Wrong Perception of Individuals with Disabilities
It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s… Hawkeye? Hawkeye our not so famous superhero has been in the superhero business since 1964 when he first appeared as a villain in Tales Of Suspense #57, however when he joined the Avengers crew in Avengers #16, he rose to fame and has stuck with the Avengers ever since. But there is one thin...
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The Birth and History of Comix
The Birth of Comix While the birth of the comix is mainly seen as a reaction to the current administration of the 1960s and 70s, however there is much more to the popularity of Comix then just this. Comix were underground, vulgar comics. The most well known of the bunch were the Tijuana bible, a comix mostly with sexual st...
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Batman: the Original Anti-Hero
Batman: the Original Anti-Hero Batman has a reputation as an anti-hero and has always been looked at as the original anti-hero. Michael Spivey and Steven Knowlton, in their essay titled “Anti-Heroism in the Evil Continuum of Good and Evil” offer that “Batman’s reputation as an anti-hero comes almost solely from his prefere...
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An Analysis of the Points of View and Truth in the Memoir Fun Home by Alison Bechdel
Truth and Points of View in Fun Home Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home is a memoir in which Bechdel recounts her childhood in rural Pennsylvania. In a recursive narrative style, the graphic memoir focuses on the relationship between her and her father, Bruce Bechdel. The book bluntly illustrates both persons’ emotional and psyc...
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