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An Overview of Sound Activated Clothing by Ying Gao
The fashion and design industry has many professionals, including Ying Gao, who is a fashion designer and a university professor as well. Ying Gao, who does not agree with our assumptions regarding clothing, combines architecture, media design, and urban design. According to Gao, design is the medium that is situated in sen...
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The Origin and History of Normcore Fashion
The term “Normcore” was coined in October of 2013 in a publication called K-Hole, a self-proclaimed trend forecasting collective. Normcore is viewed not just as a fashion aesthetic, but also as an attitude. The New York Times called Normcore style the “epitome of anti-cool.” (Williams). The style is characterized by “stonew...
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An Analysis of the Article All Clothing is Costume by Laia Garcia
The title of this article is, “All Clothing Is Costume.” It was published in the New York Times on October 30th of 2015. Laia Garcia is the editor. The article talks about what defines a costume and how that definition entails, “an impractical article that is not intended to be worn ordinarily and every day”. In a way this...
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The Role of Lifestyle in Fashion and Design
Lifestyle and Design Lifestyle of individuals plays a big role in influencing their fashion and design. There are those who feel that their lifestyle should be in line with a given fashion and design due to social and cultural aspects. Lifestyle here ranges from career demands to cultural beliefs and also environmental fac...
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The Influence of Individuals Lifestyles' on Fashion Brands
Brand That fashion brand goes hand in hand with lifestyle of a specific individual. This means that a person may be influenced to choose a certain fashion brand due to the demands of their lifestyle. There are those who argue that they must present themselves in a particular manner, which involves physical presentation in...
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How Fashion Evolved Throughout the Centuries and Its Influence on Our Looks Today
Fashion has changed in many ways over the years. It has influenced many people’s wardrobes today. It is important to appreciate how it has evolved, how it has influenced our looks today, even though some looks did not last. Fashion has become very different over the years. Ever since all the way back in 1000 BC, the Roman’...
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